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  • New U-T Blog

    The San Diego Union Tribune has yet another new blog: the hungry i: A Weblog dedicated to food, wine and the good life — you can see others here at San Diego U-T Blogs. Go Union Trib! I’ve talked about the U-T blogging since they started.

  • Zappa News Alert

    Gail Zappa is also running for Governor (Gail is Frank’s widow)

  • I can’t think of a good title today.

    Weekend is over. Almost done importing music. Today listening to lots of Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music at work. Spoils of that manual labor importing mp3s into iTunes. Only one link today: Jessie “The Body” Ventura” gives advice to Arnold Schwartzenegger Brief Political Musing: I was against the recall (we have ELECTIONS to do what’s…