this is the website of joe crawford. code. occasional comics. toy robots. san diego.
  • Lots
    Lots of stuff going on. I owe it to myself to do a big long post with all the changes, but not yet. Mom, my goal is to get a full update out there by the end of the week! Love and happiness to all! Onward
  • I Am Seriously Thinking About This
    UCSD Visual Arts : Undergraduate Program : Majors : ICAM.
  • Sad to see it leave the San Diego landscape
    There is no group called softweargirlz. SWGz participated in Happy Hour 9 prominently. WebGrrls San Diego has been closed for a while. Techniquelle is still around though. Times change, I suppose.
  • More Civic Duty: Your Bank Account, Your Liberties
    Read this: Your bank account, your liberties We realize that the Fourth Amendment — and the rest of the Bill of Rights — exist for a reason, and that absolute power corrupts absolutely. With H.R. 2417, with the USA PATRIOT Act, with its ability to detain American citizens indefinitely without charge or access to attorneys…