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  • Being referred to now…

    Being referred to now. Scary. Mitch is talking with erudition. Nice. Lester now. He’s rad. Being asked about coming ‘out.’ Big questions. It’s evolving. Doing some updates in emacs. Dirk looking over my shoulder as I update. Cool. bak from the break. Lots of personal questions. (squirm). But it was cool. Dirk asks good questions….

  • Dirk is doing pre-show banter…

    Dirk is doing pre-show banter. Here with Lester and with Mitch and with the host of The Lounge, Dirk. He’s doing the intro now.

  • Another test…

    Blogger is not behaving.

  • Testing. Testing. 1.2.3.

    Going to try and blog this live.


    They say you better listen to the voice of reason But they don’t give you any choice ’cause they think that it’s treason So you had better do as you are told You better listen to the radio [+] TONIGHT ONLY. I’ll be on the radio. San Diego NPR station KPBS on the show The…

  • For Sassy

    For Sassy Open Source Content Management System List

  • Not sure whether to laugh or cry about this…

    Not sure whether to laugh or cry about this: Five Dumbest Things on Wall Street this Week.

  • Outline!

    Omnioutliner, for OSX, appears to be an impressive piece of software. Reminds me of “Flow” from my Amiga days. Supposedly, “Inspiration” is also a good outliner — though not available natively for OSX.