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Thursday 02 Jan 2003
Soup and Salad and Movie and Health
But not to you.
Interesting Thought on Aerospace/Space Tourism
That Lindows Publicity Machine Never Sleeps
Whoa, A Compliment
Friday 03 Jan 2003
Hey San Diego!
Remembered and Recognized
Total Information Awareness Office: P.R.Dummies
Saturday 04 Jan 2003
Penn Gillette. Patriot.
Gates Mug!
Comics Business Brief
Desktop Linux Summit in San Diego
64bit Computing
Monday 06 Jan 2003
Weekend Over
The Cover Problem
5 Tips for Independent Contractors
Year in Review
Penn, Airport Patriot Followup:
William Gibson, Blogging!
Wednesday 08 Jan 2003
Safari, Services, Speech, Summarize
Mailto: Stinks
Tired Boy Says: Sleep!
Hire Me
Bebe News
Thursday 09 Jan 2003
Everyone a Book
Genius Flash: Fly Guy
Safari Reading List
Friday 10 Jan 2003
Wow, I’m Being Taught In At Least One Classroom
Monday 13 Jan 2003
Happy Birthday Leah!
Top 10 Vulnerabilities in Web Applications
High Hat and Mr. Hat: Separated At Birth
Guaranteed to Offend Someone
The Blind Watchmaker
More Clay Shirky
Offensiveness Today
Important Newsflash
Tuesday 14 Jan 2003
JFEST II @ The Scottish Rite Center in Mission Valley
Evocative Phrase
Hey Miva!
Referred to!
Standardized Testing for Web Geeks, Good News, Bad News
Wednesday 15 Jan 2003
Lessig Loses Copyright Case
MSIE Rollover Caching Bug
Friday 17 Jan 2003
Saturday 18 Jan 2003
Gibson Review
Baby Spinach and Oatmeal Chocolate Chip
Sunday 19 Jan 2003
Pooh and Copyright
Monday 20 Jan 2003
Well Stated on the Music Biz
Al Hirschfeld, Dead at 99
Wednesday 22 Jan 2003
Bill Maudlin Dies
Thursday 23 Jan 2003
A Busy Boy
Why I Like Mozilla Today
Wonderful, Scatalogical, Vulgar, Funny, Diary of a Music Business Mixer
Shut out of AIGA (aka) Not determined enough to fight with parking downtown
Friday 24 Jan 2003
Quote of The Day, via InformationWeek
Beck Audio/Video
Usenet Rant
Amazon Software Rebates
New Lab Item: iTunes & XML
Saturday 25 Jan 2003
But Not Today
Sunday 26 Jan 2003
DMZ is back!
Internet Health Report
What happened to the HTML Writer’s Guild?
Super Bowl Prediction
Monday 27 Jan 2003
My Super Bowl Prediction: Incorrect
Lindows Trademark Case Going To Court
AIGA: Experience Design: San Diego: Update
Maybe My Prediction Was Right
Dave Barry, Blogger
Latest San Diego Bloggers
MAS on Slammer, The SQL Server Worm
Tuesday 28 Jan 2003
New Header… and I Got A New Job
Viridian Note: Venezuela’s Curse
Wednesday 29 Jan 2003
Article about San Diego blogs in the Union Tribune Upcoming
Sundance Review
Ronny Vardy Art Show
Kynn In The News
Songwriters I want to Investigate:
Thursday 30 Jan 2003
Google Actually Works. Other Search Technologies, Don’t.
Saturday 01 Feb 2003
More on Columbia
Feedback on Google From Sassy
Anything Legal. Danger OK.
Sunday 02 Feb 2003
Design, Urinals, Affordances
Some Stray Links
Goldmine, Zappa, SQL Server
Bloggers du San Diego
Tuesday 04 Feb 2003
San Diego Bloggers in the San Diego Union-Tribune
Wednesday 05 Feb 2003
New Gig
Zappa and Family
Thursday 06 Feb 2003
Harry Potter? No, Panther Moderns!
Early to Work, Meeting Tonight
Friday 07 Feb 2003
San Diego Links!
Simpsons! Bravo!
Some Cyberpunk Stuff
I wish I had a source for this quote, but I like it…
HomeStarRunner Jamboree!
Tuesday 11 Feb 2003
Schnikes! No Blogging In Several Days!
Wednesday 12 Feb 2003
Geeking Out – More Changes To San Diego Bloggers
Friday 14 Feb 2003
Saturday 15 Feb 2003
A New Header
The Past Week In Review. In Bullet Points
Bound For the Blogosphere…
Sunday 16 Feb 2003
Back Home
A Small L.A. Trip: Part 1: From San Diego to Los Angeles
A Small L.A. Trip: Part 2: Musings/Blogosphere
About those last two posts
Monday 17 Feb 2003
Lots of Links on Blogosphere and Google Buying Pyra and Blogger
Wednesday 19 Feb 2003
On The Road Again
Thursday 20 Feb 2003
Site Launch! Margot Winters by DeepBluePacific!
<birthday number=”5years”>XML</birthday>; Thoughts on HTML’s Popularity
Tuesday 25 Feb 2003
Quote of the Month
Raining Like A Big Dog
They Killed BBEdit Lite!
Disdain for $
Lessons About San Diego Transit
Wednesday 26 Feb 2003
Radio, Radio.
Thursday 27 Feb 2003
Some Quickies
Good Day, Good Lunch, Good Ness Let’s Eat
Unhide the Safari Debug Menu
Friday 28 Feb 2003
Go Janece!
Ari Fleisher Laughed out of the White House Press Room
Wednesday 05 Mar 2003
New Words: The Flash Mind Reader
Not Blogged Lately
Thursday 06 Mar 2003
Le Brain Dump!
Sunday 09 Mar 2003
Macintosh: Like a Rock
Quote of the Day
Another Brain Dump! Various News Relevant to Me, and Maybe You? Small Personal Note
Monday 10 Mar 2003
Sometimes, I’m List Founder
Links for a Late Night Monday / Early Morning Tuesday
Tuesday 11 Mar 2003
Sorry MAS!
Wednesday 12 Mar 2003
Movie Quotes
Philip Greenspun 2003, Go Read Him.
Web Designer Meetup Thursday
Thursday 13 Mar 2003
Lots to talk about. No time to say it.
Sunday 16 Mar 2003
Go Heidi! Cover Problem! Stew! Woo!
Dental Update
Monday 17 Mar 2003
Not Thinking About Much Else
Foods of the Day
More Miscellaneous Links…
Immagini Ricerca
Interesting on The War
Tuesday 18 Mar 2003
The Ferreteer Makes Me Laugh
Ten Hours to Tooth Extraction
Wednesday 19 Mar 2003
I’m Alive…
Small Update
Thursday 20 Mar 2003
Moms Rock (or rather, MY MOM ROCKS)
Friday 21 Mar 2003
Brief, and Not for the Faint of Heart.
Sunday 23 Mar 2003
Radio Show, Online
Link-O-Rama – some war, some tech, some misc
Monday 24 Mar 2003
blog aggregators worth looking at
Just More Misc, Nothing Personal Today
Tuesday 25 Mar 2003
Quote of the Day
Some Lefty Bloggers (Some I’ve heard of, Some Not)- No idea if worthwhile…
Kynn, Muckracker / War Stuff
Wednesday 26 Mar 2003
Blogs / War / Intersection
Thursday 27 Mar 2003
25 minute song of the day
War now According-to-Hoyle Jihad
Tuesday 01 Apr 2003
No Fooling.
Wednesday 02 Apr 2003
Back to Random Links
Ever get the feeling you’re being watched?
Sunday 06 Apr 2003
Current Events
Monday 07 Apr 2003
Tuesday 08 Apr 2003
Slimming Down (in ListServ land)
Wednesday 09 Apr 2003
Birthdays Apparently
Thursday 10 Apr 2003
Rematch, Still Beaten
Lyric of the Day
Saturday 12 Apr 2003
New Header
Monday 14 Apr 2003
Leah Peterson, Columnist
Wednesday 16 Apr 2003
Taxes, The House of Saud, and Babe
Wednesday 23 Apr 2003
Current Heavy Rotation
Unlikely to Satisfy
Thursday 24 Apr 2003
Time For a Link Dump!
And Some More
Unfinished Blog Entry (Written on The Coaster The Other Day)
Friday 25 Apr 2003
More links and a few thoughts.
MovableType’s EULA, does it stand up?
Saturday 26 Apr 2003
India, China, Space Race
Oh yeah:
Randy Newman
Monday 28 Apr 2003
Quote of the day:
Tuesday 29 Apr 2003
Free Cone, Gotten
Wednesday 30 Apr 2003
Speaking of Free
Blatant Plea for Sympathy
Thursday 01 May 2003
Back From Root Canal, A Stream, Dada?
Friday 02 May 2003
New Link Dump! Then Off To Work!
Sunday 04 May 2003
What is Dada?
Monday 05 May 2003
A Year Like No Other
Web Programming as Cop Shows
Links for a Monday Evening
Tuesday 06 May 2003
Leah, Rocking
Wednesday 07 May 2003
It’s Link Time Again!
New Stew Lyrics Transcribed
Thursday 08 May 2003
Laugh And Be Happy
News of the Day
Friday 09 May 2003
Eminem, Ha!
News of the Day
Saturday 10 May 2003
Tom Bickle
Monday 12 May 2003
Who’s Blog?
Tuesday 13 May 2003
Phrases Of The Past Year
From Steve E – Useful Middle East Links
Wednesday 14 May 2003
Word of the Day
Thursday 15 May 2003
Transit Fun
Quote of the Day
Filled Chocolate Cookies Exxxposed!
Current Issues in Spam
Good Feedback on my Randy Newman Post
Many Excellent Braindump Links
Friday 16 May 2003
Visitor Feedback
Monday 19 May 2003
Updates: Null
Tuesday 20 May 2003
Oh The Links You’ll Go
Excellent Middle East Feedback
Wednesday 21 May 2003
Friday 23 May 2003
Quiet / New Project
Saturday 24 May 2003
People Are Posting
Wednesday 28 May 2003
Bizzy Bee
New Message Boards for San Diego Spots
Thursday 29 May 2003
Cat Wrangler
Sunday 01 Jun 2003
Wisdom Teeth Photos
Up Early
The Middle East Sucks
You know what I like?
Tuesday 03 Jun 2003
Side dish with haircut? Maxim, Playboy, Edith Piaf, and Race
Wednesday 04 Jun 2003
Greazel is Back
Thursday 05 Jun 2003
Monday 09 Jun 2003
Tuesday 10 Jun 2003
Some Fun APs found Wardriving San Diego
Monday 16 Jun 2003
Six Days Since Blogging
Saturday 21 Jun 2003
New And Improved
Sunday 22 Jun 2003
Downtown San Diego
Links Galore! (It’s been Too Long!)
Monday 23 Jun 2003
iChat AV
Tuesday 24 Jun 2003
Stew, On Writing Pop Music (today from the negro problem mailing list)
Wednesday 25 Jun 2003
Good Morning!
Thursday 26 Jun 2003
More Links
Blogger Upgrade
Am I RIAA Or Not
Friday 27 Jun 2003
Spinhead is back
Saturday 28 Jun 2003
lyrics never more apropos in my lifetime
New Words
I’m out
Killer Notebook
Sunday 29 Jun 2003
Archaeology and a tiny mural
Movies You’d Think Would Not Exist
I’m in the IMDB
Monday 30 Jun 2003
Telescreen = EyeToy
Tuesday 01 Jul 2003
Summertime, and the living…
Style Changes
Wednesday 02 Jul 2003
Social Software Makes Me Giddy
Pulled Army Times Editorial
Thursday 03 Jul 2003
Hanging in Little Italy
Friday 04 Jul 2003
Loosely Joined
Saturday 05 Jul 2003
I Walked From Pacific Beach To Old Town
Word of the Day (yesterday)
Sleepy Missing
Sunday 06 Jul 2003
Great Thoughts
One of the Funniest Web Sites Ever
San Diego Spots Domain
Monday 07 Jul 2003
Blogs added since February, San Diego Blogs, by Date of Addition:
New Header
Tuesday 08 Jul 2003
I’m Joe Crawford, Your Official Transit Greeter
I love this guy!
Wednesday 09 Jul 2003
Celebrity Moblogging – From idea to reality in 1 week
Thursday 10 Jul 2003
I’m not bowling.
Friday 11 Jul 2003
Now playing:
Goin’ Out, with my baby
Sunday 13 Jul 2003
Wednesday 16 Jul 2003
When the world is running down…
Thursday 17 Jul 2003
Comic-Con To Go!
Friday 18 Jul 2003
California Community Colleges in Peril?
Saturday 19 Jul 2003
Bad Boys 2 Sounds Astonishingly Bad
Woke Up
Sunday 20 Jul 2003
Things I Have Learned At San Diego Comic-Con So Far
Monday 21 Jul 2003
What a Weekend
Tuesday 22 Jul 2003
Beachtime, Familytime
Comic-Con Article and Photos
Ronny Vardy
Wednesday 23 Jul 2003
(Young) Women Suicide Bombers
Waiting for the man
Today’s Wrap Up
Friday 25 Jul 2003
Family, Clots, TV, Worktime!
Saturday 26 Jul 2003
Debunking Paintballs and Nudity: Media Scammed
Sunday 27 Jul 2003
I Am Not Brett Jackson!
1 Wedding Down, 1 To Go (This Weekend)
liking my life
Monday 28 Jul 2003
Robots ate my job!
Movie of the Day
Tuesday 29 Jul 2003
Big Shamus in Big Controversy
Relaunch: URM Cargo
SD .NET Group
Wednesday 30 Jul 2003
I want to remember this
de Facto and de Jure, a meditation in File Formats
A whole bunch of links and I think they all work and are current. But no promises.
Thursday 31 Jul 2003
Party like it’s 1999?
Rereading; 1 Year Ago
Saturday 02 Aug 2003
Et Cetera
It’s Tchotchke-rific!
I Love Chuck D
Monday 04 Aug 2003
RonnyVardy.com in google!
New Stew!
Cool Laptop Tool
Ocean Beach Gaming Place
Life is Real
Suggestions to News Sites For How To Use Blogs
Tuesday 05 Aug 2003
Wednesday 06 Aug 2003
I’ll buy this next month
That guy IS a crank
Pop Gun War
Thursday 07 Aug 2003
Christina Trip: $2000
Talk Radio (Rush) vs. Blogs
That Textamerica is something!
Typographical Humor and History
Friday 08 Aug 2003
The outer edges of my music collection
Saturday 09 Aug 2003
eliyon CorporateAlumni
Sunday 10 Aug 2003
Blogger Continuous Quality Improvement; Blog Software Musings
Monday 11 Aug 2003
I can’t think of a good title today.
Zappa News Alert
New U-T Blog
Tuesday 12 Aug 2003
How to remove fink
Celeb Moblogging In The Wild.
Thursday 14 Aug 2003
Web Design Meetup San Diego: TONIGHT
@ The Meetup
Friday 15 Aug 2003
Monday 18 Aug 2003
New New News
Wednesday 20 Aug 2003
Glad to be of service
Thursday 21 Aug 2003
Now THAT is putting your life in your blog
Friday 22 Aug 2003
Saturday 23 Aug 2003
Moving Continues.
Sunday 24 Aug 2003
Early Start
Wednesday 27 Aug 2003
Bruce Sterling Stops Infinite Matrix Blog, Will Start Wired Blog
Mr. Crawford, We’re So Sorry This Happened
Moving Update
Thursday 28 Aug 2003
My New AOL Journal
Friday 29 Aug 2003
A new high? Or a new low?
Saturday 30 Aug 2003
Sunday 31 Aug 2003
Monday 01 Sep 2003
Zappa, Thursday
Archeology: Respiratory Therapy & Neighbors
Tuesday 02 Sep 2003
And another…
Wednesday 03 Sep 2003
Snickeringly Funny Phil G Post
Miva Acquired
Archaeology – Comic Con Stuff; And More
Sunday 07 Sep 2003
4 Meetup Photos
Tuesday 09 Sep 2003
Some stray updates
Wednesday 10 Sep 2003
Blogger Pro no longer for-pay
Thursday 11 Sep 2003
For Today
Friday 12 Sep 2003
New Header
Saturday 13 Sep 2003
Sunday 14 Sep 2003
First Sterling, Then Gibson
Stuff Done: Progress: 2003
Tuesday 16 Sep 2003
Now That’s Unexpected
San Diego Computer / Web / Geek Events for This Month
Three word updates
Sunday 21 Sep 2003
Monday 22 Sep 2003
These Changes
Tuesday 23 Sep 2003
Aches And A Lame Whine
Wednesday 24 Sep 2003
The lines that’re stuck in my head
Neal Stephenson’s Quicksilver
Friday 26 Sep 2003
WebSanDiego.org Press Mention
Monday 29 Sep 2003
Weekend Unique
Thursday 02 Oct 2003
Remind Me…
Some Bruce
San Jose
Tuesday 07 Oct 2003
Election Day + Racquetball
It’s true.
Wednesday 08 Oct 2003
Change is the only constant in the universe.
Thursday 09 Oct 2003
Publish philg
Recall Numbers Rethought
Monday 13 Oct 2003
Ye Update
Wednesday 15 Oct 2003
Word for the day
Historical Event Of The Day
Go Lemur!
Mmmm, Good Reading
Sunday 19 Oct 2003
Monday 20 Oct 2003
New Header
Search Result: Satay
From Scots Historian Professor Alexander Tyler, circa 1787, Re: The Fall of the Athenian Republic
Photoblogging and Phototography?
More local thoughtfulness
Glass Houses
Yup, I’m cute.
Black Panther Party
Instant Classic; Bloody Samurai
Tuesday 21 Oct 2003
Twenty Three Things; Some Links; Some personal
Wednesday 22 Oct 2003
Digging the Samurai Groove
Oh, wait, I have one lesson from that last post
And now, the good news
Thursday 23 Oct 2003
If I had a sidebar blog, These are what I’d put in it.
Friday 24 Oct 2003
Wednesday November 5th, Stew in Los Angeles prior to his New York Move
Night of the Panther
I’m in.
Saturday 25 Oct 2003
Thanks, Mr. Lung
Sunday 26 Oct 2003
Clamshell Down
Oh yeah, the fire
More Fire Coverage
Monday 27 Oct 2003
Fire Fotos
San Diego Bloggers Fallout
Wednesday 29 Oct 2003
Fog versus Smoke
Friday 31 Oct 2003
In Really Brief!
Sunday 02 Nov 2003
Super-brief and incomplete
Monday 03 Nov 2003
Other Recent Linkers
Tori Amos: New Record; Looking Stylish and Good
I love this kind of feedback
Gross Things To Clean Up
Letters, we get letters
Lyric of the Day
Driving to work
Pamela Jaeger needs a website
Tuesday 04 Nov 2003
Where do I get my drawing from?
What’s up?
Wednesday 05 Nov 2003
Friday 07 Nov 2003
Bruce Sterling, Blogging Again
iTunes, meet Jesus; Latest Mix CD for the truck
this weekend: ray@night; baptism of zachary
Bruce Sterling ArtLung Timeline
Sunday 09 Nov 2003
Missions Accomplished
Tuesday 11 Nov 2003
Next verse, same as the first…
Stew on NPR
More Jesus iTunes Entries (aka: Songs)
Caleb on Dean
About: Me
Thursday 13 Nov 2003
Tonight: Socializing and Biz
This needs a librarian.
Sunday 16 Nov 2003
Monday 17 Nov 2003
Latest Great Security Newsletter From Bruce Schneier
Rodentia Update
King of the World
ArtLung.com 101: Retirement
Tuesday 18 Nov 2003
Keeping Score (WARNING: This gets a little grisly)
Wednesday 19 Nov 2003
No Mice = Good Mice
Some Links!
Current Important News: VideoChat! Divorce! Life! Onward!
Thursday 20 Nov 2003
First Post!
More Fun Linkies, Catching up and blogging from bed from the new iBook
Dating Leah in the Gaslamp
Sunday 23 Nov 2003
Tuesday 25 Nov 2003
Geeky Unix Conversation Slash Unix Confession of the Day
Wednesday 26 Nov 2003
Quote of the Day
Thursday 27 Nov 2003
Sunday 30 Nov 2003
Monday 01 Dec 2003
Yesterday Recap
Tuesday 02 Dec 2003
These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things
WiFi, pedal powered
Wednesday 03 Dec 2003
The Prophet
Voltes V Videos Question – Now in the FAQ
Respiratory Work Coming Out of My Ears
Cat Update
Thursday 04 Dec 2003
Forgot this: R Spot
Search Refit
Old Holiday Photos
Paintings for Sale
Saturday 06 Dec 2003
New Stew Review: Coming Home To You
First Positive Thing Bush Has Said?
My First Cease And Desist: 1997
Sunday 07 Dec 2003
Some Links For A Sunday Morning
Monday 08 Dec 2003
Cat Update
Tuesday 09 Dec 2003
Good Newsletter
Wednesday 10 Dec 2003
And You May Remind Yourself
Friday 12 Dec 2003
Saturday 13 Dec 2003
Sunday 14 Dec 2003
News of the Day
Monday 15 Dec 2003
Snapshots of the Yuletide season
Tuesday 16 Dec 2003
Racquetball Class
Just worked on this:
And don’t tell anyone, but “The Lab” is moving…
Monday 22 Dec 2003
Saddam, Captured… by the Kurds?
Xmas Rap
Tuesday 23 Dec 2003
Joe Namath: the new Mahir?
Christmas Stuff to Enjoy on ArtLung.com
Links and Stuff of the Moment
Thursday 25 Dec 2003
Merry Christmas
Friday 26 Dec 2003
Fascinating thing about memory
Fascinating Bible and Christianity Interview; Religious Update
Lines of the Day
Saturday 27 Dec 2003
10 Year Anniversary of Philip Greenspun’s Dynamic Site
Excellent Civic Metaphor about Money and the Occupation of Iraq
Monday 29 Dec 2003
Translations of “Joseph”
Some jokes write themselves.
Tuesday 30 Dec 2003
FedEx buys Kinko’s
ipodsdirtysecret.com : triumph of the will
Wednesday 31 Dec 2003
Mad Cow Disease New Year: Animals you eat must be vegetarian
Happy New Year