this is the website of joe crawford. code. occasional comics. toy robots. san diego.
  • On The Move
    We move into the new place Saturday. Whether we’ll move everything in that day remains to be seen. We have the kids. I have a pickup to get basics. On the agenda: – Utility/Electricity – Utility/Internet – Refrigerator – Moving Truck (assuming we want to do the whole deal this weekend and can get a…
  • Possible Indicators of Mental Health
    An idle thought: I would be very interested to see a chart of things which may be indicators of my mental state. Some possible questions: How clean is the inside of my vehicle? How long has it been since I blogged? When was the last time I sat down and read for enjoyment? How many…
  • Music That Made Me Cry On First Listen in the Past 3 Months
    Brian Wilson – Our Prayer/Gee; Heroes & Vilains from Smile. Ben Folds – Still Fighting It from Rockin’ The Suburbs Music is the BEST.
  • Great Jone Street, Updating
    Mr. Kelly Abbott, a pal of mine, maintains a website at, and it appears that he’s updating it semi-regularly. Don’t miss Glenn’s Girls, about his father, Roswell, UFOs, and life.