this is the website of joe crawford. code. occasional comics. toy robots. san diego.
  • Receipt Poetry, 1999
  • “Art”
    I’m not sure what I think of these now. They’re interesting graphic designs, and definitely I used what I learned from them when I made my headers. I’m not sure they qualify as art. Untitled, 1997. Untitled. 11 June 2000.
  • Self-portrait photo, 1988
    Black and white self-portrait. I was 18, thus the incredibly self-conscious narcissism.
  • Watercolor Girl
    Ink and watercolor, Summer 1988, based on a pencil sketch of a friend.
  • Strange Landscapes
    Exclamate in Desolation, Oxymandias Melancholia Revisited Parenthetical Postnuclear Mise En Scène The Holy Visitation of the Floating Asterisk of Concrete Giant Semicolon; Dusty, Arizona, 2106 A.D.
  • Watercolor Spacesuit
    I think I did this in about 1989, but I’m not totally sure on that. Pen and ink, with watercolored. I think I must have been thinking about Jean “Moebius” Giraud’s work when I started. I’m reminded again that watercolor is a heartless, well-nigh-impossible medium. Folks who can do it, even as hacks, have my…
  • Self Portraits 86 / 91
    The first self-portrait was executed in high school. I didn’t like high school. My appearance is anxious, as I no doubt was. The medium is marker on paper, and I watercolored on top of a photocopy of that marker drawing. It’s the first self portrait I ever made I was really happy with. It’s from…
  • Girl Illustration Photo (1989)
    I only have this photo to show I made this illustration. I used to draw, sketch, and paint headshots of women all the time. It was a real habit for a while after high school. Most of that work was pretty much useless – but this is an image of one illustration I’m kicking myself…
  • Ferris in Repose
    From 1988, this is a charcoal sketch of my sister’s cat Ferris. Ferris, a girl, was still a kitten at the time. She is shown here lounging on my backpack.
  • Emergency Room Wallpaper, 1997
    When it was slow in the California Hospital – L.A. ER I would sometimes play in Microsoft Paint. Operating System used: Windows 3.1.