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2003: 540 posts.

  • Soup and Salad and Movie and Health

    So the new year came yesterday. I spent it with Leah. We went and got lunch at a local Souplantation using the gift certificates Leah got for Christmas, and then we went and saw The Two Towers with the movie gift certificates I got for Christmas. We were an hour and a half early for…

  • But not to you.

    This Ryze Blog Social network map is pretty interesting. Well, to me.

  • Interesting Thought on Aerospace/Space Tourism

    Manned spaceflight is a government monopoly – and has been one for over 40 years. The marketplace has never been allowed to exist, and as a result, the dream of private tickets for a ride to orbit has all but died here in the US. Two tickets have been purchased, much to the chagrin of…

  • That Lindows Publicity Machine Never Sleeps

    Lindows founder offered Xbox Linux $200,000 prize — Michael Robertson, founder of the Lindows operating system, has offered two prizes of $100,000 to port Linux onto the Xbox, with and without hardware modifications.

  • Whoa, A Compliment

    Dori of BackupBrain described this blog as “excellent.” Very kind. I think Dori might have had too much brandy in her eggnog, but I’ll kindly thank her for the compliment. I’ll also return the compliment by saying that I’ve been a consistent reader of the very excellent BackupBrain for a long damn time. It’s at…

  • Hey San Diego!

    Recycle Your Christmas Tree.

  • Remembered and Recognized

    I think I remember George Girton’s name as a participant of the old Webmonster web design lists — and he recognized my name from the Ryze Blogmap. Interesting, no? Even more interesting is that it’s been several years since Webmonster was a going concern. They were some great, educational, fun discussion lists. George maintains a…

  • Total Information Awareness Office: P.R.Dummies

    Problem 1: John “Convicted Felon” Poindexter runs it. For other problems, see: Act Three of Poindexter’s Incredibly Shrinking Site: Still More! via Politechbot. The TIA office reminds me of the folks in George Orwell’s 1984 who are responsible for continually rewriting history to suit the current regime’s needs and enemies’ lists. Luckily, on the internet,…

  • Sick!

    Runny nose: check. Lower back ache: check. Headache: check. Sore throat: check. Tiredness/fatigue: check. Roommate: also sick. However: Cough: minimal. Appetite: okay. Environment: clean, hospitable. Girlfriend: brought me 7-Up last night. Roommate: also sick, but nice. Diagnosis: common flu. Prognosis & outlook: With luck and TLC, I will be through this in a few days….

  • Penn Gillette. Patriot.

    “Well, it’s not really the right word, but freedom is kind of a hobby with me, and I have disposable income that I’ll spend to find out how to get people more of it.” from Federal V.I.P. The above article seems sort of hopeful to me, actually. Though it takes a celebrity, I think, to…


    Matt of LAMPHost has made his own short url service — Cool!

  • Gates Mug!

    It’s old, but I rather like this Bill Gates mugshot. There are many more celeb mugshots for the morbidly curious.

  • Comics Business Brief

    Pretty concise precis of the state of comics business in the USA. From The Comics Journal‘a own weblog, Journalista!

  • Desktop Linux Summit in San Diego

    The Desktop Linux Summit San Diego, California — February 20-21, 2003. Know anyone who is considering Linux? Reads like a great little conference.

  • 64bit Computing

    You may not realize it, but most of us are still computing with 32bit Machines. Here’s an interesting story on how Intel may get whupped by AMD in the quest to get 64bit machines working and deployed. And there is of course, a big Microsoft angle.

  • Personal

    Still sick. But slightly better. Lots of phlegm coming up. Keep those nasopharyngeal secretions coming! Gonna sweat it out at racquetball. Later, some rest. Next week – some freelance and other stuff happening. Hope your weekend is rad. and…. Onward!

  • Weekend Over

    So this weekend was nice. I lost three straight games at racquetball Saturday morning. But I played gosh darnit. Yay me! More changes in the apartment over the weekend. Erin and I have made a lot of changes to the layout, kitchen, living room. more things to go to goodwill, and AmVets is coming tomorrow….

  • The Cover Problem

    The Cover Problem is really The Negro Problem doing covers. This article in the LA Times talks about them covering Saturday Night Fever — the whole album — live. I’d have loved to have seen it. I think Stew and those kids have a lot of fun.

  • 5 Tips for Independent Contractors

    I like that cat Bill Rini. I really like his 5 Tips For Independent Contractors. The Cliff’s Notes version below (click “more…” below to read all the gory details). Never take on a client who has fired more than one previous contractor to do the same job. more… Never agree to do any work that…

  • Year in Review

    This GBN Global Perspectives by Gwynne Dyer is really worth a read. It’s from our neighbors to the north, Canada. Very thorough and rather evenhanded.

  • Penn, Airport Patriot Followup:

    Working Class Hero Penn (which I blogged about the other day)

  • William Gibson, Blogging!

    William Gibson now has a blog. This makes me remarkably happy. And he’s already talking about Pattern Recognition. And Bruce Sterling has been blogging for a while. If Neal Stephenson started blogging all three of my favorite writers (all three cyberpunks) would have blogs. Maybe it is the future.

  • Safari, Services, Speech, Summarize

    So a new Mac web browser came out today. Lots of folks are talking. Great stuff. Here’s my small contribution. Because Safari is a Cocoa application, it can take advantage of Mac OS X services. One of these is speech. If you highlight text on a web page in Safari, you can have your Mac…

  • Mailto: Stinks

    Form action mailto: stinks was updated to include Safari, Mozilla, and Chimera. Mailto: form actions still stink.

  • Tired Boy Says: Sleep!

    I actually have a lot to say. I have some new opportunities. I have some new challenges. Money is tight, but there is work. This is good. I went to a liquor store I used to go to near my former employer. The clerk recognized me and asked me if I’d lost weight, because I…

  • Hire Me

    My Resumé has been updated. I welcome feedback and job offers. Thank you.

  • Bebe News

    This article: Can Bebe Stores Fashion a Comeback? about Bebe is worth a read, if you follow such things as women’s apparel. Bebe?s top priority is staging a return from casualwear to what it does best-?career and dressier clothing that resonate with stylish 20- to 30-year-olds. Bebe veered off course about two years ago when…

  • Work

    Did more work today. More billable hours is good. I work so much better on-site than off it’s scary. This must mean I’m destined for a full-time job. At least that’s what I hope.

  • Everyone a Book

    So everyone I know or thereabouts has worked on a book. The latest is Rudy Limeback, who contributed to Practical Web Database Design. So so cool. Buy it! (or not, I’ve not seen it in person yet. But with Rudy on the team, I bet it’s great.

  • Genius Flash: Fly Guy

    View it: Fly Guy via San Diego Blog: Brianstorms)

  • Safari Reading List

    Apple’s Official Page: Safari David Hyatt, Safari developer Safari Review Why are Safari and Sherlock two different applications? “Like Gecko,” We Hope Thoughts on Apple’s new browser, Safari Zeldman on Safari Safari, Speech, Summarize Safari: First Look: Safari Information for Web Designers Initial Reactions to Safari Greetings from the Safari team at Apple Computer Apple…

  • Wow, I’m Being Taught In At Least One Classroom

    I got an email tonight that made my day: I am asking my 10th grade English students to write an essay about Wordsworth’s poem. Your poem captured its essence and I plan to share your words (with due credit) with them. Thanks. Tom I’m overwhelmed. This was in regards to my piece Two Ships in…

  • Happy Birthday Leah!

    A belated Happy Birthday to Leah! for whom I made some enchiladas (based on my Mom’s great recipe) which she really liked.

  • Benediction

    May we all have luck kicking the bad habits we scarcely understand.

  • Top 10 Vulnerabilities in Web Applications

    The Open Web Application Security Project

  • High Hat and Mr. Hat: Separated At Birth

    So James “Kibo” Parry has unveiled an interesting development in educational toys and South Park. In his alt.religion.kibology post of January 3rd “It’s official. Now I hate ‘South Park’” he writes: DAMN YOU, “SOUTH PARK”! YOUR OPEN MOCKERY OF THAT EVIL PUPPET HAS GIVEN THEM THE IDEA TO START SELLING IT AGAIN TO PURGE THE…

  • Guaranteed to Offend Someone

    Religions (or lack thereof) cast in a very specific and irreverent metaphor.

  • The Blind Watchmaker

    The Blind Watchmaker was recommended to me by Madhu.

  • More Clay Shirky

    Customer-owned Networks: ZapMail and the Telecommunications Industry is another great essay by Clay Shirky, one of many links on the side of this blog.

  • Offensiveness Today

    F*** Hip Hop: A Eulogy to Hip Hop by Pierre Bennu is an essay that got a lot of play on the nettime mailing list in the past month. It’s obvious of course, but it needs to be said, Hip Hop has grown old and useless as a vibrant voice. It’s simply a tool to…

  • Important Newsflash

    had more leftover enchiladas. they were good. over and out.

  • JFEST II @ The Scottish Rite Center in Mission Valley

    (got this from Will himself) Announcing JFEST II @ The Scottish Rite Center in Mission Valley! This coming Saturday Jan. 18, 2003 – 5:30PM-2AM at The Scottish Rite Center This festival will range from Folk Music to Rock & Pop and includes many of San Diego’s favorite local artists & performers. Including: Jason & Jane…

  • Evocative Phrase

    “Star Trek” fistfight music

  • Hey Miva!

    Both email addresses for job applications with Miva (a local web technology company) bounce as unrecognized. That’s hr(at) and resumes(at) It’s a bummer that they bounce! I’ll try support and webmaster next. Sigh.

  • Referred to!

    SDACM is using part of my review of their meeting featuring the Rocks Toolkit from last month. Nice! Also, I’m going to their meeting on Thursday. Should be cool.

  • Standardized Testing for Web Geeks, Good News, Bad News

    So I just had an interview with a recruiter. It went well, very professional. I did take some standardized tests though. I did very well on two of them, one was on ColdFusion and one was on ColdFusion Scripting (yes, a subtle difference) and I got better than 85% on each (a B in my…

  • Lessig Loses Copyright Case

    This is the most poignant post on the Lessig affair. Go read more about it on

  • MSIE Rollover Caching Bug

    This is a peculiar bug: JavaScript Tip: Avoid An IE Rollover Bug Browsers are still not that great, are they?

  • Yo.

    Woke up this mornin’ tired. Stuff to do. Gotta do it. Hope you all have a great day!

  • Gibson Review

    My friend Steve E passed me this link to the NYTimes review of the new William Gibson novel.(Thanks Steve!)

  • Baby Spinach and Oatmeal Chocolate Chip

    So today started with racquetball with my Aunt. As per usual, we had wonderful games. After that I did some “financial” errands which needed doing, and went well. That was vague, but had to be. The truth is that finances are a bit sketchy for me at the moment, but I have a line on…

  • Pooh and Copyright

    I don’t care for Winnie The Pooh, but the story The Curse of Pooh is quite interesting.

  • Well Stated on the Music Biz

    Very cool quote from Dana Blankenhorn of I don’t know if Rosen knows this. I don’t know that Rosen cares. But it’s clear that RIAA is becoming increasingly frustrated with what appears to be an unannounced, unsponsored, unorganized, unsupervised, grassroots yet surprisingly effective economic boycott of a huge industry, namely musical recording.

  • Al Hirschfeld, Dead at 99

    Al Hirschfeld was a great cartoonist, and he will be missed. What a draughtsman!

  • Bill Maudlin Dies

    Rudy passes along that Bill Maudlin passed away. Expect the excellent The Comics Journal blog, Journalista to have something pertinent on them soon. Thanks Rudy!

  • A Busy Boy

    I’ve been busy lately. My last two posts have been about dead cartoonists. That’s a bit depressing. Suffice to say I’ve been busy. In the meantime, go read Defective Yeti. That guy’s funny. More this weekend. I promise!

  • Why I Like Mozilla Today

    So I’m doing some development – in ASP (but that doesn’t matter, could be anything). Things I love about Mozilla today for web development (using 1.21 on Windows 2000 Server): the installer lets me only put in a browser if I want (since it’s for testing, who needs a mail client?) the JavaScript debugger is…

  • Wonderful, Scatalogical, Vulgar, Funny, Diary of a Music Business Mixer

    Go read Mixerman’s anonymous diary. It’s a wonderful use of the web. I’ve read the first 8 weeks worth and laughed out loud several times. Amazing, appalling, and entertaining stuff. But a warning: there’s plenty of salty language. But it reads like truth. Check it: Mixerman’s Diary Week 1 Mixerman’s Diary Week 2 Mixerman’s Diary…

  • Shut out of AIGA (aka) Not determined enough to fight with parking downtown

    I tried to go the presentation “Designing in the Age of Experience” at The AIGA Center For Design downtown tonight. Unfortunately, Super Bowl madness has set in and there was no parking to be had within about a 10 block radius. I was simply too tired to fight with the massive amount of traffic in…

  • Quote of The Day, via InformationWeek

    “Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan ‘press on’ has solved and always…

  • Beck Audio/Video

    This is some great Beck – performing and talking. Requires RealAudio Player. via RRE

  • Usenet Rant

    Recently, Steven Champeon pointed out Russ Alberry’s Rant to me, and it’s a pretty great rant about public forums and the attendent problems and responsibilities.

  • Amazon Software Rebates

    Amazon has a page devoted to software products which include rebates. As of this writing, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring video game is free when you factor in the rebate.

  • New Lab Item: iTunes & XML

    I added a new lab item today: iTunes Error: The iTunes Music Library file cannot be read because it does not appear to be a valid library file. I hope it proves to be of use to people.

  • But Not Today

    I want to tell you all about the exciting yesterday: featuring an adventure driving downtown, a parking lot attendant, a great job interview, a great lunch, progress on an ASP project, a beer, and seeing my girlfriend. But not today. Today I’m going to have lunch with said girlfriend and maybe a movie. And later,…

  • DMZ is back!

    The Digital Militarized Zone is back online at Go DMZ! (Very silly)

  • Internet Health Report

    Check out Internet Health Report… The Internet Health Report delivers data about network performance (latency) between major United States Internet backbones. The measurement agents selected for the Internet Health Report have direct, single homed connections to a backbone so their connectivity is unambiguous. Each measurement agent connects to every other agent every 15 minutes and…

  • What happened to the HTML Writer’s Guild?

    This is an appalling story of (alleged) mismanagement and malfeasance. Wow.

  • Super Bowl Prediction

    So back on Thursday I couldn’t get parking in the Gaslamp Quarter, right? Right. Madness. That was only Thursday. Yesterday after a great BBQ with friends old and new we went and saw the Largest Fireworks Show in San Diego History – from Point Loma. I didn’t take pictures, but it was tres impressive. But…

  • My Super Bowl Prediction: Incorrect

    From NBC San Diego: More Than 100 Arrested In Gaslamp Quarter: Crowds Generally Well-Behaved, Police Say San Diego police arrested 109 people for various offenses at Super Bowl-related activities. … On the whole, (Officer) Hassen said, the crowds gathered to take in the pre-show festivities have been well-behaved. I’m glad I was wrong. I think…

  • Lindows Trademark Case Going To Court summary judgment motion dismissed — yeah, I’m still watching Lindows with interest.

  • AIGA: Experience Design: San Diego: Update

    So I wrote the other day about missing the AIGA Experience Design meeting — well, I got a note back from one of the organizers: You’re not the only one who got lost in the traffic mess. Our next event big event is slated for March 27th so mark your calendar. We will probably be…

  • Maybe My Prediction Was Right

    …but only in Oakland. More than 50 blocks of International had stretches of virtually lawless zones nearly three hours after the Super Bowl. At least 12 cars were set on fire, many windows were smashed, some businesses were broken into and looted, bus benches were pushed over and street signs ripped down as police battled…

  • Dave Barry, Blogger

    Dave Barry, National Treasure, has a new blog. The obvious line: I swear I’m not making this up.

  • Latest San Diego Bloggers

    01/03/2003: 01/06/2003: Sector 7-G 01/09/2003: The Fishing Caper 01/14/2003: jason and jane 01/16/2003: House of MirAGe 01/17/2003: Global Error Log 01/24/2003: 01/24/2003: Adam Bishop 01/24/2003: Beware the Edge 01/24/2003: Sugar Mama PR Journal 01/26/2003: ArchaeologyOnline Blog 01/26/2003: MuseumGuru Blog 01/27/2003: Casual Reflection San Diego Bloggers continues to be a fun side project for…

  • MAS on Slammer, The SQL Server Worm

    MAS says, in his great curmudgeonly journal: You can lead a database administrator to a security patch , but you can not make him install. Between my job, INeedCoffee, and home I’ve got nine SQL Server 2000 installations. All of them have the latest Service Packs installed. Staying current with service packs for licensed programs…

  • New Header… and I Got A New Job

    I just made a new header out of some of my old Amiga images – the Katakana script says “Crawford” more or less. Back when Japan was my obsession. The sheep I found in some old Amiga clip art. I added the jet pack myself. The font that says “ARTLUNG” is based on a typography…

  • Viridian Note: Venezuela’s Curse

    A good one. Read it: Far from an anomaly, Venezuela is a classic example of that economists call the ‘natural resource curse.’ A 1995 analysis of developing countries by Jeffrey Sachs and Andrew Warner found that the more an economy relies on mineral wealth, the lower its growth rate. Venezuela isn’t poor despite its oil…

  • Article about San Diego blogs in the Union Tribune Upcoming

    Matt Pitcher notified me that the Union-Tribune will run an article about San Diego bloggers this Monday. Nobody asked me. Though the San Diego Bloggers page will be 1 year on Saturday. I wonder why I didn’t get an email? Maybe I’m “tired” and no longer “wired.”

  • Sundance Review

    Caleb Clark, a very nice fellow, has written up a Sundance Film Festival Report that’s worth your time.

  • Ronny Vardy Art Show

    Just got this email from Ronny Vardy… GALAXY GALLERY Is proud to present paintings and new illustrations by Ronny. Saturday, Feb 1st. From 8 p.m. till whenever. Galaxy Gallery known as the smokers universe and also home the the Chronic cafe, has a real Amsterdam coffee house feel to it. Other than their amazing atmosphere…

  • Kynn In The News

    Scoble picks up the Kynn/HWG/Navarro story.

  • Songwriters I want to Investigate:

    Jimmy Webb and Jimmy Dale Gilmore.

  • Google Actually Works. Other Search Technologies, Don’t.

    Someone on the List said something very like what this article — City Ogles Google Impact: The city of San Diego’s search appliance left employees and citizens hanging. Then it turned to Google has to say. The essence was this — “Why bother with site architecture and information design? All you have to do…

  • Duh

    I still have not learned to fight scope-creep.

  • Better

    So I feel much better about things. Thursday night I let my temper get the best of me. As it turns out, I’m not a placid, perfect, serene and sublime person all the time. Thing is though, I immediately recognized my jerkiness as such. The folks affected steered clear, and I went through pain figuring…

  • Aigh

    Another Shuttle Loss. Terrible day.

  • More on Columbia

    Space Shuttle Lost: The space shuttle Columbia has broken up in the skies over Texas. Its crew of seven astronauts had no chance of survival. Mission control lost contact with the shuttle around 9 a.m. EST (1400 GMT), about 16 minutes before its planned touchdown in Florida. Emergency proceedures are in effect and search and…

  • Feedback on Google From Sassy

    Matthew Lee says about my post about the City of San Diego and Google: I think Don Norman said something like: “Even the term ‘navigation’ is pretentious–it assumes that people aren’t going to be able to find what they want without looking for it” Google rules, as far as I’m concerned google is the bar,…

  • Anything Legal. Danger OK.

    So my roommate is a packrat. Today she took out some copies of the LA Free Press and we were perusing the stories, ads, and classifieds. One of the papers, dated June 16-22, 1967, included the following ad: Tall rugged young man needs money. Anything Legal. Danger OK. Occupant. Box 371 Pasadena, Calif, 91102 “Anything…

  • Zappa

    A Completist’s Guide to Regular Frank Zappa Records is astonishingly detailed. I’m a fan, but that level of detail is scary. Still, I enjoyed it.

  • Design, Urinals, Affordances

    Madhu Menon’s Fly UI is an interesting article on urinals and user interface design. It’s a great example of an “affordance” — described in Affordances and Design by Don Norman. Both are worth a read if you do design, any kind of design, for a living.

  • Some Stray Links

    Why Don’t They Make Stuff that Won’t Break? – design stinks The Music Business and the Big Flip – Clay Shirky gets it When the Wall Street Journal starts asking why are we invading Iraq, Bush is really in trouble. Master Key Copying Revealed Rush to Judgement: Jackass and Kids’ Life Lessons – thoughtful analysis…

  • Goldmine, Zappa, SQL Server

    Frank Zappa: Not just another artist from L.A. is a great article from Goldmine: The Collectors Record and Compact Disc marketplace. I’m doing housecleaning and wanted to find an online url for it. I was thinking of ditching the paper aticle and linking to it here. Unfortunately, their url currently bounces you to this:…

  • Bloggers du San Diego

    Hm. I keep not blogging personal stuff. But I will I promise – things are positive and good. In the meantime… here are San Diego Bloggers page, in order of addition more or less. Links with + have badges Links with – have sidelinks or link pages San Diego Bloggers is now a year old….

  • San Diego Bloggers in the San Diego Union-Tribune

    Check this out — A penny for your blogs — which mentions prominently my hand-maintained site San Diego Bloggers, as well as several local sites: Matt Pitcher is quoted, though his url is not, and there are mentions of:,, The Fishing Caper,, USS Clueless, and Scott Koenig. Sure wish I’d gotten mentioned….

  • New Gig

    I start the new gig today. Wish me luck.

  • Zappa and Family

    Jenny (yes that Jennifer) sent me a great link: THE ROCK FAMILY AFFAIR: Frank Zappa. Thanks Jenny!

  • Home

    New gig rocked. Cold Fusion. Stored Procedures. Application.cfm. Dreamweaver MX. SQL Server Enterprise Manager. Windows 2000 Professional. Nice people. Downtown San Diego. Walking distance of the Bay. Bought a Bus Pass. Got a hot dog at Horton Plaza. CFAdministrator. Development > Staging > Production. Windows Permissions Errors (always fun!). It’s a good gig. I’m honestly…

  • Harry Potter? No, Panther Moderns!

    Scientist invents Harry Potter invisibility cloak got posted to a mailing list I’m on. My response was: Harry Potter my ass. That’s a Panther Moderns Chameleon Suit! <tidbit src=”Neuromancer” author=”William Gibson” pubdate=”1984″> “Go,” he said. The Hosaka had accessed its array of libraries, journals, and news services. The precis began with a long hold on…

  • Early to Work, Meeting Tonight

    And yes, it’s time to go to work now! Or at least time for a shower and time to get my act together. Tonight I’m going to the SDMMUG meeting — Click here for more information. If you’re there, say hi!

  • San Diego Links!

    I’ve had a delightful time watching San Diego User-Provided Web Links evolve over the last few days. Great technical links from lots of technical people.

  • Tired

    But feelin’ good. G’morning!

  • Simpsons! Bravo!

    SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT FROM VOICEACTING.COM: The cast of “The Simpsons” on “Inside the Actor’s Studio” Sunday, February 9, 2003 – Bravo TV (cable) – 8/7pm In anticipation of the 200th episode of “The Simpsons”, James Lipton of Bravo’s “Inside The Actor’s Studio” sits down with the ensemble of actors behind the voices: Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner,…

  • Some Cyberpunk Stuff

    Bruce Sterling, Tomorrow Now: Envisioning the Next – a review Wonderful Bruce Sterling Rant Mitnick Surfs The Web, finally — “When I went away, there was no such thing. I had rigged a special modem to keep me ahead of the feds during the years I was a fugitive. Most of the time I was…

  • I wish I had a source for this quote, but I like it…

    Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote. – Benjamin Franklin

  • HomeStarRunner Jamboree!

    Legion Interviews Mike Chapman of HomeStarRunner.Com Interview with Mike and Matt Chapman, creators of on RunDevilRun The Creators of Homestar Runner, The Brothers Chapman by Michael Coyle Ultimate HomeStarRunner E-Commerce! fhqwhgads, a Homestar Runner Community! The definition of fhqwhgads HomeStarRunner Store! Homestar Runner Breaks from the Pack by James Norton Homestar Runner, we love…

  • Schnikes! No Blogging In Several Days!

    Here’s a brief update: My new job is going well. My car is more on the fritz, this is bad. But luckily, in my new job I’ve been taking the bus to work! Over the weekend L. and I snuck Rubio’s into a movie. That movie was Shanghai Knights. Shanghai Knights could not possibly be…

  • Geeking Out – More Changes To San Diego Bloggers

    I’ve made a bunch of changes to San Diego Bloggers — I’m putting together a php/mysql database to help me manage those links easier. It’s really cool, and really geeky. Also, the story from the other day got mentioned, along with SD Bloggers over at the very cool Blogroots.

  • Ouch!

    I have so much to say. And say it I must. Wow. It’s late too. Will our hero say all he can? Who knows. Stay tuned.

  • A New Header

    There is a new header on the blog. I’m very proud of it. It contains aspects of the previous header, mentioned here. I’m holding a copy of William Gibson’s Pattern Recognition. That’s down in the Gaslamp at the trolley. I took some pictures of myself and then I got to play. It’s too late. I…

  • The Past Week In Review. In Bullet Points

    I really like my new job. I am learning and teaching and DOING. I am enjoying revisiting something from my teens: riding mass transit. I like being able to read and chill on the way to work. I’m appreciating working standard office hours again, I start early in the morning. It keeps me occupied and…

  • Bound For the Blogosphere…

    Replaced here: Bound For the Blogosphere… So I’m on the San Diego train with my humble, falling apart laptop – about to leave for Los Angeles. Turn on my airport and WHAM! there’s a WiFi access point called TRAINDEPOT. No encryption. I’m so pleased. Bound for L.A. … … … –7:29p Here we go….

  • Back Home

    Blogging from the train station again. Gotta get home. I’ve a ton of stuff I’m going to post later. Some pictures too. Stay tuned or drop me a note if you want to know when I post it.

  • A Small L.A. Trip: Part 1: From San Diego to Los Angeles

    Go read the whole giant thing now: Part 1 MacOS X Machine Generated Summary: Theoretically, because I have a unix box here (this goofy, lima bean shaped computer holds 30 years of unix history in its heart of hearts) I could set a cron job to run every second or half second to try and…

  • A Small L.A. Trip: Part 2: Musings/Blogosphere

    About A Small L.A. Trip: Part 2: Musings/Blogosphere I tried out the “Summarize” feature of MacOS, here it is: MacOS X Machine Generated Summary: The thing I come away with is that anyone can do this blogging stuff, which is what I believed before too. The impression I got was that several of the people…

  • About those last two posts

    So those are summaries of some longer pieces. TrainBlogging, and they include pictures of Blogger buying Pyra (sort of), me looking goofy, and various fuzzy pictures. I just kept writing, and writing, and writing. And now they’re on the web. Check them out: A Small L.A. Trip: Part 1: From San Diego to Los Angeles…

  • Lots of Links on Blogosphere and Google Buying Pyra and Blogger

    Google Buys Pyra/Blogger.com… Mothership site for the Blogosphere event: Reverse Cowgirl’s Photos:… Pyra’s CEO Ev, on his personal blog, on the story: Smart Thoughts on Trackbacks, referers, and other interesting stuff Google can look at when evaluating breaking news. This is the smartest take yet. Google can sift through new blog entries for hot news…

  • On The Road Again

    When last we saw our hero on a train, he was returning from his trip to Los Angeles. This was a most excellent trip. It included high adventure and much bemusement. The tales of these exploits and the attendant pictures, as well as the links he culled from them have generated a nice amount of…

  • Site Launch! Margot Winters by DeepBluePacific!

    Got this in the email bag: I’m happy to announce the launch of my San Diego Real Estate site. Please check it out at: Surf around. Find some homes. Let me know what you think. My thanks goes to Jeff Nagy ( for the site. Margot does San Diego real estate. Jeff does kickin’…

  • <birthday number=”5years”>XML</birthday>; Thoughts on HTML’s Popularity

    From XML at Five from Rick Jelliffe … criticized XHTML: “HTML thrived on being more forgiving of missing tags than even SGML allowed. Throwing that away makes HTML a lot less attractive. Which is true of markup in general, actually.” With which I wholeheartedly agree. HTML is supposedly the most common electronic document type…

  • Quote of the Month

    The religion of the future will be a cosmic religion. It should avoid dogma and theology. Covering both the natural and the spiritual. It should be based on a religious sense arising from the experience of all things as a meaningful unity. If there is any religion that could cope with the modern scientific needs,…

  • Raining Like A Big Dog

    So I’m behind on a few things, but ahead on others. And boy oh boy — it sure is raining like a big dog. It’s pouring off of the roof in sheets. A real racket! Anyway, I’m blogging less and I’m all backed up with links. Perhaps you’ll be sated by these links: The Museum…

  • They Killed BBEdit Lite!

    See: Thank you for your interest in BBEdit Lite. As of February 25, 2003, BBEdit Lite has been discontinued and is no longer available. Sad. Sad. Sad.

  • Disdain for $

    I like this… “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that…

  • Lessons About San Diego Transit

    When it rains, more people seem to be on the bus. The buses I took to and from work today were packed. People who have to transfer rely on the timing of the buses, and as transit is different in the rain, people miss their connections, and get surly, and are on buses they did…

  • Radio, Radio.

    So yeah, I was on the radio again – for a full hour on Tom Fudge’s show These Days on local NPR affiliate KPBS. Also on the hot seat talking about web design and web sites was Pam Dixon. It all went quite well. But I must now do some real work. More later.

  • Some Quickies

    Strictly speaking I don’t have any time to write, have to get ready for work. But i want to write some things quick-like. The radio was really great. As opposed to the show on blogging, (see words)- there were only 2 guests instead of 3. This made more time my time. Also, there were many…

  • Good Day, Good Lunch, Good Ness Let’s Eat

    That title is meaningless. Today was good. Work was interesting. I get a sense that the job security where I am will be good for the near term. It had been indicated to me that the gig would be 2-3 months, but I’m reading tea leaves that indicate job security through October. This is a…

  • Unhide the Safari Debug Menu

    Here’s a neat trick, for those of you using Safari. If you want to see the debug menu (which includes goodies like a DOM tree viewer and a “snippet viewer”, which lets you take a snippet of HTML and view it as Safari will render it, sort of like a split-screen WYSIWYG editor) just shut…

  • Beliefnet

    Interesting site:

  • Go Janece!

    Workings of the Mind redesigned/changed out their flaky backend.

  • Ari Fleisher Laughed out of the White House Press Room

    See: this post to IP. Here is a (requires RealPlayer) Direct Link. Fast forward to about 28 minutes. I sensed a little smirk on Ari’s face, but how on earth can he say there’s no quid pro quo in diplomacy? The whole game is “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.” And that applies whether…

  • New Words: The Flash Mind Reader

    So people send me links to this thing, and I just can’t stand people thinking these little tricks are somehow reading their minds. So I made: “The Flash Mind Reader” – How It Works

  • Not Blogged Lately

    Things are fine. The job is going well. Cashflow is good. Girlfriend is nice. Email is backed up. Phone calls are backed up. Soul patch is removed. Car still dead. Bus pass still working. The little red car is being junked for some cash. A new car is being shopped for, slowly. I’m still waiting…

  • Le Brain Dump!

    Kynn has a new blog – it’s a two-part blog covering antiwar politics, Shock & Awe astro turf: is a site devoted to promoting the Chargers side in the ever-tenous relationship between The City of San Diego and the San Diego Chargers Macromedia has redesigned their website, with lots more flash. Unfortunately in Opera…

  • Macintosh: Like a Rock

    From Army’s Apple Shines in the Desert “it has remained trouble-free, stable and solid as a rock” It must be some kind of science fiction world come true that that Macs are now described as “like a rock.” They’ve always had a temperamental reputation. But they really do kick ass these days. Thanks unix!

  • Macessibility

    Macessibility is Kynn’s new blog about Mac Accessibility.

  • Quote of the Day

    “You and I are told we must choose between a left or right, but I suggest there is no such thing as a left or right. There is only an up or down. Up to man’s age-old dream — the maximum of individual freedom consistent with order — or down to the ant heap of…

  • Another Brain Dump! Various News Relevant to Me, and Maybe You? Small Personal Note

    San Diego has a new Python Group Rafe Colburn, Danny Ayers, and Scott Janssens linked to my Flash Mind Reader Debunk page Thanks! Go read World of Ends – right up there with The Cluetrain Manifesto New San Diego Bloggers URL: Book review of a book about the anthropological roots of religion Fitt’s Law…

  • Sometimes, I’m List Founder

    Hello my fellow WebSanDiegans: This is a little long, and a bit out of character. I usually respond to posts on-list and let them fly. But I feel like I have a bit more to say, so as your host, I’d like to say some things about community and about behavior. has always distinguished…

  • “Before”

    This here is a picture from 90 pounds ago. My roommate passed this to me. I still have lots of work to do though. At the moment I don’t have a good “after” picture. I should take a new photo with me in the same outfit. Those shorts had been tight, but now when I…

  • Links for a Late Night Monday / Early Morning Tuesday

    MAS says: OneCore stinks! stupid, funny Catch-22 for online banking for local blogger – I hope this gets sorted out Carter weighs in on “Pre-emptive War” Bush Sr warning over unilateral action Bush to Bush: Son, let’s talk about “diplomacy” — I feel like you’re old enough new lab item: Ways to break a lock…

  • Ha!

    McWiFi — an unannounced California town — let’s hope that means San Diego!

  • Sorry MAS!

    Yikes. Thet OneCore thing I posted was resolved in June 2001. My bad. I sorta like his idea of web revenge though. I think I fell through a timewarp and thought 2003 was 2001. Scary!

  • Movie Quotes

    I really like this thread from MeFi Here are some of my favorite movie quotes: Call off your men. Forget it. He’s rolling. Game over man! Game over! I can verify that. Best play ever man! Deserve’s got nothing to do with it.

  • Philip Greenspun 2003, Go Read Him.

    Flying the Caribbean is exactly the kind of long form writing I love on the web, as I said last month. Philip Greenspun is great. I got to see him give his Web Tech Talk at CalTech in 1999. That was also the first time I got blogged about, by Matt Haughey. I met him…

  • Web Designer Meetup Thursday

    I’m going to the WebDesign Meetup tomorrow. Be there or be square!

  • Lots to talk about. No time to say it.

    Links… XML Inventor Tim Bray has a blog — so cool! Funny: Freedom Fries from the Soda Jerks Have you heard of The Plaster Casters? You just can’t make up stuff like that. Two for writers: TWG Interview: Nick Mamatas, and an oldie: A Workshop Lexicon New site from GoWestDesign: My Ethereal Image ‘Do Not…

  • Go Heidi! Cover Problem! Stew! Woo!

    Got this via the Negro Problem / Stew mailing list : Work has begun on Heidi Rodewald’s solo record. 90% of the basics have been recorded I think. Also we are at work on the new Stew record which will be out this year, as will Heidi’s. A collaboration between the award winning Los Angeles…

  • Dental Update

    Dental Update Briefly: I’m scheduled for oral surgery on Wednesday. Kids, please remember to floss, so you’re not like your Uncle ArtLung. Really. I have much much much much more to write about all of this, but probably not today. Leave it at the fact that I have mega-mouthwash, antibiotics for my abscess, and Vicodin…

  • Not Thinking About Much Else

    So I had my appointment with the oral surgeon. It’s going to be a short week. Wednesday morning at 8am pacific time I’m going under the knife. It’ll be the first time I’ll ever wear a pulse-oximeter so it matters for my healthcare. I like the Doc. Have a good thought, or a prayer, whilst…

  • Foods of the Day

    Chocolate Muffin. Questionable Soy Milk.

  • More Miscellaneous Links…

    David Hyatt, a developer on Safari (a Mac web browser), has a great rant about the terrible rerporting coming out of on browsers. Basically, CNET reporters don’t appear to have done any research. It’s good that MsHumm is alive and back in business. I had planned on giving blood this Monday (it’s near where…

  • Immagini Ricerca

    An image search for ‘California’ on the Italian version of AltaVista yielded me (on the 4th page of results)! Nifty!

  • Interesting on The War

    And so are a lot of the protesters. “Violence never solved anything.” Really? Violence solved the Holocaust. “Bombs just make more terrorists.” Really? We dropped more bombs on Vietnam than we dropped on Europe during World War II. Where are all the Vietnamese terrorists? “Innocent people will die.” True enough–but innocent people are dying right…

  • Acropolis / Joe Crawford
    The Ferreteer Makes Me Laugh

    Joe T says: I saw that link to Italian Altavista, and I thought about a conversation we had before about that image. Look at the attached JPG and tell me that picture doesn’t look like the CD cover for a New Age album. It’s totally Joe Crawford bringing us the sounds of nature! Check this:…

  • Ten Hours to Tooth Extraction

    In 10 hours or so I’ll have 4 teeth — wisdom teeth — removed. I can hardly wait. I intend to take it VERY easy. Thanks for all the well-wishes. In 26 hours I’ll be 33 years old. The idea here is that I’ll be back to functional in maybe 3 days. Kynn says I…

  • I’m Alive…

    I’m Alive. Math Problem: Joe-4 Teeth+Rest = Yet Another New Version of Joe The surgery went well. I’m gonna write all about it – but it went great. My lower jaw still has no feeling; and I sound, “funny”; my mouth is full o’ blood, but I feel pretty good considering a nice man in…

  • Small Update

    Good so far. Pain bad after lengths of sleep of 4 hours. Vicodin is my body’s best friend, outside the natural healing process. Clotting ROCKS. So we’re at war now. Feh. Lots of good thoughts on’s birthday on the list. What a dynamic and wonderful group that is. Proud to have lit the fuse…

  • Moms Rock (or rather, MY MOM ROCKS)

    So today’s email from Mom says: Goodmorning Sunshine and Happy Birthday! ! ! When you were born Dad had just left for war and now we are in another one. Anyway, happy to hear that you are doing as well as expected. I offered up mass yesterday morning for a good operation and a very…

  • Brief, and Not for the Faint of Heart.

    Took it pretty easy for yesterday. But now I have other discomforts. Turns out when they list “constipation” as a side-effect of vicodin, you should believe them. Metamucil is a new friend. I probably will switch to just ibuprofen for pain relief pretty soon. This shouldn’t have this side effect. All I can think of…

  • Radio Show, Online

    So now I’ve been on the radio twice, once on KPBS’s The Lounge, and last month, talking about current issues in web design, on These Days. Here’s the RealAudio of that show, also added as a link on the ever growing Writing & Citations page.

  • Link-O-Rama – some war, some tech, some misc

    Media giant’s rally sponsorship raises questions Myths and misconceptions about Iraq Learn Object Oriented Programming (OOP) the simple way! Clinton: Trust Tony (Blair’s) Judgement AWStats – an open source stats package Just the Beginning: Is Iraq the opening salvo in a war to remake the world? A Long, Winding Road to a Diplomatic Dead End…

  • blog aggregators worth looking at

    blogdex popdex popdex: “War on Iraq” popdex: “Anti-war” popdex: “Protesting the protesters” technorati technorati: last 3 hours technorati: top 100 recent interesting blogs daypop daypop: top 40 daypop: top news bursts and some inside-baseball links, about who’s linking to whom blogrolling: top 100 most watched blogs myelin: blogging ecosystem truth laid bear blogging ecosytem…

  • Just More Misc, Nothing Personal Today

    “In the Arab world today, we get a more informed perspective than you do” Yellow Times Suspended Again Tim O’Reilly and Mitch Kapor at PC Forum 2003 Al Jazeera in English Launches Kynn with background on Al Jazeera Online New York Times Online Readers React to Michael Moore @ Oscars PHP function I’d never heard…

  • Quote of the Day

    Hope is not a plan! …via Sustainable Fort Bragg, via Talking Points Memo

  • Some Lefty Bloggers (Some I’ve heard of, Some Not)- No idea if worthwhile… for Doc Searls, who posted the text but didn’t linkify them…

  • Kynn, Muckracker / War Stuff

    Gosh, that Kynn is busy. He’s fact-checking the North County Times ( / KOGO / Pro-troops misinformation (Kynn paints it as malpheasance, I’d say it sounds more like lazy reporters who should know better). Also check his Local War News Roundup. Other Obligatory War Links Cheney is still paid by Pentagon contractor Risks of Iraqi…

  • Blogs / War / Intersection

    Soldier ‘bloggers’ report from war: There’s a new breed of combat personnel at the war front: soldier “bloggers.” Internet contact a blessing, but potential risk, for troops It’s a strange time. Everywhere I go I overhear people talking about the war and not a lot else. The SSQ talk last night on QA risk management…

  • 25 minute song of the day

    Billy the Mountain If I listen to it 17 times, at the end of it my workday will be done. I’ll also be slightly insane from the surreal madness of the darn thing.

  • War now According-to-Hoyle Jihad

    Oh, great. Mohammed Sayed Tantawi, a reformist who, as the grand sheik of Al Azhar University, was one of the first clerics to condemn the September 11 attacks and to dismiss Osama bin Laden’s jihadi credentials as fraudulent, ruled that attempts to resist an American attack are a “binding Islamic duty”, and he asked Arab…

  • No Fooling.

    15 years ago I learned something critical and important about myself. It’s beyond the scope of this blog to talk specifics, but let’s simply say that I made some greivous mistakes in my youth, for which I have atoned. I will never forget these lessons, and the people who have helped me be a better…

  • Back to Random Links

    Interesting: Iraq-O-Meter This is a really fun read: Michael Larsen, Game Show Legend: The lesson? Paying attention can pay. It looks like the fellow’s life was rather sad though, but for a moment, he was on top of the world. Interesting theory about how Marvel Movies prop up Marvel Comics: The Marvel Movie Doomsday Theory…

  • Ever get the feeling you’re being watched?

    I got some peculiar referers here on the blog, check these three recent entries: From the IP address: Looks like a joke or something. I wonder if anyone else is seeing these?

  • Current Events

    So what’s new with Joe? Lost in the aether? Lost in space? Lost in the public transit system of San Diego County somewhere? Or maybe it’s D) NONE OF THE ABOVE Things are pretty good, actually. The non-sequitur-formatted update: Yesterday I got a hug from my mother-in-law who was visiting from Miami Yesterday I gave…

  • Yesterday

    Leah beat me 8 to 2 at Air Hockey. I want a rematch!!!

  • Slimming Down (in ListServ land)

    Dropped 2 mailing lists today. Too much email. As in, I still get too much email — but now I’ll have less interminable nattering in my inbox. Good discussion lists are civil places to be. I have no need for places of incivility and rudeness and pedantry. The world is that way, and I like…

  • Birthdays Apparently

    Today is Sassy’s Birthday And I forgot my good friend and roommate, Erin’s birthday yesterday. Happy Birthday! Maybe I need to save these dates somewhere so I don’t forget them?

  • Rematch, Still Beaten

    So I got a rematch with Leah (she beat me 8-2 the other day) yesterday. She beat me 7 to 3 instead. Incidentally, few things are worse than the feeling of scoring on yourself in Air Hockey. I only did that once though.

  • Lyric of the Day

    From Here at the Western World: Ruthie will give you the silver key To open the red door Lay down your Jackson and you will see The sweetness you’ve been cryin’ for In the night you hide from the madman You’re longing to be But it all comes out on the inside Eventually Knock twice,…

  • New Header

    New Header! for the blog. Permanent URL: Header 12 April 2003. I like it. A composite of 3 photos I took at the Belmont Park Roller Coaster. Definitely a continuation of the theme from 15 February 2003. And yes, the haircut is short.

  • Leah Peterson, Columnist

    I’ve been remiss in not mentioning the new column by Leah at — Stories Overheard — Dude Like Duh Funny cool stuff. And yes, this is the same Leah who has beaten me at Air Hockey twice.

  • Taxes, The House of Saud, and Babe

    Okay. So, taxes. Taxes were the monkey on my back for several weeks. I intended to do them. I put them off. I opened the box where every receipt under the sun from 2002 lived. I pondered. I procrastinated. I worried. I went on a road trip Sunday before last to buy TurboTax for Mac,…

  • Back.

    So I’m back. Been busy. Hrm. Belated Happy Easter and Passover to you All. Catching up on email now.

  • Current Heavy Rotation

    The Negro Problem: The Teardrop Explodes Lyle Lovett: Skinny Legs The Negro Problem: Lime Green Sweater Electronic: Getting Away With It

  • Unlikely to Satisfy

    So I just got a hit from a yahoo search for “saudi arabia girls xxx”. This is amusing, yes, I mentioned Saudi Arabia the other day, and blocked out a recruiter’s info with xxx’s. And yes, I mentioned girls. Alas, this site is not likely to satisfy the desires of someone who is looking for…

  • Time For a Link Dump!

    Time For a Link Dump! Information on the recent lawsuits filed by the RIAA against four college students for contributory and direct copyright infringement seeking damages of up to $97,800,000,000. An analysis of the RIAA’s complaint against Dan Peng OBVIOUSLY, I AM A NIGERIAN AND NOT A FRENCH IN ALL RAMIFICATION. AND I HAVE NO…

  • And Some More

    The Elements of User Experience by Jesse James Garrett looks to be a good book (via Kottke) Piles (something possibly for OS X) via Sassy How the Mosaic browser triggered a digital revolution Christina Aguilera, in a horrible pink dress Christina Aguilera as a brunette! (beware the popups and spyware installers!) Philip Greenspun has a…

  • Unfinished Blog Entry (Written on The Coaster The Other Day)

    Easter was pretty good. I spent most of the weekend with Leah and her kids. Leah and I went to a little park in San Marcos and chilled out. It was great, and I even kicked some hacky sack with her two middle kids. The day was beautiful. I had planned to borrow a truck…

  • More links and a few thoughts.

    Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom by Thomas Jefferson Are You a Geek? Help Dennis W make Robot Radio Happen. Read all about it! Some Cheesecake: Marilyn Monroe on Retrocrush TypePad – hosted MovableType Compare and Contrast: Phil Greenspun: Isreal and Adib F. Farha: An Arab Assessment of US Policy in the Middle East”, – the…

  • MovableType’s EULA, does it stand up?

    Tim Swanson has some interesting thoughts on MT‘s EULA (End User License Agreement). I always wondered about that. It’s one of the reasons I’ve avoided MT, frankly. I would prefer more control over software. And if you intended to make money with MT, you would be going outside the typical use. Does that include tips,…

  • India, China, Space Race

    How the heck does Bruce Sterling find such interesting takes on topics? Oh, yeah, he’s educated and awake to the world. I love that guy. Here’s a quote. China has openly declared its desire to colonize the moon. The world’s most populous nation is unlikely to build lunar settlements, but that’s not the point. China’s…

  • Oh yeah:

    TAIKONAUT! I love that. (see previous post).

  • Randy Newman

    Today I’m enjoying Randy Newman. I can’t exactly remember when I first picked up the Randy Newman box set, but I believe it was right after Jennifer left me. I’ve been listening to Newman for a year or so now, and I believe him to be a genius. I distinctly remember asking fellow coworkers and…

  • Quote of the day:

    Have a magnificent Monday! – The Coaster driver this morning: There may be something about driving a train, or riding in trains that makes one want to make affirmations and be philosophical. Blogging does that too maybe. So, like, do have a magnificent Monday.

  • Free Cone, Gotten

    So on my lunch hour I got my Free cone. Flavor choice? Oatmeal Cookie Chunk … in the sugar cone of course. Verdict? Tasty. Not sure how much my 0.7 mile each way walked it off though.

  • Speaking of Free

    Saturday is Free Comic Book Day And Leah and I saw the film Raising Victor Vargas the other day, for free. It’s a little foulmouthed, but altogether the message is really cool. It’s about a kid, and his brother and sister and the Grandmother who raised him, growing up in the city. Worth a visit…

  • Blatant Plea for Sympathy

    Tomorrow I’m getting a root canal. Wish me luck. And next week? Another root canal! My life’s so exciting!

  • Back From Root Canal, A Stream, Dada?

    I feel ornery. But not bad. Only one moment of horrible pain. They re-dosed me with the injected anesthetic at that point. Aaaaah. Work good this week. Good developments there lately. Slightly more job security in the temp role. Deliberately vague about that, as usual. Leah brought me home. But first, we went to the…

  • New Link Dump! Then Off To Work!

    Our 4th Amendment Rights At Work can this be true? Brett Jackson, Flash God How Much Surveillance Is Okay? Search IS Important Reflections on the 25th Anniversary of Spam Beware the giant creepy owl that wants you to get on the bus (via Kibo) JRuler is a great free screen ruler for Windows Kim Jong…

  • What is Dada?

    Check entry on dada.

  • A Year Like No Other

    So it’s been a year since the separation began that shook my worldview to its foundations. I was not what I thought. Everything changed. My marriage collapsed. In that time I’ve lost 85 pounds. I’ve fallen in and out of love. I’ve discovered I am weaker than I thought I was. I’ve discovered I’m stronger…

  • Web Programming as Cop Shows

    As my pal Matt Lee (Sassy) says: We are dorks. Read it

  • Links for a Monday Evening

    It’s amazing to me that Bill “Book of Virtues” Bennett is a chronic gambler According to Eternal Night, Bruce “Schism Matrix”Sterling is working on a book called The Zenith Angle, for Del Rey Books. He says it’s almost complete. Comic-Geeky: Blog of Galactus via Kynn Bob Edwards of NPR on Press Freedom Free Reference Books…

  • Leah, Rocking

    So tonight I was the reflector-holder for Leah. She’s doing photography for the new magazine for North County – the northern part of San Diego, North. was supposed to be the domain, that’s what’s published, but it looks like it got taken away from them. That’s a bummer, but things are looking up –…

  • Filing

    Jenny and I should file for dissolution tomorrow. Tonight played racquetball. I’m real tired. My roommate’s still in the hosipital. Leftover chinese for dinner. Chilling.

  • It’s Link Time Again!

    Kynn’s OS X Book! (now I need to write a book, Kynn has TWO!) Operation Support Garner The Unofficial 802.11 Security Web Page (from john) How to Drive Fast on Drugs while getting your Wing-Wang Squeezed and not Spill Your Drink by P.J. O’Rourke (very very old, and very very naughty) The Psalms of David…

  • New Stew Lyrics Transcribed

    An artist for whom I have a profound respect: The Statue Song (Indoors Again) My Damn Butterfly Boomy Guitar Song Miss Satan Check this bit: well i had to wake up sometime from this dream of being real they put me here exposed to the world and expect me not to feel so if you…

  • Laugh And Be Happy

    More lyrics transcription. Well, I did this one a little while ago. But I’m putting them up lately: Laugh and Be Happy by Randy Newman

  • News of the Day

    Bacon burrito for breakfast. Tiger’s Milk Bar and a Banana for lunch. Filed for Divorce from Jennifer, with Jennifer. Got a filling in my tooth. Took ibuprofen. Leah bought me a wallet! I felt strange about it. I’m cool now. Shared a crêpe with Leah. Veggies and Hummus from a farmer’s market for dinner. Fascinating…

  • Eminem, Ha!

    So Eminem can dish it out, but can’t take it. That makes me laugh.

  • News of the Day

    Impossible to say precisely what the new news means. It’s going to be a week of reflection. Tomorrow, racquetball, and later a Mother’s Day thing for my Grandma.

  • Galleries!

    Today, I installed Gallery for myself, but the first photos to be showcased are my best pal Vince’s photos as well as fellow RT Bobby Hedge. Check the photos area. It’s pretty good open source software, in PHP.

  • Tom Bickle

    Tom Bickle, one of my few faithful readers, now has a blog. (Imagine me saying it like a 1970’s era Steve Martin doing a pseudo French accent): I blame myself.

  • Who’s Blog?

    Douglas Welch, columnist for ComputorEdge, has a blog.

  • Phrases Of The Past Year

    You’re doing great. and Be gentle with yourself. And I must remind myself to listen to them.

  • From Steve E – Useful Middle East Links

    Thanks Steve! Check this site out: Try reading: Bernard Lewis, The Middle East: A Brief History of the Last 2,000 Years A survey of Middle Eastern history by the person who knows more about the region – and can explain it better – than anyone else. I watched a 3-hour interview with…

  • Word of the Day


  • Transit Fun

    Did you know you can Take your bike on the San Diego Trolley? Also on many buses? Cool. Pity I don’t have a bike.

  • Quote of the Day

    If the world were merely seductive, that would be easy. If it were merely challenging, that would be no problem. But I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world, and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day. – E.B. White

  • Filled Chocolate Cookies Exxxposed!

    Who knew that Hydrox was the original, and Oreo was the copycat!

  • Current Issues in Spam

    There has been some great discussion of ‘the spam problem’ on politech lately: 1 2 3 4 5

  • Good Feedback on my Randy Newman Post

    I just read your Randy Newman post. Two thoughts… First, you should check out Harry Nilsson’s brilliant “Nilsson Sings Newman” from 1970: Second, you should take a listen to Loudon Wainwright III, another singer-songwriter who never seemed to break big like Randy Newman did, but who has the same wit and heart: I recommend Loudon’s…

  • Many Excellent Braindump Links

    Cute Giant Microbes! via bb Pynchon on Orwell, 2003 via rw The Best A Capella Singing About Gamma Ray Detectors Ever Conservative Neal Boortz says America is a police state Contemporary Culture, Postmodernism and Audio wacky! RIAA: Clueless Lightblub as WiFi Access Point Bezos: Not a Goofball Oakland Teacher Calls Secret Service On Students (and…

  • Visitor Feedback

    The Daniel Pipes link Steve recommended, Kynn decried it, MAS dug it. They both have fun web identities, and they’re both as opinionated as humans come.

  • Updates: Null

    I had a great weekend. I got to hear David Brin speak at an author’s event Leah took me to. He was smart and relatively articulate. I think he was speaking off-the-cuff. Some great ideas, but a bit unfocused. I suspect when polished it would be a great talk. I went to a Writer’s…

  • Oh The Links You’ll Go

    What I Hate About Your Programming Language The Will Edwards Band is opening up for the San Diego Symphony’s Summer Pops on July 5, 2003 My quick summary of Matrix 2 was that it was only half a movie. Far too many plot threads were left dangling. I’m thinking of The Matrix Trilogy as not…

  • Excellent Middle East Feedback

    Steve E. (who pointed me at Daniel Pipes in the first place) replies to other feedback on Daniel Pipes: Joe, your approach reminds me of someone I once knew in grade school. While she was drawing a picture on a piece of paper, she would stop and press her finger firmly on the center of…

  • SmorgasPronunciation

    Smorgasborg has been updated with comments and a sound file from Andreas Brantmo. Thanks Andreas! Who else gets cool Swedish web developers sending them pronunciaton .wav files? I’m blessed.

  • Quiet / New Project

    Latest project: SanDiegoBlog. Beta. New. For San Diegans by San Diegans. Evolving daily.

  • People Are Posting

    Good momentum on SanDiegoBlog. With luck there will be regular input from people. I’m pleased with the results so far.

  • Bizzy Bee

    Dental appointment today. Very busy. New projects like crazy. A wiki. A journal for Stew. Nutty busy. Remind me to tell you all about them. Whee! Onward

  • New Message Boards for San Diego Spots

    I have added a message board to the San Diego Spots page I, Erin, and Jenny maintain. San Diegans past and present should check it out!

  • Cat Wrangler

    This morning my roommate (still in hospital)’s cat will be going to the vet indefinitely. I’m rapidly running out of roommates! But I did get to wrangle the famous, cantankerous Frida. This is Frida in 1997.

  • Wisdom Teeth Photos

    So some months ago I had all four of my wisdom teeth out. I have put up photos to commemorate the event.

  • Up Early

    I feel good today. It’s an overcast day. And today one can officially use the term June Gloom to describe San Diego, because, hey, it’s now June! A quiet morning. Oh, have I mentioned my contention that most cookie-making companies are COMMUNISTS! It’s time I ‘outed’ myself as a cranky cookie eater here on the…

  • The Middle East Sucks

    Kynn replies to Steve E’s comments I’ll not be the pivot point for this discussion anymore. It’s simply not that interesting to me to choose sides or righteousness on the Middle Eastern conflict. It’s lots of innocents surrounded by opportunists, idiots, suicidal manipulators. And that’s both sides. That anyone sees a side worth supporting astonishes…

  • You know what I like?

    Cool breezes on a Sunday Morning, whilst getting through stuff I’ve been meaning to mention. It feels like… getting things done. In other news, the engine behind music artist Stew’s new journal is me. Check stew says, and watch the url closely. I also put together a Wiki for an online group I take part…

  • Side dish with haircut? Maxim, Playboy, Edith Piaf, and Race

    So yesterday I got a haircut. I went to my usual place – a one room, one barber joint that’s been there awhile. I go to a barbershop I guess for the culture of it. It’s a typically male experience. So when I get there there’s already a fellow in the chair. A man in…

  • Greazel is Back

    My friend Chris Greazel, artist, illustrator, paint-job inventor, visual futurist, now has a space on the web again. Happy to help him put even a small sliver of his output on the web.

  • Baseball

    Got some free tickets to see the San Diego Padres tonight with friend David and Leah. It was pretty cool, actually. Though San Diego lost. We left when the Tigers pulled ahead. I’m tired and irritable. Too many irons in too many fires or something. It’s important to remember when I feel like this to…

  • Lots

    Lots of stuff going on. Good things mostly. But not writing it here for the most part. More this weekend.

  • Brief

    Working on updating my portfolio. Using the Gallery software to do it. I’ve worked on lots of stuff. Yesterday went wardriving with a friend. Very very cool. Next step? GPS unit. Then we lunched at D.Z. Akin’s. Awesome morning! Went looking at a place to live yesterday. Considering moving, possibly with multiple roommates. May be…

  • Clarification

    It’s been 7 years since I made a mix for the friend in question. But I’ve tried to keep active making mix tapes and CDs for a while.

  • Some Fun APs found Wardriving San Diego

    maybe not fun, but mildly interesting… SDSU_Wireless SDBay BeNice defaultsuck Gaslamp gateCrasher katatonic parkloft Praise Our One True Lord shesheshe skyriver snowhound TRAINDEPOT UniversityPolice Also interesting, of the 263 total, 204 had no WEP, 59 had WEP. Admittedly, not that interesting.

  • Six Days Since Blogging

    A record maybe? Lyric of the moment: Close my eyes She’s somehow closer now Softly smile, I know she must be kind When I look in her eyes She goes with me to a blossom world Sometimes the Beach Boys hits the spot.

  • New And Improved

    Hey. Let’s see. Long time no blog. Project Updates Follow. Stew Sez, which I put together for Stew, has some wonderful wierdness on it. SanDiego Blog has some more interestingness in it. Want to write for San Diego Blog? Contact the editor (me). ANYONE CAN DO THIS. In the lab, Batch File Rename By File…

  • Downtown San Diego

    I often walk around, semi-randomly downtown. I traipse and amble and mosey. Sometimes I take pictures. Here’s one. You can see the building I work in in this one. I like working downtown. It looks like I may be working there a bit more permanently. I’m pleased with that, and I’m generally happy in my…

  • Links Galore! (It’s been Too Long!)

    David Hyatt with great thoughts on browser ‘support’ graphs — amen! General Clark was told to make the link between 9/11 and Iraq — I don’t like being lied to. With all the talk about The Hulk, what about She-Hulk On the next Pixar flick: much more info about The Incredibles Dice salary survey-o-meter So…

  • iChat AV

    iChat AV rocks hard. Talked to my very own sister tonite from thousands of miles away. Super-freaking-awesome! Of course, I don’t have a microphone, but her genius boyfriend said I could use a pair of headphones as a Mic. I did. It worked. And we all talked! Currently you can only talk one on one,…

  • Stew, On Writing Pop Music (today from the negro problem mailing list)

    But my pop hiatus was less the result of a serious minded young writer’s quest for depth and more simply a complete misunderstanding of how the game worked. I learned that the musical limitations placed on what we call pop are precisely the point of the music. That is why when geeks start talking about…

  • Good Morning!

    About online games… How to Hurt the Hackers: The Scoop on Internet Cheating and How You Can Combat It Pringles Antenna Redux Leann Rimes is cute One of the funniest Onions Ever I thought I coined this, but I didn’t: It’s not rocket surgery Al A is cool. Listen to him! David Snow has redesigned!…a…

  • More Links

    Still much catching up to do on the link front. Thanks for your patience! Now, this is a really peculiar site. (Not for the faint of heart) Gibson on Orwell, or, The Road To Oceana How’s the Iraqometer doing? I intend to read: Netscape’s JavaScript What Politech thinks is worthwhile other reading US ‘Negation’ Policy…

  • Blogger Upgrade

    Blogger has upgraded their backend software for free blogs. It’s much faster, and so far, much more stable. I’m quite glad I’ve stuck with Blogger. I think using a tool made by Google is part of it. But more, I think Blogger is a company that’s doing the right stuff.

  • Am I RIAA Or Not

    The RIAA Radar Bookmarklet

  • Spinhead is back

    Back and blogging. I wish Spinhead only the best, as he’s having a not great year. Why? Marital strife. Go go gadget go!

  • lyrics never more apropos in my lifetime

    you make me shiver i feel so tender we make a pretty good team don’t get exhausted i’ll do some driving you oughta get you some sleep get your instructions follow directions, then you should change your address maybe tomorrow maybe the next day, whatever you think is best burned all my notebooks what good…

  • New Words

    Well, not new. Actually it’s from last August. Doing some spring cleaning right now. Leah is on a road trip to see family with her kids. A long drive that’s not through. And I’m waiting for the “I got in fine” phone call. In the interim, I’m doing the archeology thing: New poem in words…

  • I’m out

    Got the call. She’s made it where she needs to be. I’m sleepy now. G’nite!

  • Killer Notebook

    Savoir-Faire makes this great, small notebook that’s very small, about the size of a wallet or a box of cigarettes. I had bought one very early last year. I never really used it until Jennifer left, and I had need to keep phone numbers and random information as things were changing rapidly for me. It’s…

  • Archaeology and a tiny mural

    This is me, last May, visiting my buddy Vince in Virginia. Impromptu he asked me to do a mural of a plane on his son’s wall (to accompany the existing clouds). I demurred at first. But in the end I was able to improvise something good. Note the chin. This picture is approximately 70 pounds…

  • Movies You’d Think Would Not Exist

    There’s a movie about indie cartoonist Harvey Pekar called ‘American Splendor’ and there’s a movie about They Might Be Giants called ‘Gigantic (A Tale of Two Johns).’ In other news, today was a mild day. I missed Leah though. But it sounds like she’s having fun with her family and kids.

  • I’m in the IMDB

    Well, for appearing in Up From The Depths, and submitting myself, I got into IMDB: listing: Joe Crawford (I). But the other movie listed on that page is not me. I was just an extra, and I think I submitted myself about a year ago. IMDB stands for Internet Movie Database It’s the web’s greatest…

  • Telescreen = EyeToy

    I for one welcome our cute branded gaming Big Brothertm! Sony EyeToy = 1984 Telescreen

  • Summertime, and the living…

    Not easy, but it sure is pretty.

  • Style Changes

    I’ve made some changes to San Diego Blog. The styles are perhaps a bit more stylish. Anyone care to write for the blog? drop me a note!

  • Social Software Makes Me Giddy

    Clay Shirky’s latest essay, A Group Is Its Own Worst Enemy, is so right on with what my gut, experience, and intellect tell me about groups and software that I find myself wishing I had written it. Some writing is so good it makes me jealous. Mind you, this essay is not for everyone. But…

  • Inevitable

    Celebrity moblogging (more about moblogging at

  • Pulled Army Times Editorial

    I found this interesting, particularly in light of claims made that the current administration is more on the side of the common member of the armed services than the previous: This Army Times article critical of the administration and congress was pulled. Nefarious forces are implied, but even if that’s not the case, it’s an…

  • Hanging in Little Italy

    So after work I went and saw the new Terminator movie at the Pacific Gaslamp theatre downtown. T3: Rise of the machines. I missed the bombastic music of the 1st and 2nd ones. Still, it was a worthy movie. It fits into the franchise, though there’s a great risk that they’re at once making the…

  • Loosely Joined

    Thanks for the link, Dan. Big notice for San Diego Blog, the local newspaper the U-T has got blogs now, and they have linked, and even trackbacked that fledgling blog. Read the whole scoop there! Speaking of social software, which I mentioned the other day. I wrote (read that: rambled) about that on the websandiego…

  • I Walked From Pacific Beach To Old Town

    …and boy are my arms tired but seriously… I had a culturally fascinating evening. I went to the beach (walked from Garnet and Ingraham to Crystal Pier). The water was choppy, but not bad for sunset. Then I walked south along the boardwalk, watching in turn the Sea World and Ocean Beach fireworks. My camera…

  • Ouch

    My feet hurt.

  • Sleepy Missing

    I’ve been sleeping most of the day. Recovering from yesterday. Off and on I do some cleaning, drinking and eating. Right now the main thing I’m doing is missing Leah.

  • Marginalia

    New pictures area: Miscellany. Some fun stuff in there. Why? Well, it was stuck in other locations, and it needed to move. Today I’m doing what Leah calls puttering, not really work per se, but useful things nonetheless.

  • Great Thoughts

    Mitch Wagner’s post about gay marriage and marriage in general gives voice to many of my own thoughts on the subject.

  • One of the Funniest Web Sites Ever

    Squirrel Fishing … ever seen it? Well, now you have. *chuckle* … Liftoff … heh.

  • Sunset

    The other night Leah were several hundred miles away, but we did something together regardless. We decided to take a picture of the sunset. Here’s mine:

  • San Diego Spots Domain

    San Diego Spots now has its own domain — san diego spots dot com. And the boards are open for business, still Though there are no posts except for 2 now. Perhaps it will grow with time? I certainly hope it will.

  • Up!

    It’s a new week! Hit it!

  • Blogs added since February, San Diego Blogs, by Date of Addition:

    2003-02-02 – sd homies (xml) 2003-02-04 – Star Lady Speaks 2003-02-04 – JWalk Blog (xml) 2003-02-04 – A little bit bad 2003-02-04 – a jaunty little blog 2003-02-04 – lisa violet’s diary 2003-02-04 – (xml) 2003-02-07 – Search Engines: Cranky Guru 2003-02-07 – Primary Main Objective… (xml) 2003-02-07 – Cranky Guru: bits on organizations…

  • St

    It seems like it would be cool to work for SocialText.

  • New Header

    New header, old ones here. That’s me in a lab coat. One of my old ones.

  • I’m Joe Crawford, Your Official Transit Greeter

    So now two times in the past 10 days I have answered the questions of people riding the bus or trolley, and have handed over a copy of the pamphlet for the bus they’re interested in. I gave an older gentleman a copy of the route 7 the other day (he was visiting with his…

  • CM

    Leah is returning from her trip. Wish her a safe one!

  • I love this guy!

    As a hobby, this guy spots new pipeline the length of Kuwait out of Iraq! I love that kind of obsessive competence!

  • Celebrity Moblogging – From idea to reality in 1 week

    If you… Have a phone cam… And spot a celebrity… And take a picture… You can now put them online… Find out more at Andy’s site (No pictures yet. But give it time.)

  • I’m not bowling.

    More edits to San Diego Blog today. Mainly of the backend variety. It’s improving bit by bit. Had a chance to bowl today. Didn’t. Glad I didn’t. Going to the WebDesign Meetup tonight to geek-net-work. Should be jazzy. I mentioned Leah is back right? That’s cool. Also, more pix online at Miscellany. Gotta go hop…

  • Decision.

    The meetup was great! Met some new folks, and some folks I knew before. Nice turnout. Good talk. Open source, moblogging, digital photographers, open source CMSs, vegan roommates, vegetarianism, real estate… the talk ran the gamut! I think I’ve decided to play with some python. My folks are coming into town really soon, and I’m…

  • Now playing:

    King Kong by Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention.

  • Goin’ Out, with my baby

    Tonight I’m going out on the town (read: to the movies) with my girlfriend. It’s been a pretty good week all in all. Can’t hardly wait!

  • Wow.

    So at random, I, Leah, and my parents went to see Santana tonight. Who was great. I was nervous about my folks meeting Leah, but things work out well, I come to find out. More evidence that I lead a charmed life, today was.

  • When the world is running down…

    It’s a busy week But it’s all gonna work out My parents are in town Comic-con is this weekend Big beach party this weekend Sister coming soon Helping Leah move Laundry to do Bills to pay New place to find Work is okay Blogging not done Racquetball missed Taking time off Haircut gotten Lunches with…

  • Comic-Con To Go!

    So today is Comic-Con. I’m leaving real soon, and it should be rad. You can talk about it over on San Diego Blog if ya want. I see my favorite comics blog, The Comics Journal’s Journalista! is taking a hiatus while Con is on. That site (Journlista I mean) keeps up with comics news better…

  • Back

    Unbelievably tired now that I’m back from comicon. Coolness: there’s a killer pic on San Diego Blog from a 1970s Con Let me chill. Will I blog now, or at the end of Con. Dunno. Too tired to think.

  • California Community Colleges in Peril?

    Support Your Community Colleges: Check: Save Our Schools, and Keep The Doors Open! (via Steve E)

  • Bad Boys 2 Sounds Astonishingly Bad

    The rest of Bad Boys II, which runs on for an unfathomable, unforgivable 2-1/2 hours, is like being cornered by a drunkard at a party who insistson yelling unfunny jokes in your ear, complete with sound effects. In the past, Bay’s movies sent you out of the theater feeling like you had been beaten up….

  • Woke Up

    Con again yesterday. Awesome. Ronny Vardy has a site! Met the guy who does Diesel Sweeties. Saw my co-workers on their lunch break, and found out someone else reads this blog (thank goodness for my discretion!). Bought some new comic book boxes. Then came home, and went to family dinner with Leah. It was really…

  • Tomorrow?

    Teen Titans starts tomorrow? — it seems like I should have seen something about this at Con…

  • Things I Have Learned At San Diego Comic-Con So Far

    Lynne Naylor makes some spiffy cute girly art. Dean Yeagle is an older fellow who does some great work as well. The Mighty Heroes is the name of the cartoon featuring a bunch of peculiar goofy super-heories I remember as a kid. TwoMorrows Publishing does a nice job with their books (like Mark Evanier’s collected…

  • What a Weekend

    It was a long and rewarding Sunday. Leah and I looked at some houses yesterday to rent, and have a good line on two of them. So that’s up in the air. I helped Leah take some pictures of garbage for North Magazine. Then we went to Comic-Con. And then we went to a signing…

  • Beachtime, Familytime

    So yesterday was a whirlwind of going to the beach at Coronado (bodysurfing!) and hanging out with my family. I’m very glad I took the first days of this week off — it gives me more time with my parents and sister. It’s a great week. My grandparents have a tetherball pole. Leah and I…

  • Comic-Con Article and Photos

    My friend and colleague Pinguino has posted Pinguino’s ComiCon Adventure. She’s got pictures too!

  • Ronny Vardy

    I’m going hiking early in the morning, so I’ll try and keep this brief. For the last several years, when one did a search for “ronny vardy” on google, like this, you got my fansite:, well, now that she has her own site at, you really should go there! I met her on…

  • (Young) Women Suicide Bombers

    The Role of Palestinian Women in Suicide Terrorism via Bruce Sterling

  • Waiting for the man

    Going hiking this morning. Racquetball in the evening. Signing papers for the new apartment somewhere in-between or after. It’s going to be a full day. Back to work tomorrow.

  • Today’s Wrap Up

    Hiking to the top of Cowles Mountain with my parents, sister and uncle: check Brunch at D.Z. Akins, same crew: check Home to recuperate with a hot bath: check Bus to grandparents, then racquetball with dad, an uncle and two aunts: check Trip to sign papers and give deposit for new house rental: check Home,…

  • Family, Clots, TV, Worktime!

    So things are good. Busy. Back at work. This is good. See my folks and sister again today, this is good. They leave tomorrow. My pal Erin was sick again yesterday — blood clots — including lung ones, that’s “pulmonary embolism” — as in life threatening, get a VQ scan. That kind of thing is…

  • Debunking Paintballs and Nudity: Media Scammed

    Have I mentioned that I really love that exists? Well, I do. Here, they debunk Hunting for Bambi, which got reported (via Reuters) on CNN! Chalk the coverage of this non-event publicity stunt to the general shoddiness of the mass media’s brand of “journalism.” Of particular note: this story featured violence and included video…

  • I Am Not Brett Jackson!

    Brett Jackson has a cool moblog: interests include color, typoraphy, and other oddities in Gotham: Brett is a kill Flash guy, visit his home, home on the web

  • 1 Wedding Down, 1 To Go (This Weekend)

    Leah and I went to one wedding yesterday – a house party wedding northeast of Escondido. That was fun! Some impromptu dancing did occur. Today, another wedding, but this one closer to home. In other news, good racquetball yesterday morning. But in sadder news, my folks and sister flew back east after a very successful…

  • liking my life

    The wedding we (Leah and I) went to today went swimmingly. Later, we went and did laundry. I’m relaxed, and ready for a new week. New challenges and puzzlements, as per usual, but I am lucky. I like my life.

  • Robots ate my job!

    I thought this was a pretty thoughtful article: Robotic Nation, by Marshall Brain. Hyperbolic? The author makes the science fictional notion that robots will take over most service jobs in the next 50 years and makes it seem plausible.

  • Movie of the Day

    Office Space

  • Big Shamus in Big Controversy

    I posted to San Diego Blog a query on the proposed Spirit of the Seas. What do you think?

  • Relaunch: URM Cargo

    The former URMCargo dot com will relaunch sometime in the next 12-96 hours as URM Cargo Services (dot com). This was probably the first site I built where I did every piece. The html is old old old school (spacer gifs!), but I made sure it validated and worked and looked right in all browsers….

  • SD .NET Group

    This looks pretty good: San Diego .NET Developers Group — also added to’s resources for web developers (mostly a list of other local geek networking organizations).

  • Goodness

    Had a good mellow day. Sorting out some stuff. Things are busy but good. Lots of email. Had grilled cheese for dinner. Sometimes, it’s about the simple things. Now: bedtime.

  • I want to remember this

    Artist & Craftsman Supply – Store Locations, Hours and Contact Info … specifically the one on San Diego Avenue.

  • de Facto and de Jure, a meditation in File Formats

    Ogg Vorbis, beaten by MP3 SVG, beaten by Flash PNG, beaten by JPEG & GIF yeah, this post for geeks only

  • A whole bunch of links and I think they all work and are current. But no promises.

    Environmental collapse with massive casualties? Moblogs Seen as a Crystal Ball for a New Era in Online Journalism Antiword _freeware Microsoft Word document reader/converter Engineer’s focus: accessible technology for all blind fellow and his extraordinary emphasis and unique perspective on accessibility Why Java Should Not Temper ColdFusionML Talents Open Source, Proprietary Code Quality Comparable Cool!…

  • Party like it’s 1999?

    Networking On The Rocks! – a San Diego networking thing. I’ve noticed that the “buzz” these days is rather dot-com behavior. Toys at work. CD multimedia presentations delivered in paper magazines. The world seems to be returning to bubble-style nuttiness. Or am I misreading lush Flash presentations promising: Our purpose is to bring Venture Capitalists,…

  • Rereading; 1 Year Ago

    I’ve been rereading Snow Crash and am nearly done. It is insightful, bawdy, violent, intelligent, mindbending, and funny. I first read it when I moved back to California in about 1994. Damn. Have I been in California 10 years? What an amazing 10 years. Incidentally, I think this is the longest in a row I’ve…

  • Breakfast…

    Today was a delicious breakfast of smoked salmon and eggs, splendiferous rye toast, cinnamon toast, coffee, and excellent company. The word for the day is “Bubweiser” Last night watched a terrible movie and bed-and-breakfasted with friends in their place. Best. Sleepover. Ever.

  • Et Cetera

    That is what I said. And I’m not moving far. Downtown San Diego. So to those of you far away, sorry, I’m not moving near you. And to those of you who are not far away (aka close), I’m not leaving. Finished re-reading Snow Crash a few minutes ago. It’s a beautiful day. Perhaps some…

  • It’s Tchotchke-rific!

    This: Making Over Mona, is an excellent example of using a viral game to market a product or service. (via M. Romen of

  • I Love Chuck D

    It Takes a Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back seared through my brain the year it came out. Lyrical density, noise and sound and multivariate references all over the place. I think I may have to add it to the playlist this week. Meanwhile, Chuck D is still around, and kicks ass on Fox…

  • in google!

    Cool. A search for ronny vardy now includes a key result. Go Ronny!

  • Weekend

    Weekend good. Time for work. …boy, that was brief

  • New Stew!

    For those who were wondering, the new Stew album, “Something Deeper Than These Changes” is slated to hit the shelves on September 23rd. I’m sure more details will be trickling in soon. via the negro problem mailing list. more info at

  • Cool Laptop Tool

    My laptop is temporarily out of commission, but when it’s back in biz I think this tool: RAPS Advanced Protection System Wrap, looks quite useful. It’s like a strong ultra-laptop-diaper!

  • Ocean Beach Gaming Place is some kind of O.B. network gaming establishment. Interesting.

  • Reciprocity

    The Web Design Meetup Links Page linked to ye olde, and hey, we linked to them too. Doncha love reciprocity?

  • Life is Real

    So. Last year the sh*t hit the fan in my life. My wife left me and everything turned inside-out and backwards and it all hurt like hell. (Everything is healing nicely, thank you) So when all that happened last year, something interesting happened. I kept blogging. I said: I’m at a loss right now as…

  • Suggestions to News Sites For How To Use Blogs

    A wonderful, rambling series of suggestions for news organizations for how to use blogs to grab content from the public – moblogs, photoblogs, internal blogs, columnist blogs: Blogs have a place on news sites Back on July 4, I noted that the Union Tribune started blogging After they had a somewhat derisive take on blogs…

  • Pylon

    Right now I’m listening to a band called Pylon. I am going through my CDs (I have many) and encoding them in iTunes onto my Mac. For 14 years I’ve been proudly displaying my CDs in whatever was my living room. In the new place, I’m less excited to do this. And more, having them…

  • Gig

    I accepted in principle a position with the company I’ve been contracting with. Paperwork should be signed in a few more days. All things equal, I should rejoin the land of the medical-benefits-equipped in a few weeks.

  • I’ll buy this next month

    The Lullabies record is now available for purchase. Additional details (bios, sound clips, etc.) can be found at: (that band includes stew) And be sure to check stew’s interesting journal, stewsez And have you visited my stew/negro problem lyrics and links page? Yes, as a matter of fact I do think stew is a…

  • That guy IS a crank

    Google Watch Watch – Who watches the watchmen, indeed.

  • Hedgehog@Molokini

    Nifty thing to to at night.

  • Pop Gun War

    Tuesday I started and finished (on the bus) reading something I bought back at comic-con this year: Pop Gun War Trade Paperback. I am left a little mystified by it, but it was moving. It is part allegory, part simple story, with really engaging and whimsical art. I liked it a great deal. Check it…

  • Tired/Alright/Onward

    It’s only the 6th and I’m already tired of this Month. But tonight I’m catching up on things I’ve been behind on. Site corrections. Correspondence. The whole nine. Right now I could use some serenity. But I know it’s gonna be alright. Onward.

  • Encoding:

    I have a lot of: They Might Be Giants, Matthew Sweet, New Order (and all related: Joy Division / Electronic / The Other Two / Revenge / Monaco), Zappa (of course), Christina Aguilera, Steely Dan, Roxy Music + Bryan Ferry, Tori Amos. More stuff done. Feeling less surly. Time for bed.

  • Christina Trip: $2000

    European Travel, Xtina!… no, actually even if I had the money I don’t think I’d do that with it.

  • Talk Radio (Rush) vs. Blogs

    Doc Searls comments on how talk radio and blogging could be synergistic (as opposed to antagonistic).

  • That Textamerica is something!

    Raped At The Pump – people use phonecams to show terrible gas prices. (via bb)

  • Typographical Humor and History

    Behind the Typeface: Cooper Black

  • Doclinked

    Hey! Unsolicited link from Doc Searls — I talked to Doc briefly at the blogosphere thing and shook his hand. I particularly like his informal voice, and how he’s passionate without being a person who flames others. There are people it would be infinitely FUN for me to flame, but it’s not my style.

  • The outer edges of my music collection

    Still importing tonight. Latest imports include Digable Planets, Neneh Cherry, Motorhead, Mono Puff, Miles Davis, Bud Powell, more Tom Waits, and a lot of Mighty Might Bosstones. Good day today. Productive work. I went to a used bookstore today and appreciated some old books on typography. Wandering and enjoying the phenomenon of downtown San Diego….

  • Oh…

    Oh, so this is how we lose touch with reality about how women actually look Check out these shots of a bikini woman — you see the “final” image when you first visit. Then put your cursor over the image to see what it looked like before digital processing: Bikini Girl. If one is wondering…

  • eliyon CorporateAlumni

    This is interesting. A lookup for people (I think executives?) in business here’s me – I squeak by with two mentions for The Web Standards Project, and one from a conference I attended in 2000. But not for other companies I was a part of. It looks like it’s not using resumes, but rather using…

  • Blogger Continuous Quality Improvement; Blog Software Musings Help is up. I tell you, since its’ acquisition by Google, the service is better, faster, and more reliable. I set up a demo blog for a colleague a few weeks ago, and with Blogger it was trivially easy. I was pleasantly surprised by how well it worked, and how quickly they could get…

  • I can’t think of a good title today.

    Weekend is over. Almost done importing music. Today listening to lots of Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music at work. Spoils of that manual labor importing mp3s into iTunes. Only one link today: Jessie “The Body” Ventura” gives advice to Arnold Schwartzenegger Brief Political Musing: I was against the recall (we have ELECTIONS to do what’s…

  • Zappa News Alert

    Gail Zappa is also running for Governor (Gail is Frank’s widow)

  • New U-T Blog

    The San Diego Union Tribune has yet another new blog: the hungry i: A Weblog dedicated to food, wine and the good life — you can see others here at San Diego U-T Blogs. Go Union Trib! I’ve talked about the U-T blogging since they started.

  • How to remove fink

    I don’t use any of the fink tools. So it’s time to remove them: how to remove fink. this post for OS X geeks only

  • Celeb Moblogging In The Wild.

    Andy of updated his Celebrity Moblogging posting with an active one: — which currently has Randy Newman as the main phone-shot-pic. And interestingly, Andy had commented on my post about Newman some time back. A wee bit of circuitous synchronicity for a Tuesday evening.

  • FOAF

    I added a FOAF file to the root of my webserver. Though I’ve not added any friends. Can FOAF even work? Can machine-based semantic web ever hope to approximate the nuances of human relationships, which change over time with subtlety? Anyway, more about FOAF here.

  • Web Design Meetup San Diego: TONIGHT

    Web Design Meetup, 108 members, 25 affirmative RSVPs. Nice. Should be awesome.

  • @ The Meetup

    So my laptop is out of commission, so this is a post from one of the public and anonymous terminals at The Living Room. Meetup in half an hour. I hope the turnout is as good as the RVSP page seems to indicate. Good stuff happening. Moving this week and through the end of the…

  • Whew

    What a day yesterday! Too much to say. Gotta work. What a week! Onwardness!

  • New New News

    None yet. Stay tuned. Packing is happening in earnest. Today I started the new job officially. Just fine. Emotionally I’m good, though I wish more things were settled. I’m ready to be 100% in the new new place. But the change is going to be incremental. Sometimes that’s how life is. Stay tuned. There’s lots…

  • Tired

    Moving phase 1 is complete. Leah’s stuff is at the new place. Phase 2 will be my stuff, happening through the end of the month. Broadband access will be at the new place on Monday. More to do than I can possibly say. Leah is doing GREAT.

  • Glad to be of service

    QA fellow by the name of Thierry leaves this comment: used this page to solve my problem (exactly the content of the page – I’m using PHP). The most relevant page I found. Thanks !!!! I love little notes like that! You’re welcome Thierry!

  • Now THAT is putting your life in your blog

    Ben Hammersley’s going to Afghanistan to blog about it. Gutsy. Crazy. Awesome.

  • Truck

    Gotten. Here I go.

  • Moving Continues.

    There is internet here. I’m stunned. I am incredibly achy though. Even more moving tomorrow. Everything I have is in boxes. My pal John helped out a lot today. Leah’s stuff is all here. Leah made pasta tonight. Even though much of what is here is in boxes, it feels homey. I love Leah. This…

  • Early Start

    I’m up. I set up Airport/WiFi/802.11b just now. The technology works. We like it. More moving today. Rock on.

  • Bruce Sterling Stops Infinite Matrix Blog, Will Start Wired Blog

    Bruce Sterling will start blogging for Wired Magazine. Color me intrigued. I supposed Wired should have been blogging years ago though.

  • Mr. Crawford, We’re So Sorry This Happened

    So I was so delighted that Cox had the cable here and working – both TV and cable modem – I thought finally, the cable companies get it right. Well, turns out they’re idiots. In addition to executing MY MONDAY ORDER to transfer service to me and my name for my new place; they executed…

  • Moving Update

    Still not entirely moved out of the old place Love that we have an avocado tree in the back yard Claw-foot tub $1.07 shower curtain Boxes galore Scary crawlspace High ceilings Cool breezes View of San Diego skyline Big kitchen No “designated” parking Working-class neighborhood Shared but good washing machines Killer art room Good fridge…

  • My New AOL Journal

    AOL Journals launches here’s my test journal: likes: simple layout rss by default comments enabled (can be disabled) easy to edit very friendly can all be done via the web can have more than one journal love: post via AIM dislike: limited customization lots of AOL branding slightly too long url

  • A new high? Or a new low?

    A mention on la casa de los jergs,

  • Update

    Leah’s kids are here for the weekend. The new place is surprisingly scalable for having them over. I have more to do at the old place today. The last of the “stuff” to remove, many small boxes, plus cleaning of the kitchen and the bathroom needs to be done. And nails to remove. It’s going…

  • Move: COMPLETE

    The move is done. We have evermore boxes. I am extremely achy, but I feel good to have it done. I still have some services I need to transfer (renter’s insurance, home phone) but things are good. Leah rocks, and her kids are here this labor day weekend. All in all, the whole thing has…

  • September?

    Is it a cliché to ask how we got here so fast?

  • Zappa, Thursday

    Zappa talking, Thursday. I’ll have to record this! (for personal use only silly!) Thanks rudy!

  • Archeology: Respiratory Therapy & Neighbors

    Hello sports fans. The three day weekend is nearly over. L. is taking her kids back up north. I’m here unpacking boxes, making goodwill piles, all the while watching TV stalwarts The West Wing and Law & Order. Unpacking things quite naturally leads one to throw things away. Some things are noteworthy. Some things garner…

  • And another…

    traveling RT gig via Platinum Select Staffing

  • Snickeringly Funny Phil G Post

    I think this explanation of the USA’s two parties current operating methodologies is apt: Democrats = mediocrity; Republicans = lottery ticket. It’s undeniably snarky, but rings true. Myself, I think most politicians of both these parties are dunderheads, and when not dunderheaded, deceptive. Though I tell you, that Howard Dean makes a heckuvan impression. But…

  • Miva Acquired

    Miva is an interesting small company. They’ve got their own server-parsed language, and they build (especially) eCommerce type functionality. It’s not as well known as PHP or ASP, but they’ve done a good job marketing and are still around, several years later (I once interviewed with them for a job as a designer, probably in…

  • Archaeology – Comic Con Stuff; And More

    More stuff going to the trash and filling our landfills while perpetuating our throwaway culture… Comcollect: non-sports card collecting site… I have a few cards. There’s a movie now filming in Prague, Rome, Paris, and Los Angeles called Van Helsing and it features The Wolfman, Dracula, and Frankenstein’s Monster. Sharon George is an artist of…

  • 4 Meetup Photos

    Back in August Leah took some photos of the webdesign meetup. I’m doing some hard-drive cleaning, so here are some meetup photos. The next one is this week, on September 11th.

  • QuixLink

    Quixtar Blog linked to my Quixtar Links page. And vice versa.

  • Some stray updates

    Went to a party on Saturday — that was boss. Saw Step Into Liquid — that was moving (I cried!) The house is coming along great We’re going to have a garage sale Saturday We’ve scheduled a housewarming party — choosing the invite list was fun — I know a lot of people, but I…

  • Blogger Pro no longer for-pay

    I guess the revenue model is textads. Blogger Pro features to get rolled into free product, refunds going to go to Blogger Pro users. I’m glad I’ve stuck with Blogger.

  • Remember

    A small useless token of remembrance

  • For Today

    San Diego Web Design Meetup today! My folks got in safe last night, yay! I got rid of many boxes last night — gave them to a friend and his wife who are moving! So fun! Tuesday night, Racquetball class was good. It put me low – I was achey and creaky and fell directly…

  • New Header

    Okay, so I didn’t want to leave up the 9/11 header, so here’s a new one. The meetup tonight was good. I am tired.

  • Snapshot

    This morning: parents to airport at 6am Now playing: Montana by Zappa Need to: pay for racquetball class Must: car insurance Eating: canned corn and Tiger’s Milk Drinking: orange juice Downloading: gentoo linux for PPC Wearing: Zappa t-shirt Doing: blogging and depacking Leah: out doing her stuff Tonight: more depacking with Leah Tomorrow (we hope):…

  • First Sterling, Then Gibson

    First Bruce stopped his main blog, but he’ll return on a Wired blog at some point, now William Gibson has stopped blogging. He says, and he’s been writing for more than two decades, that blogging takes away from novel writing. I know there are other novelists who blog, Neil Gaiman for instance, so it can’t…

  • Stuff Done: Progress: 2003

    Helped a bit with a pal moving. More progress today on the house. Leah created our living room today! Well, the basics were there, but it looks awesome. Didn’t do a yard sale yet. Renter’s insurance and car insurance is in place here now as well. The new vehicle is wonderful and useful. The bedroom…

  • Now That’s Unexpected

    So I had a long talk with my friend Chris last night, and we caught up and talked and talked. He and his wife recently had another child. Young Zachary. I’ve been asked to be a Godparent. I wept and was honored. So how well does an unorthodox lapsed Catholic agnostic do that? I don’t…

  • San Diego Computer / Web / Geek Events for This Month

    SDWUG / Golden Hills Free Web Meeting on Community Wireless [16-Sep-2003] Perl Mongers [16-Sep-2003] SanDCHI’s September Meeting Announcement [17-Sep-2003] Hacking – ACM San Diego [18-Sep-2003] UX SIG meeting at Mitchell [23-Sep-2003] Toorcon [26-28-Sep-2003]

  • Three word updates

    Work not bad Car insurance enabled Racquetball class rewarding Two feet aching Truck driving well College parking sucking Dishes need doing Rearviewmirror fall down okay, cheated there Address changes pending Bills paid today Still in arrears Home office chaos Leah stomach churning New curtains awesome Hot dogs enjoyable This entry over

  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Awesome party last night. You really had to be there. Leah and I are blessed with wonderful friends. I’m tired but I’m working, yeah The new place is officially christened. In spoons and beer and the kind of excellent talk you get when people have no agendas and chill out the way human beings can…

  • These Changes

    Something Deeper Than These Changes comes out tuesday. I went to Tower today and they had one in the bins. I won’t quibble that it’s out a day early. I was hoping it would be there. So far I like it very much. But then, I’m a fan. The Statue Song makes me want to…

  • Aches And A Lame Whine

    New blister on 4th toe or right foot. Still undefeated in my racquetball class. Tired but feeling good. I have procured the signature to add the class. This time not in pencil, so when I take it to the Dean’s office they won’t look at me like an idiot when I look offended when they…

  • The lines that’re stuck in my head

    frederick douglass hip-hop king (mind the noose and fare thee well) came to me inside my dream (mind the noose and fare thee well) his advice rang like a bell: (mind the noose and fare the well) mind the noose and fare thee well (mind the noose and fare thee well) … well, love is…

  • Neal Stephenson’s Quicksilver

    And oh yeah, last night Quicksilver came out. And I bought it. And so far I like it. And it weighs a ton. And it’s so dense NS has launched a wiki to let readers annotate and explicate the thing. Welcome to the 21st Century, where concordances happen in real-time.

  • Press Mention

    A little bird (named Lilia Phleger Benjamin) told me… Hey Joe, I’m in the Fall/Winter issue of Entrepreneur Magazine‘s “Be Your Own Boss” edition… page 6, talking about online groups, and she included my mention of! So, that’s pretty cool. Thanks mucho Lilia!

  • Weekend Unique

    Took off early Friday Packed up the truck Drove up north Talking Heads on CD Slowgoing, but good company Made it there in a few hours Picked up kids Met Leah’s parents Hung out till sleep Morning kid’s football game Got there too early Breakfast at Denny’s with Leah’s parents and kids Back to the…

  • Remind Me…

    To tell you about: Filled buses, mousetraps, chocolate, peanut butter, boysenberry shakes, AAA memberships, creditors, hard-boiled eggs, freelance work, blisters, racquetball class, Reg-e, Nisus Writer, Omnigraffle, custom doors, plants fall down go boom, and AdSense. No time to talk now.

  • Some Bruce

    Bruce Sterling: Ten Technologies That Deserve to Die Technologies are habits. And it’s time to shed some bad ones. Re-hab even. I was blown away in the recent (September 2003) Harper’s Index that: Maximum number of miles that Ford’s most fuel-efficient 2003 car can drive on a gallon of gas : 36 Maximum number its…

  • San Jose

    Sassy’s post The Way, about Microsofttm‘s hokiness got me singing San Jose (The Way) (The Frankie Goes To Hollywood version). So of course I had to grab it via iTunes. Totally worth 99 cents. I’ve never done Karaoke. But I bet I could do that song. (Aside: only part of posting this is procrastination).

  • Mouse.

    Leah and I have a mouse in the new place. Tuesday night I was going for a chocolate bar in a basket on the kitchen counter. And I notice there’s about a 1 inch by 1/4 inch chunk out of a corner — with the attendant aluminum foil wrapper also gone. When I say “gone,”…

  • Election Day + Racquetball

    Work today. Also, I need to figure out when I’m going to vote — hey that was easy. I think I can vote before work. Other news: racquetball tonight. Also, the office is much cleaner now. Oh, and I added some Smorg items yesterday: my July 4th walk, further documented in the blog, also, a…

  • It’s true.

    I voted.

  • Change is the only constant in the universe.

    No time to really talk now, but I offer you a diptych of myself in 1988 (directionless and morose) and 1992 (graduating with honors for Respiratory Care from CHS:CHRV). Lesson: Things can always change for the better. This is a lesson that I, and many people, learn continually.

  • Publish philg

    Philip Greenspun is having trouble publishing his latest book: Two publishers have approached us wanting to do a hardcopy version of (the textbook for 6.171 at MIT). Both have lost interest when we said that we wanted to keep the text online. To a traditional publisher the Web is a place for stuff that…

  • Recall Numbers Rethought

    I keep hearing the word “mandate” bandied about with regards to the Recall election. I don’t like that word. Not everyone agrees with me. Let me tell you why I think what I think. To do so, let’s explore, in a very How To Lie With Statistics way. Statistics and numbers always come with what…

  • Ye Update

    I’m still reading Quicksilver, and enjoying its excursion into 1600 and 1700s history. It’s illuminating and fascinating. I’m still only 150 pages in of the 900-some pages. I’m thinking of it as not cyberpunk, not steampunk, but rather, NaturalPhilosophyPunk. In other news, in a month my divorce from Jennifer will be final. Time passeth.. This…

  • Word for the day

    Tired! But seriously, it’s all good. Won at racquetball class last night. Only one net loss so far. However, I did get hit in the cheek with a ball. And I fell once, though I recovered pretty fast, and I think I really do know how to fall properly. Work proceeds on several fronts in…

  • Historical Event Of The Day

    Man in space from China: Taikonaut! previous blog mention. Red Star, Spring Orbit.

  • Go Lemur!

    The head lemur has a new blog: raving lunacy.

  • Mmmm, Good Reading

    Anyone troubled by questions about why I, or any blogger, posts what they post when they post it — how they decide what is public — how to think about maintaining a public web site of any kind — should check out this piece on Danny O’Brien’s Oblomovka that talks about inherent differences between public…

  • Munge

    1. To imperfectly transform information 2. A comprehensive rewrite of a routine, data structure or the whole program. (source and complete definition at The Jargon File) Lately I’ve been noticing sometimes I, and others, “munge” together related concepts in ways that interfere with understanding the original concepts. Sometimes, one does not even realize that one…

  • New Header

    For those who did not notice, there’s a new header on the blog.

  • Search Result: Satay

    I find it idiotic that the first search result for “satay” is the “Flash Satay” method of including a .swf file.

  • Randomness

    Here comes a bucketful of randomness.

  • From Scots Historian Professor Alexander Tyler, circa 1787, Re: The Fall of the Athenian Republic

    “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse (generous gifts) from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that a democracy…

  • Photoblogging and Phototography?

    Emese wonders Is photoblogging good for photography? — Emese’s Photoblog has wonderful photos, is local, and is readable. What more could you ask for? bookmark the site now. Excellent pictures on a regular basis.

  • More local thoughtfulness

    Mitch Wagner’s post Blame the mother is thought provoking as well. I was sometimes a latch-key kid, but had something happened to me I can’t see holding my parents responsible for whatever that might have been. Read it, it will make you think.

  • Glass Houses

    Bill McClellan wonders: if Bill Clinton were an addict, how might Rush Limbaugh spin it?

  • Yup, I’m cute.

    Check me out: I believe I’m predicting the Cubs loss in 2003 in that picture. Just kidding, I don’t follow baseball. that’s what Tony Pierce of Busblog does.

  • Black Panther Party

    I am, in fact, excited about Mac OS 10.3: Panther coming out this Friday. I intend to be at some Apple Store, either Fashion Valley or UTC, which is having its GRAND opening. Oh, and iTunes for Windows is great on the home network Leah and I share. On a sadder note, the power cord…

  • Instant Classic; Bloody Samurai

    Incidentally, some several days ago I saw School of Rock, and I laughed so so so hard. Leah and I saw it to “cleanse our palate” after being gored and stimulated to the redline while seeing Kill Bill Volume 1, which was quite a lot to take, and a movie I want to see again,…

  • Twenty Three Things; Some Links; Some personal

    The biological basis for creativity is linked to mental illness mod_bandwidth documentation — simulating bandwidth variations Study finds direct link between misinformation and public misconception (or FoxNews misinforms) Margaret Cho has a blog America owes talk host Rush Limbaugh a debt of gratitude, Libertarians say What is Leet speak? An Evolution of Alphabets! Google AdSense…

  • Digging the Samurai Groove

    The other day I mentioned I dig Samurai, and then a few days later I was reminded of this lyric from Barenaked Ladies, the song, “One Week”: Like Kurasawa I make mad films Okay, I don’t make films But if I did they’d have a Samurai

  • Suicide

    So there’s another pop suicide: Elliot Smith. I’m no fan of suicide, in fact my cousin Eddie’s death by his own hand is heavy marker on my map of life and how to live it. Some words from Stew on the Negro Problem Mailing list: for many of us this terribly sad info will come…

  • And now, the good news

    The new Mandy Moore record, Coverage (kids love it when I call CDs “records”) is really wonderful. Great choices on covers. The Elton John, Waterboys and Joan Armatrading covers rock. Heck, almost all of them rock.


    So the OCR on the new amazon within-book search is not that great. In my tiny quote in the GoLive 5 Bible they’ve read as But still, I do show up in a book, which is nifty. Interesting thoughts on this new service over at backupbrain and nettle.

  • If I had a sidebar blog, These are what I’d put in it.

    Maybe it’s time, like Jason Kottke, Andy Baio, or Anil Dash, to have a sidebar blog. The Philippines is the model for Iraq?, Get settled, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride. Rex Navarette, funny Filipino comedian Feynman at work! What’s wrong with the ‘Left Behind’ books? Making computer generated women even more real Kynn goes…

  • Wednesday November 5th, Stew in Los Angeles prior to his New York Move

    STEW will be performing new songs and old faves in celebration of the latest release “Something Deeper Than These Changes” on WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 5TH 9pm (yes, 9pm) (And that’s 9pm SHARP like cheddar) at CAFE LARGO 432 N. Fairfax Los Angeles between Melrose and Beverly across from Canter’s There will be no STEW shows in…

  • Night of the Panther

    Getting in touch with my inner nerd tonight. Going to Get Panther at the new University Town Center Apple Store tonight. Anyone else going?

  • I’m in.

    Got in the UTC Apple store. Got in line at about 7:35pm. Not shabby. Panther in hand. Dog tags procured. Several hundred people here. Won a bet with the woman in front of me in line that we’d get in the door before 9pm. So I’m ahead a dollar already! New little iBooks look sweet….

  • Panther

    Installed Panther this morning. Under an hour to do the install. My job: click okay a few times, wonder if my old video cards in the G4 would work properly — my XClaim 3D Plus and Rage Orion seem to be working fine. I’m not taking advantage of Quartz Extreme with these old video cards…

  • Thanks, Mr. Lung

    Fun cartoon via Erin: Apparently a character from Shutterbug Follies. Thanks Erin!

  • Clamshell Down

    It is with a heavy heart that I report that my iBook SE “clamshell” — “Revision B” is what they call it here … appears to be irrevocably dead. Mind you, this happened before I tried to install Panther. The patient would not boot up as of last Wednesday. Attempts to boot it would result…

  • Oh yeah, the fire

    I forgot to mention. My entire neighborhood is bathed in amber light, a glow which is the result of half the sky being blotted out by lots of fires to the east and northeast. It’s otherworldly, which only adds to my disorientation from the time change and from staying up late. In better news, my…

  • More Fire Coverage

    I’ve linked some more links over at San Diego Blog on current events. Here are two pictures snatched from Yahoo News and Weather Underground.

  • Fire Fotos

    Well, fire fallout photos in Downtown San Diego, by me. Painting the town brown.

  • San Diego Bloggers Fallout

    So the fallout from the fires continues. I went to work today but most of the city had the day off. Downtown San Diego was eerie. Upside: I could park free anywhere because parking enforcement had the day off. I worked till 1, took lunch, and when I got back there was a memo from…

  • Fog versus Smoke

    Here in downtown San Diego, business appears to be back in business as the courthouses are back on. Leah drove me to the bus and I bussed it in and the activity level is much higher than it was Monday and Tuesday. Looks like a light, and mercifully grey fog has beaten back the smoke!…

  • In Really Brief!

    Since the last update: fires being beaten back. More homes lost. Fires still going. Smoke is largely cleared in downtown. Freedexter corrected me on the issue of the schools being open. San Diego City Schools were/are off all week. Saw Shaolin Soccer last night. It’s absolutely brilliant. BRILLIANTLY funny. I made these for the potluck…

  • Super-brief and incomplete

    Leah and I went to the opening of “The Grove” in South Park, a bookstore and more next to M-Theory — we got there late, but it was kinda neat. The music playing was nice though. Yesterday was racquetball and chilling out mostly, after a hard week. I worked late Halloween, so missed out on…

  • Whew

    That was a full weekend.

  • Other Recent Linkers

    Chicken Blog, Pierre Carion, Andrew Phelps also linked to my various web/fire/sandiego/blog stuff.

  • Tori Amos: New Record; Looking Stylish and Good

    I’ve been a Tori Amos fan since her first record, 1992’s Little Earthquakes. Since then I’ve seen her live several times. Her latest record comes out in a few weeks, and it’s called Tales of a Librarian. It’s kind of a greatest hits type thing. And she looks great. I really like that 1930s gangster…

  • I love this kind of feedback

    About my The iTunes Music Library file cannot be read because it does not appear to be a valid library file You saved my eight hours of mp3’s with this fix for the itunes library files not found error message. i dont even know what I did. I just followed your directions. thank you thank…

  • Gross Things To Clean Up

    I have no problem with: Cleaning up a dead, bloody mouse Cleaning up vomit But I find Washing drinking glasses by hand Really too gross to deal with.

  • Letters, we get letters

    About washing glasses with your hands, Sassy writes: Don’t ever wash drinking glasses with your hand. Beth was washing one and it shattered, slashing her hand open from her finger-web to the back of her knuckle. Severed tendon, 10 stitches and over 3 months before she had full use again. When I worked in a…

  • Lyric of the Day

    by Ben Folds : “There’s Always Someone Cooler Than You” make me feel tiny if it makes you feel tall but there’s always someone cooler than you yeah, you’re the shit but you won’t be it for long oh, there’s always someone cooler than you yeah, there’s always someone cooler than you oh, there’s always…

  • Driving to work

    So I won “employee of the month” for November at my job (thanks to all the people who make me look good, and thanks to a nomination by someone who cut and pasted a Girl Scout pledge to describe me. The upshot is that I won a parking pass for the month, which would otherwise…

  • Pamela Jaeger needs a website

    Jaeger is an artist who caught Leah’s and my eye a few months ago. She got a cover on Fahrenheit‘s print pub a few weeks ago, and she needs a site to showcase and sell her work. (Joe goes looking for links to her stuff) DAMN. Fahrenheit has a DUMB website. Lots of flash. I…

  • Where do I get my drawing from?

    My mom sent this to me and my sister today: …about which she writes: [Your grandfather] was always drawing this dog. He drew them on everything, he even made little boxes with pictures of dogs. Love you both, Mom This morning I went and looked at the Church where I was baptized. I live within…

  • What’s up?

    Was up late late late last night. Spent half day at work. Broke out early. Went to Church. Made the Sign of the Cross for the first time in several years. Prayed. Spoke with a Catholic priest. Got a seal from the Church where I was confirmed. Seal is not a ‘yes’ or a ‘no,’…

  • Cackling

    So there’s lots of entirely serious things to blog about right now. But that’s not what I’m going to do. I have discovered, on local Cable Access: SHEMM. Red velvet shirt. Semi-leather (glad plastic bag) black pants. Smeared red lipstick and caterpillar eyebrows. Practiced stage moves. He does his own choreography. He does his own…

  • Bruce Sterling, Blogging Again

    Itinerant mendicant journalist, soothsayer, and storyteller Bruce Sterling is back blogging at Beyond the Beyond, for Wired magazine.

  • iTunes, meet Jesus; Latest Mix CD for the truck

    Songs from my music library containing the word “jesus” in the title… Chocolate Jesus ………….. Tom Waits Jesus Built My Hotrod …….. Ministry Jesus Gonna Be Here ………. Tom Waits Jesus In The Summertime …… Randy Newman Jesus Is Just Alright …….. The Doobie Brothers Jesus The Missing Years …… John Prine Jesus Thinks You’re…

  • this weekend: ray@night; baptism of zachary

    ray@night: info on ray@night review from leah from a few months ago definitions of baptism on the internet So I’m going to be a Godfather. Or is it godfather? I never considered either as a possible title for me.

  • Bruce Sterling ArtLung Timeline

    1988: I attend a reading by William Gibson for Mona Lisa Overdrive. He recommends Bruce Sterling’s Islands In The Net as the work of a guy who “actually thinks about this stuff” [scene missing]… 1996: I mention with a laundry list 1998: I put him on my links page 1999: Viridian Couture Contest 1999: Heat…

  • Missions Accomplished

    Ray@Night? Check. Zachary’s Baptism? Check. Great weekend. So tired. Onward to the workweek!

  • Next verse, same as the first…

    Onward to the workweek!

  • Stew on NPR

    Stew on NPR FROM NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO’S ALL THINGS CONSIDERED : “Singer/songwriter Stew seamlessly blends gospel and funk with sophisticated lyrics, sweet melodies, and an even sweeter voice. His eighth album, Something Deeper Than These Changes, takes the listener on intimate journeys into Stew’s past. NPR’s Neda Ulaby profiles the musician. Hear five full-length pieces…

  • More Jesus iTunes Entries (aka: Songs)

    In reference to this post… My friend Erin sent me: These are the Jesus songs in my iTunes (just in case you wanted to know): Jesus Was Way Cool – King Missile Jesus Christ Pose – Soundgarden Jesus, Etc. – Wilco What A Friend We Have In Jesus – Aretha Franklin Jesus Shaves – David…

  • Chuck

    Did you know that San Diego Blogger Chuck, of Howling Point is blogging his cancer and treatment? There are millions of stories in the naked city. Chucks’ is certainly a remarkable one. And sometimes, he writes his blog from the POV of his dog Pongo. Several million points for style, that.

  • Caleb on Dean

    Local cyber-bon-vivant Caleb John Clark, is making some homegrown Dean media.

  • About: Me

    Work: okay. Religious state: evolving. Food yesterday: lovely roast by Joe and Leah. Quicksilver: still reading. Laundry: not done. Leah: recuperating. Racquetball class: back on, tiring (missed last week due to Baptism Class and the week before due to Fires). Truck: like a top. Laptop-to-be: ordered and in process. Weather: brisk. Now listening to: Lots…

  • Evolving

    the main page and navigation of are evolving. the old front page has been moved to the archive, specifically here. I’m toying with several changes. Expect more movement and changes to come.

  • Tonight: Socializing and Biz

    Web Design Meetup San Diego, CA

  • This needs a librarian.

    This needs a librarian. / /archive/ /archive/0/ /archive/0/alhome.html /archive/0/index.html /archive/0/undcon.html /archive/1/ /archive/1/alhome.html /archive/1/index.html /archive/1/resume.html /archive/2/ /archive/2/animatedgifs.html /archive/2/biography.html /archive/2/book_covers.html /archive/2/book_covers2.html /archive/2/ccks.html /archive/2/clock_concept.html /archive/2/crossplatform.html /archive/2/flash_checker.html /archive/2/freelance_etching.html /archive/2/home.html /archive/2/kingman.html /archive/2/links.html /archive/2/logo_parody.html /archive/2/logos.html /archive/2/logos2.html /archive/2/logos3.html /archive/2/newcomer.html /archive/2/pictures.html /archive/2/resume.html /archive/2/ronsrhinestones.html /archive/2/selfportrait.html /archive/2/send_email.html /archive/2/spacebaby.html /archive/2/spot_illustrations_1.html /archive/2/spot_illustrations_2.html /archive/2/spot_illustrations_3.html /archive/2/spot_illustrations_4.html /archive/2/spot_illustrations_5.html /archive/2/strange_landscapes_1.html /archive/2/strange_landscapes_2.html /archive/2/strange_landscapes_3.html /archive/2/strange_landscapes_4.html /archive/2/xkitty.html /archive/2/z_image_manip.html /archive/2/z_image_manip2.html /archive/3/ /archive/3beta/ /archive/4/ /archive/sig/ /archive/splashes/-20020114…

  • ReOrg

    New headers for Writing and Contact. My biography is also getting a makeover. Theme today: fresh starts.

  • Misc

    Laundry done! (that was a biggie). Computer on its way! (thanks JP!) Housecleaning done! Dishes clean (Thanks Leah!) Space heater purchased! (Thanks Costco!) Shaved for the work week! We bought groceries! (Thanks for the Free Turkey Ralphs!) I feel pretty good. The holidays approach. I hope they will be enjoyable. My folks come next weekend!…

  • Latest Great Security Newsletter From Bruce Schneier

    Crypto-Gram of 15 Nov 2003. An excerpt: Nathaniel Heatwole is a student at Guilford College. Several times between February 7 and September 15 he tested airline security. First he smuggled box cutters, clay simulating plastic explosives, and bleach simulating bomb-making chemicals through security. Then he hid these things in the lavatories of airplanes, along with…

  • Rodentia Update

    This morning I got up just a little bit earlier than usual. Stumbled bleary-eyed into the kitchen, and what should I see skittering across the long counter? Something very “Stuart” shaped. Just a little bit earlier, mind you. They know our habits. I’m convinced of it. The last kill was right as Leah and I…

  • King of the World

    I’m late to the party, but I just figured out that the lyrics to “King of the World” by Steely Dan are about driving around a post-apocalyptic American Southwest… I don’t want your bread I don’t need your helping hand I can’t be no savage I can’t be no highwayman Show me where you are…

  • 101: Retirement

    The following has been on my site a long time. Time to retire it. But I’m putting it in the blog for posterity. I’m making the FAQ a real FAQ. So here goes… First timer, eh? Hmm… I’m usually suspicious of newcomers … but I’m glad you came. You’re welcome to stay as long as…

  • Keeping Score (WARNING: This gets a little grisly)

    Courtesy Catchmaster has a 100% Flash website, so none of it is in Google, but Here are the Catchmaster Glue Boards that did the trick. (Here’s the grisly part) He was still alive and terrified when I woke up. He was struggling, so I knew I had to act fast. My friend Meg emailed me…

  • Webbiness!

    I’m doing lots of reorganizations here on the site. Navigation changes, organization changes. Browse around. Photos now has the global navigation, and so does Portfolio. Colophon has a new header, as does Contact and FAQ does too. The Site Index is a mess. It really does need a librarian. Maybe I’ll be a librarian?

  • No Mice = Good Mice

    So I left another baited trap out last night, and we’ve had no kills. For some reason I find this reassuring. We’re not about to be overrun, I think. We just have a mice problem. I got some feedback on my posts about the mice yesterday from friends. Thanks for the feedback! I chose the…

  • Some Links!

    Rush is back at work – and in recovery Doc on Ant Control – glad we don’t have these Cake Plates and Stands – I see why these are designed the way they are – they’re anti-rodent! I feel so, 19th Century lately, living in this 1892 house President interviewed by British sleazy tabloid –…

  • Current Important News: VideoChat! Divorce! Life! Onward!

    I got an iSight today. Talked to my sister and boss and even Dori Smith and Mathowie – it all worked well. Except my Dad and Mom’s connection is messed up somehow. We’ll figure that out. Just checked the mail, and I received my “NOTICE OF ENTRY OF JUDGEMENT” from the Superior Court of California,…

  • First Post!

    from the new lil’ 12 inch iBook. Productivity this week is pretty low. But spirits are high!

  • More Fun Linkies, Catching up and blogging from bed from the new iBook

    Critical article on the still-years-away Longhorn This is the best country in the world. – Noam Chomsky FIRE: Foundation for Individual Rights In Education – defending liberty on campus Num1000 is a fun piece of Japanese inscrutability Mac Eye for the Windows Guy Fox media bias I really like it when bands have all their…

  • Dating Leah in the Gaslamp

    Last Saturday, Leah and I went on a date. We went and saw Intolerable Cruelty, then we went for a walk through the Gaslamp Quarter. We had a lovely, low key time. It’s funny, I remember when I was in my teens – driving through that part of the Gaslamp near the corner of 5th…

  • Whoosh!

    From great racquetball Saturday Morning, to housecleaning in anticipation of my visiting parents, to my parents arriving and a great dinner with a roast cooked by a visiting Australian, to Sunday morning at church, receiving the Eucharist for the first time in at least 5 years, to getting Leah’s homemade rosary blessed, to Ralph’s downtown,…

  • Geeky Unix Conversation Slash Unix Confession of the Day

    ArtLung: so i’ve been trimming away at – reformatting stuff, getting rid of dead directories ArtLung: this morning i’m futzing along, killing little dev experiments ArtLung: was doing rm -rv * in some dirs ArtLung: *accidentally did it in my main directory* ArtLung: DOH! Sassbert: doheth ArtLung: luckily, i had a dir with…

  • Quote of the Day

    The Earth is degenerating these days. Bribery and corruption abound. Children no longer mind their parents, every man wants to write a book, and it is evident that the end of the world is fast approaching. – Assyrian stone tablet, c. 2800 B.C. I don’t have an original source, but it’s all over the net….

  • Thanksgiving

    So today is starting well. The goal in life is to improve each day I think, and today is a success on that basis. So now, Leah’s kids and my sister and her boyfriend and also my parents are here. It’s going to be a mega-Thanksgiving, and I’m a bit nervous about it, but I…

  • Sabbath

    from 2. The first day of the week, Sunday, observed as the day of rest and worship by most Christians. Rest, worship, and contemplation, I hope. In some religions one does no work. From On Shabbat, the Jew withdraws from the performance of “Melachah.” All categories of “Melachah” represent purposeful, creative interactions with…

  • Yesterday Recap

    Church. Breakfast. Swap meet. Christmas gifts. Turkey cooking. Lose main pair of pants on drive to laundry. Laundry. Second degree twisted ankle. Pain. Turkey and squash dinner Scrooged. Cleanup. Bedtime. The swelling has gone down, but it hurts still. Ow. Today: work; bus pass; new pants; leftover turkey; HEALING.

  • These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

    One of my favorite internet errors is to get an email where the recipients were, instead of BCC’d, merely CC’d. In this way, one can extract out the domains to see what kinds of websites the folks on the same mailing list have. By the looks of it, this is an interesting San Diego List!…

  • Flattering?

    Yesterday everyone assumed my injury was racquetball related. It would make a better story for sure.

  • WiFi, pedal powered

    Pedal Powered Networking Update: Technical Information For The Jhai PC And Communications System More: Pedal Power: Look Ma No Wires Jhai PC – A Computer for Most of the World JHAI Foundation: The Remote IT Village Project Now that’s a really interesting use of technology.

  • NewsFlashes

    Leah and I now have a cat. Formerly named “Leo” and later “Mustang,” we think his new name is “Basilone” — for the exit off the 5 we got him from. We met his former owner and acquired all manner of cat gear. He’s a well mannered, housetrained, spayed, bengal. He was pretty quiet all…

  • The Prophet

    A link from my friend Steve K: THE PROPHET – Kahlil Gibran — for future reference. I like this: Your daily life is your temple and your religion. Whenever you enter into it take with you your all. Take the slough and the forge and the mallet and the lute, The things you have fashioned…

  • Voltes V Videos Question – Now in the FAQ

    I get a lot of questions about this, it’s been added to the FAQ.

  • Respiratory Work Coming Out of My Ears

    So because of my RT Resume I get calls occasionally from people googling for Respiratory Therapist Resumes. It turns out RT work is hot and heavy right now. In the past month I’ve gotten at least 2 calls or emails a week for per diem, part-time, full time, pulmonary function testing, floor care, ICU, etc….

  • Cat Update

    So Basilone is coming around. He’s still reticent to come out and play, but he sat on the bed with Leah and I for about an hour tonight, watching The West Wing. He seems playful and pretty loving, several times augering inbetween Leah and Me for extra cuddling. He’s still exploring this old house. He’s…

  • Forgot this: R Spot

    Several weeks ago Leah, I, and some friends went to Ray at Night in North Park. One of the more interesting art galleries is actually part gallery, part bookstore, and part barber shop: R. Spot Barber and Books. They had some really great art. It had kind of a city vibe to it – very…

  • Search Refit

    So back in 2002 I upgraded to htdig, well, now I have something that so far looks simpler to maintain. Check Search for the latest search engine ’round here. And thanks to Tom Bickle for spotting that my htdig installation was hosed. How embarassing. The underpinnings are the open source Perlfect.

  • Basilone

    Also, there are now pictures of Leah’s and my cat on the Leah Peah Photos area: Bas. He’s a great cat. More, and better photos to come in the next few weeks.

  • Old Holiday Photos

    For the New Header for the blog. This should last me till the end of the year.

  • Paintings for Sale

    Janece of has paintings for sale. You know, Leah has some older works around, which she would be willing to sell. I may not have a shopping cart for her, but I’d be willing to agent some of her work.

  • New Stew Review: Coming Home To You

    East Bay Express — Down in Front Brother, Who Art Thou? — A black man with an acoustic guitar is rare. But a guy like Stew is rarest.

  • First Positive Thing Bush Has Said?

    Aside from being a good leader as we mourned 911, I think very little of President Bush. But the contemplation of a return to the moon is something I can unreservedly get behind. Though I’m really beginning to think Dean has a shot to be the next President. The re-election of the President is not…

  • My First Cease And Desist: 1997

    My first and only cease and desist letter was some time back. When I got this GTM had been defunct for some time. Never mind that I had had a verbal agreement with my supervisor at GTM for permission to show the logo as part of my portfolio online. They gave me “fine” business days…

  • Some Links For A Sunday Morning

    My sister sent me the link for videos from The Darkness. She said: “Watch the video for I Believe in a Thing Called Love. It’s amazing.”. I have. She’s right. Unashamed 70’s Power Pop. Reminds me of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody merged with the Beastie Boys’ Intergalactic. A plugin for PGP for GPGMail I’m alarmed…

  • Cat Update

    He growls. He growls off into the kitchen, at unseen and unheard forces. Bolt upright, and growling quietly. “We have our very own guard kitty,” says Leah. She whispered it, lest he growl at her.

  • Good Newsletter

    M-THEORY MUSIC does a nice job with their online newsletter. I don’t think it’s on the web, but it’s a nice personal flavorful bunch of nuggets of opinion, new music, and local flavor. Kudos to them. And if you’re in San Diego, you should check ’em out.

  • And You May Remind Yourself

    Remind me to listen to this NPR piece about Talking Heads when I get the chance.

  • Hurrumph

    Lots to say. Much stuff happening. Wait for the weekend for more info. Here’s a word I didn’t know much about before I started reading Quicksilver: papist. No really, more this weekend. Sometimes I feel like I’m going to burst with links and news, and this is one of those times. But not right now.


    I played my first racquetball in 2 weeks since I sprained my ankle. My ankle still hurts. The game was more like chess — with limited mobility, shot selection and placement is more critical. It makes me wonder if wearing really heavy shoes would be an interesting discipline while training. It was good to play,…

  • News of the Day

    Aljazeera.Net – Saddam Hussein captured has the best coverage at the moment of giving the full story. CNN (on TV) had President Bush giving a speech, but little in full details of how he was captured, and the context of same. I watched Three Kings, one of my favorite movies, with Leah’s two older boys…

  • Snapshots of the Yuletide season

    I gave blood today. next time I give blood I’ll drink more beforehand. I’m still loving Quicksilver. I have purchased some Christmas gifts. I have more to purchase. Going to Mass tonight. Going shopping tonight. I’m wearing an ankle brace. The weekend was great — Leah and I had her kids. The cat is slowly…

  • Racquetball Class

    Is over. I may take it again sometime soon. I did well, and got good workouts. My ankle still hurts but has improved. Work is fine. Preparations continue apace for Christmastime. Found some older mouse droppings the other night. Bas smelled them, and with luck is primed to take action should he find the creators…

  • Just worked on this:

    Respiratory therapy – Wikipedia. Supposedly I know about this field.

  • Saddam, Captured… by the Kurds?

    So Saddam was caught the other day. Today, Mathowie and Anildash point to the first person account of the Saddam Raid. But was Saddam awfully haggard in those photos? And was that spider hole: a of base of operations or more like a prison cell? Looks like it was actually the Kurds that caught Saddam…

  • Xmas Rap

    Voom. So busy. Ankle feeling better. Christmas tree up. Crafts done. Stocking made for my Aunt for someone else. Freelance project going well. Lord of the Rings seen. Chocolate covered cherries made by Leah. Leah put up links to her articles on her blog. Some old decorations will be taken to Goodwill. Gifts purchased. Many…

  • Joe Namath: the new Mahir?

    I want to kiss you! vs. I kiss you! (see what Mahir did with his fame at: More on the ESPN broadcast at The reporter, Suzy Kolber, handled the incident perfectly I think. I think this is not sexual harassment of any kind, but I think people will be loathe to put Joe…

  • Holidays.

    I’m stressed out. Working on it.

  • Christmas Stuff to Enjoy on

    2001 header Saying “Merry Christmas” in many languages Is there a Santa? (from an engineering standpoint)

  • Links and Stuff of the Moment

    He’s Not In It For The Money: Frank Zappa’s Big Band Brother Ed Palermo QRIO: Your Plastic Pal Who’s Fun To Be With! Zinni, Vietnam veteran, Bush supporter in 2000, against the conflict in Iraq Judge: I saw police commit felonies: A judge who said he witnessed some of the anti-free trade protests complains in…

  • Merry Christmas

    That’s all I have to say, really. Peace and Love to you.

  • Fascinating thing about memory

    Scientific American: Unmaking Memories: Interview with James McGaugh — this is really interesting. On the agenda today: getting out of bed, breakfast, laundry, and a birthday party.

  • Fascinating Bible and Christianity Interview; Religious Update

    The Fresh Air from December 17, 2003 is with the author of the book Lost Christianities: The Battle for Scripture and the Faiths We Never Knew. The interview is both interesting and moving, as the author says he came from a very literal, Evangelical faith of “The Book” — and had his faith shaken when…

  • Lines of the Day

    We don’t do that after nine o’clock. The grill is closed, dude. Cats love printers.

  • 10 Year Anniversary of Philip Greenspun’s Dynamic Site

    At Philip Greenspun’s Weblog he notes the 10th anniversary of his personal site, which mutated into, and which caused him to learn a great deal about building web community with database-backed websites, and so in turn he wrote books and put up sites and inspired people like me. Kudos on that anniversary!

  • Excellent Civic Metaphor about Money and the Occupation of Iraq

    The Oreo Metaphor Animated Movie from is well worth a look.

  • Translations of “Joseph”

    Arabic: Yousef, Yousuf, Yusef, Yusuf Croatian: Josip Czech: Jozef Josef Danish: Josef Dutch: Joop French: Jose German: Josef Iosef Hungarian: József Italian: Giuseppe, Giussepe Kiswahili: Yusuf Norwegian: Josef Polish: Józef Portuguese: Jose Romanian: Iosif Russian: Ioseph Osip Serbian: Josif Spanish: José Swedish: Josef Tamil: Susai (via babynamer)

  • Some jokes write themselves.

    Hootie and the Blowfish has officially endorsed John Edwards in his campaign for the Presidency of the United States of America.

  • FedEx buys Kinko’s

    FedEx to buy Kinko’s for $2.4 Billion … I’ve been a Kinko’s fan for a long time – before the net broke big I liked renting computer time there to practice on Illustrator or Photoshop. Kinko’s is somehow associated, for me, with democracy. Perhaps it’s a result of remembering how “Xerox machines” were tightly controlled…

  • : triumph of the will

    From Q: Apple only released their battery replacement service because of all the bad publicity from iPod’s Dirty Secret. A: While often claimed, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Apple released the battery replacement program November 14. was only registered on November 20, and started being heavily publicized on November 21. Additionally,…

  • Mad Cow Disease New Year: Animals you eat must be vegetarian

    I’ve avoided talking about hot and breaking news for a while. I did not post about the recent quakes in California and Iran; and I’ve somehow managed not to post anything about Paris Hilton. But Mad Cow Disease is a horse of a different color. Go read Alton Brown – It’s a Mad Mad Mad…

  • Happy New Year

    Yes indeed!. Coming real soon now. Less than 7 hours.