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  • Daily Links
    Moon Zappa (tags: zappa books writing artist) Ahmet Zappa – Mighty McFearless (tags: zappa books kids) Diva Zappa – Hand Made Beauty (tags: zappa crafts) Apple – iTunes – iTunes Store – Podcasts – Technical Specification (tags: music mp3 podcast howto video syndication) Turning Projects Into Revenue Generating Businesses @ SXSW south by southwest festivals…
  • Accelerated Decrepitude: Reading Glasses
    Spectacles were invented in the 13th century. In the year of our Lord, 2007 — yesterday, in fact, I received a pair of eyeglasses which I will attempt to wear for reading and otherwise. I am 37 years old. Dr. Kubota, the Japanese-American eye doctor I went to was most professional. I really liked the…
  • Zappa on Miami Vice
    I’ve known for years that (my hero) Frank Zappa had appeared on 1980s tv show Miami Vice. Until this morning, I had never seen anything from that show. Thanks to YouTube, I can enjoy it in all it’s (terrible) glory:
  • Iran: “I ask you, is he irrational?”
    Thomas PM Barnett remains my favorite geopolitical thinker. Embedded in his talk (downloadable as a Podcast) from Pop!Tech is a short talk on Iran. He makes a metaphor about Iran that feels very true, and with that short metaphor explains their desire for nuclear weapons: Two thirds of the oil that comes out of the…