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  • More Fire Coverage

    I’ve linked some more links over at San Diego Blog on current events. Here are two pictures snatched from Yahoo News and Weather Underground.

  • Oh yeah, the fire

    I forgot to mention. My entire neighborhood is bathed in amber light, a glow which is the result of half the sky being blotted out by lots of fires to the east and northeast. It’s otherworldly, which only adds to my disorientation from the time change and from staying up late. In better news, my…

  • Clamshell Down

    It is with a heavy heart that I report that my iBook SE “clamshell” — “Revision B” is what they call it here … appears to be irrevocably dead. Mind you, this happened before I tried to install Panther. The patient would not boot up as of last Wednesday. Attempts to boot it would result…