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  • Kwiki

    Remind me to install a Kwiki.

  • What Dori Said…

    Backup Brain: Orkut (what’s Orkut?) was down, but now it’s back up again. Not a member but want to be? Ask. Later note: uhhh… I meant ask if you and I actually do know each other, virtually or otherwise. Hee. Yeah, if you know me, ask to be invited, and I’ll let you in on…

  • Nifty UG

    The South Eastern Michigan PHP Users Group seems particularly active. And no, I’m not going to Michigan. 🙂

  • Taxes

    Hey, I just ordered TurboTax for Mac. With luck I should have my taxes done in a few weeks, though I’m still waiting on my W-2 from one of my employers. The TurboTax (formerly MacinTax) product is really good. Painless, and easy.

  • Silly Social Networks

    Brian Dear sent me this latest silliness of his: Denounce Newswire: Amazon Launches New Social Network Called “Pricekut”: “Customers Can Now See and Comment on the Contents of Other Customers’ Shopping Carts” I guess you have to be pretty geeky to get it though.

  • Here’s an outrage…

    Foundation for Individual Rights in Education: Press Release: “Writing Instructor Loses Job for Discussing Iraq War in Class”

  • Shirky on online community and the gap between the enthusiasm and action

    Check this, on Many-to-Many — Is Social Software Bad for the Dean Campaign? A quote: The Dean campaign has brilliantly conveyed a message to its supporters, particularly its young ones, that their energy and enthusiasm can change the world. Some of this was by design, but much of it was a function of people looking…