this is the website of joe crawford. code. occasional comics. toy robots. san diego.
  • The Best Life A Pot Can Have
    Joe Bennion has a beautiful post over on his blog: The baking dish. It’s about different ways to work. Here’s the crucial bit: …he and I work differently to get to the same point. His approach involves a series of thumbnail sketches and maquettes, from which one is chosen to be executed full scale. I…
  • Precious
    It’s rather hard to believe that it was only 13 months ago my Mom, Leah and I were going to see the film Precious at a local movie theater. Sometimes it seems utterly impossible that she won’t be going to see the latest Oprah-endorsed film with us. Perhaps we’d go to Roadhouse afterwards. Perhaps she’d…
  • Warren Ellis Notices Massive Sqwertz
    Well this is cool: Warren Ellis noticed Brett’s article “How to sell your book or comic for the iPad & iPhone without Appleā€™s help.” Warren Ellis is pretty awesome. You may remember Massive Sqwertz as the site I did the theme for. I also read and enjoy it. You can follow Massive Sqwertz too: @massivesqwertz.