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Thursday 01 Jan 2015
“Good morning! Happy New Year 2015!” is what this translates as. Thanks Lille.
Frost in the shade.
Lille found a stick and then swaggers for Matt
Friday 02 Jan 2015
Lille: “what do you think you’re doing?”
All good things
“Under a big double-ya, see, a BIG W.”
RE SHAKESPEARE / This is a great small town library / no idea what this look is
Wagenseller Neighborhood Free Library, Ukiah, California.
Palace Hotel. Ukiah, California. “Dormant and rotting” since 1990 says The Press Democrat.
Oaxaca Mama Salsa
Blue Jay.
It’s a blue vinyl night.
Saturday 03 Jan 2015
Lille the sweetie.
Foggy morning Ukiah. It has been a lovely trip with old friends. Soon driving home. Here’s to an amazing new year.
Southbound detour, Golden Gate.
Wind does wonders for my vanity. Hair perfect.
Isn’t she lovely?
1000% Klassy. Jelly Belly Cockroach candy and Duck Dynasty beard lollipop.
Sunday 04 Jan 2015
Frostbite by ♡kitty♡
Monday 05 Jan 2015
Oops Sushi has infographics. It’s L.A.
Edamame time.
Tuesday 06 Jan 2015
Everyone gets new toilet bowls! It’s like Christmas all over AGAIN!
Grim Meathook Present by jwz
In addition: IT’S A SHELBY DAY! So we got that going for us.
I need a lot of different stuff on my desk this week.
Thursday 08 Jan 2015
“I wonder if anyone is reading this”
Friday 09 Jan 2015
I ordered regular black coffee. I am delighted by the inclusion of this heart. A++
Monday 12 Jan 2015
serious wink.
Tuesday 13 Jan 2015
Over the golf course morning
First bus doodles of the new year. The blank page tyranny is vanquished. Upper left = from life.
Three succulents.
Wednesday 14 Jan 2015
Tom Hanks, I love you!
Thursday 15 Jan 2015
Cartoon of the Day
Friday 16 Jan 2015
Date night dessert.
Saturday 17 Jan 2015
Bagged Squirrel Girl comic. And new Allred Silver Surfer. Ladies pedicuring.
Father’s Day, 2014.
Sunday 18 Jan 2015
Sunrise over North Hollywood
Alexandra’s neighbor roof cat.
Tuesday 20 Jan 2015
Christina Aguilera Top 33
Yesterday: Grandparenthood. This morning: leftover Canter’s Rueben for breakfast. Life is full of surprises. Some great!
Wednesday 21 Jan 2015
Eclipse is bumming me out right now.
L.A. is.
Thursday 22 Jan 2015
New Bot Thursday! Robbie The Robot. 2014 toy from a CLASSIC 1956 robot.
Friday 23 Jan 2015
Jojo loves Max. Max works in QA for #SlackerRadio & played drums in a punk band in the 80s.
Sunday 25 Jan 2015
Thankful this was not my tyre. Yay blowouts that do not result in injury.
Atomcat! I have never hear of this Osama Tezuka comic and now acquire it.
Middle-aged fellow/robot enthusiast in front of Q Pop Shop. Little Tokyo, Los Angeles.
Southbound at sunset.
Monday 26 Jan 2015
Kid’s sunglasses. Found on Friars Rd. Sad.
Tuesday 27 Jan 2015
New Bot Tuesday! “Imperializer” a villain of the Ultraman series. Found at Anime Jungle in L.A.!
This is the tired and somewhat disheveled look. Latest thing.
Wednesday 28 Jan 2015
Grace Hopper!
Cities at night man.
Thursday 29 Jan 2015
Pivot seat.
Friday 30 Jan 2015
Yesterday morning’s sketch plus this morning’s inks. De vita, partially.
How do you spend YOUR Friday nights? I stand by to support issues with a tired dog on my lap.
Niko has dichroism. Is nice. Is also at work late.
Saturday 31 Jan 2015
Another photo of Niko from last night.
Sunday 01 Feb 2015
busblog on Andrew Sullivan quitting blogging
Tuesday 03 Feb 2015
Wednesday 04 Feb 2015
Bikes every which-a way on Friars.
Lunch cartooning today was of Jin at Love Boat.
Thursday 05 Feb 2015
Foggy morning in Clairemont
Fashion Valley Transit Center.
Friday 06 Feb 2015
“She maketh her sun to rise on the evil and on the good”
Pachuca con Hot Rod. For your homework go listen to Don Tosti.
Sunday 08 Feb 2015
The eldritch horror of IKEA.
I dare you not to like this picture. This is Hailey at the Double Rainbow Ranch.
Wednesday 11 Feb 2015
Programming Tinder
Thursday 12 Feb 2015
signs and wonders
Friday 13 Feb 2015
Dig the sun!
My bots love The Red Velvet Spoon Case @dairyqueen sent. Happy Valentine’s Day! #BreakTheCliché
Going into the three-day weekend with tangy blood oranges.
Who doesn’t love code?
Saturday 14 Feb 2015
Kiva on the move
Sunday 15 Feb 2015
Baby David!
Maximum cute.
More expression.
Tiny sleepy Giants fan. And Grammie.
Thursday 19 Feb 2015
14 Years of ArtLung Blog.
Friday 20 Feb 2015
Quote of the Day: coincidence
Tuesday 24 Feb 2015
San Diego does this awesome thing: letting artists decorate electrical transformers. Feeling grateful tonight.
Thursday 26 Feb 2015
The Shelbster, from earlier today. #dogsofslacker
Saturday 28 Feb 2015
Part of the reason I like things that are open 24 hours is they get things done in front of you.
I should drive through Balboa Park more often.
Monday 02 Mar 2015
I can only see the asymmetric parts of a photo like this. It’s odd.
Wednesday 04 Mar 2015
Love Boat Sushi is completely remaking itself at their Rancho Bernardo location.
Thursday 05 Mar 2015
Brightness mirror project selfie early.
Special Guest Dog belongs to James and is super sweet. #dogsofslacker
Saturday 07 Mar 2015
Too tall. Missing antenna. But really really really nice Combatra. Did not buy.
My other not-purchased bots from Frank & Son today.
Sunday 08 Mar 2015
Lovely company at Don Jose’s earlier tonight.
Happy Early Birthday To Me. Acquisitions from a great long day yesterday.
Monday 09 Mar 2015
Feliz Cumpleaños
Tuesday 10 Mar 2015
Keep stepping.
Thursday 12 Mar 2015
Emergency Exit
It’s a big week for new bots! New Mazinger Z & Aphrodite A. Bigger & Deffer!
Friday 13 Mar 2015
on the way
Lunch view.
Some people collect robots, some chickens. People are alike all over.
Monday 16 Mar 2015
This ceiling is a glitched 8-bit videogame. I’m the burgundy pixels top right. 👾
Hanging with Buddha & Ganesh.
Tuesday 17 Mar 2015
Collect. All. 10.
Wednesday 18 Mar 2015
I found WALL-E in St. George at Comics Plus.
Friday 20 Mar 2015
Today began with a new bot from my favorite person, @leah7peah to wish me Happy Birthday!
Post birthday dinner whimsy at Messhugah Shack!
Saturday 21 Mar 2015
D & Grandma!
It’s an L.A. solo adventure day. First stop Little Tokyo. 🎌☕️
Sunday 22 Mar 2015
Astro Boy (Tetsuwan Atomu) sleeping yesterday morning in Little Tokyo.
Crimson Typhoon (2013) & Grendizer (1975) are here to save the day!
Tuesday 24 Mar 2015
March has been non-stop bots! In September I backed Kickstarter Project: Vulkira, an original design vinyl giant robot. He arrived yesterday and joins my collection today!
Friday 27 Mar 2015
GRENDIZER and MAZINGER go Radio Raheem/Night of the Hunter for you. LOVE/HATE.
Saturday 28 Mar 2015
Mechander Robo 合身戦隊メカンダーロボ (Gasshin Sentai Mekandā Robo) & heirloom cherry tomatoes.
Last night was nice after a long day for both of us. Lobster tacos Friday Date night treat at Huapangos.
Monday 30 Mar 2015
It’s a four robot week: Mazinger, Mekanda (latest!), Grendizer & Combattler.
Tuesday 31 Mar 2015
Instant Hand Sanitizer is not a robot.
Wednesday 01 Apr 2015
April fooling
Richard Dreyfuss, witty and charming at UCSD tonight. Intro’d and Q&A about Close Encounters. Awesome.
Thursday 02 Apr 2015
Another Google acquisition?
Saturday 04 Apr 2015
Swami’s North Park hot sauce game is on point.
59. Circumspect Erin.
27 years pals.
The Porsche Dealership That Became a Goodwill.
Tuesday 07 Apr 2015
Jack Kemp Quote of the Day
Wednesday 08 Apr 2015
Today needed more color. Here it is.
Thursday 09 Apr 2015
When I take time off I try to leave a meatspace note too. Manners!
Friday 10 Apr 2015
This is apparently how I look at the airport at 6am. It can only improve with the time.
Tiny dirty window has astounding view.
Joe in transit = drawing. Also I recently finally acquired a used iPad Mini and it’s rad.
Saturday 11 Apr 2015
“We’re about to get taken to a dream world of magic”
Pro wrestling
This wind seems to be saying “you need a tie-pin, Joe.”
Then some weather arrived.
Then, hail.
Sunday 12 Apr 2015
Little David’s Niners sportsball sock is preciously small.
Scone game!
Seattle weather is dumb but I could see visiting Pike Place market every week. At least.
Shopdog for Pike Place Creamery is chill.
This fellow belongs to Matt & Alison.
Seattle, I came for a wedding but managed to look at robots too. Farewell, it was cool.
Monday 13 Apr 2015
Yesterday I found a historical reenactment of a newsstand at Pike Place. Very accurate.
Long time, no Jojo. #dogsofslacker
Tuesday 14 Apr 2015
Did I mention how much Pike Place impressed me?
Thursday 16 Apr 2015
Now playing; PJ Harvey. “Things I once thought unbelievable / in my life / have all taken place.”
Saturday 18 Apr 2015
Tulips: $1 per stem or $10 for a dozen. Pike Place last weekend. Final Seattle photo.
Wednesday 22 Apr 2015
Today’s Haul
Thursday 23 Apr 2015
Friday 24 Apr 2015
Jojo demands playtime today during the standup. #dogsofslacker
Saturday 25 Apr 2015
Surfing dragon.
Sunday 26 Apr 2015
Tuesday 28 Apr 2015
This is from yesterday, my Auntie Bebe recovering at the hospital. She’s scheduled to go home today!
Yellow headed blackbird, maybe? Rest in peace fellow earthling.
It is more important to Instagram this carnitas hot dog than to eat it. EPIC.
Johnny & Zie crazy photogenic at the Padres game #SDinHD
Wednesday 29 Apr 2015
I’m not wild about 2 day trend seeing deceased creatures on my work-related ambulations.
Thursday 30 Apr 2015
Help my pal @missewon mail something while we’re both on break from work? Delighted to!
Saturday 02 May 2015
Waiting for the wedding to start. So happy for Jessica & Miles!
Miles & Dusty. Big Day.
Jessica+Miles & Dusty! ❤️❤️❤️
This is @katieagardner at work. Miles & his Mom dance.
Sunday 03 May 2015
Dusty, at the end of last night’s wedding. What a great time was had by all.
Me & my sister who I see too infrequently. ❤️
Monday 04 May 2015
Archer @ lunch @ Zoo
Wednesday 06 May 2015
Pizza with a fork, last night.
I fully support restaurants with Ultra Man displayed.
Friday 08 May 2015
Northbound 785 Pacific Surfliner.
Saturday 09 May 2015
Jaunty Santa Barbara fellow.
Sign of the times. :-(
Calligraphy in any form fascinates me.
New Pirate Pal
I like a record store.
I can’t remember the last time I bought a CD at a retail store. Thanks Just Play Music Santa Barbara.
This haul smells wonderful
Leah bought me this fellow ❤️
Sunday 10 May 2015
My Grandma, a great photo showing off some Crawford vitality on Mother’s Day. She did not take any guff.
Yes, that’s a crab claw holding a straw in my Bloody Mary. Leah’s chaste hot chocolate looks on.
On the Santa Barbara shuttle. Great trip.
Moorpark. Just passing through today. So pretty.
New robot, Ms. Marvel, lagoon in Carlsbad, Golden Hour. Nearly home.
Monday 11 May 2015
Latest Drawings
Tuesday 12 May 2015
Rickover on “Modern Management” from 1982.
Sunset/Balboa Park
Wednesday 13 May 2015
New Wind Up Robot family member! I don’t have a name but cost $5.25 as priced by Suzi so we’ll call him or her Suzi-525.
Thursday 14 May 2015
Lack of outerwear makes for chilly waiting.
Rain earlier, and now too.
Friday 15 May 2015
don’t have to live like a refugee
fiesta island looking west. earlier.
Saturday 16 May 2015
2007 / 2015. Goofball then, goofball now.
Monday 18 May 2015
The Chief’s truck hood contains all the secrets of the universe.
Wednesday 20 May 2015
Power Outlet Between Seats
Hours sitting flying = time to practice drawing on the iPad. NEW YORK CITY Adventures on Thursday!
Thursday 21 May 2015
I’m shiny on the Q Train.
Ancient telephony artifact.
@ Union Square. I am not yet adept at pretending to be a New Yorker. Wrong train taking. Wrong way out at subway stops. This city moves faster than you think it moves and you already think it moves fast.
It’s not a vacation unless I can get a selfie with a robot.
“Affirmative, Master” says K-9 in Union Square NYC. Thursday is new bot day!
Forty something year old men wear blazers.
Passing on the right.
Cisco & Leah are now besties. At Tavern-on-the-Green.
Las turistas son muy alegres.
Friday 22 May 2015
Looking up at the Marquis.
Three generations of cute!
Saturday 23 May 2015
My dad “PapaDoc” Jim Crawford came up from Virginia for the graduation. So great to see him!
For relaxing times. Make it pink parasol time.
Sunday 24 May 2015
With all due respect New Jersey, surfboards and VW buses are a California thing.
Archer is Batman.
Monday 25 May 2015
Me and my sister at the local pool.
Cat & Legos.
Dan mowed earlier.
Buggy, Arlo & JD.
Water gun cousins!
Tuesday 26 May 2015
Kid eternally in motion.
“I love Javie.” — Archer
Wednesday 27 May 2015
Archer takes a photo of the new Mr. Potatohead that Aunt Leah got for him.
Thursday 28 May 2015
With a robot Peacock.
Friday 29 May 2015
Archer & bots getting ready for school. Daniel getting ready for work. This has been a great week.
Saturday 30 May 2015
Leah’s hot chocolate in the foreground, then Archer. Beautiful morning.
My nephew has cool toys.
On the toucan!
Beautiful cat on the Holmes Run Acres tour today
Reed Richards arrives home and waits for the FF’s bags.
Sunday 31 May 2015
This Mid-Century Modern napkin holder I saw in Holmes Run Acres yesterday is best.
Mr Proops & I. He delighted the assembled fans.
Monday 01 Jun 2015
zen brush morning. Ramping up back to the day job and new adventures!
In the war room with Jojo.
“Take back one kadam to honor the Hebrew God, whose Ark this is”
Tuesday 02 Jun 2015
I like red.
This is the weakest Jenny Holzer piece I’ve ever seen.
Wednesday 03 Jun 2015
Atypical panhandler at the bus stop.
urgent ready for summer
Today’s paper acquisitions. New fave The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl and 40 year fave Bravest Of All (a Little Golden Book) ultimately for my nephew.
Thursday 04 Jun 2015
I had an office visit from SHELBY! #dogsofslacker
Friday 05 Jun 2015
Brilliant and lovely new comic arrived a few days ago by @janey.gram I finally got to read. Darker than her other work, and in a different way. Resigned serene melancholy.
Sunday 07 Jun 2015
Gregor likes laps.
Monday 08 Jun 2015
women’s & men’s
Cash Only
Tuesday 09 Jun 2015
New hire on the team = expensed lunch!
Impromptu performance by the lovely and lively @zzward at #slackerradio today. Life is good.
Wednesday 10 Jun 2015
If not for her ears I mistake her for a cat. Jojo sleeps through ECOM meeting. #dogsofslacker
There are some actual raindrops in this San Diego “rain.”
Thursday 11 Jun 2015
This is what I look like.
Friday 12 Jun 2015
Jacaranda Rivulets
That time Greenpeace scaled ARCO HQ in Downtown L.A.
Saturday 13 Jun 2015
Kensington Succulent
Soap ladies
the wait
Monday 15 Jun 2015
Bus Stop Bunny seems to say to me “You’re here later than usual, bud.”
Tower 13
Tuesday 16 Jun 2015
scrubs. the chief’s chair. haircut.
Wednesday 17 Jun 2015
Busted water main (?) In Fashion Valley. Fire trucks on the scene.
7th grade. Serious young man in Gretna Louisiana.
Secondhand fireworks. Over Sea World.
Thursday 18 Jun 2015
This person is a regular. Nice sort.
Saturday 20 Jun 2015
Terrible lighting on me but fun as heck. Art of San Diego Comic-Con.
Sunday 21 Jun 2015
My Dad and I are in ties in this. The other photos I have of this night are my father going up to a podium to receive a document. I can’t remember if he was graduating from P.A. School at USC or getting an award as an outstanding instructor of the P.A. school at USC. The pic is marked with January 1977 so it could be either. As long as I can remember my Dad has worked hard, studying, reading, on call, teaching, and endeavoring to be the best. I’m incredibly proud of him and his accomplishments. Happy Father’s Day Dad!
Tuesday 23 Jun 2015
Jojo is nonplussed by this fire drill meeting. Joe is too.
Wednesday 24 Jun 2015
My infant care strategy is The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds on repeat on @SlackerRadio with Premium.
Rancho Bernardo Courtyard doing tenant appreciation with complimentary @StuffedSD burgers. Thanks RBC from @SlackerRadio!
Thursday 25 Jun 2015
Geode selection at the Fair. Auntie & Niece
Save Ferris
Friday 26 Jun 2015
On Friday we wear hats only movie buffs will get.
We at @slackerradio had a great time at the mouth of the San Diego River. Learned a bit, pulled nonnative plants, planted native ones. Great to do something positive for San Diego! Thank you San Diego River Park Foundation for the opportunity!
Saturday 27 Jun 2015
Overcast paradise.
At the Gem Faire
The Exquisite Art of the Hand-Drawn Sign.
Sunday 28 Jun 2015
Perfectly O.B.
Monday 29 Jun 2015
Aguacates y los robots en el almuerzo.
Tuesday 30 Jun 2015
Fish at Ranch 99 from last week.
Thursday 02 Jul 2015
Acquired World’s Finest 243 & others. WF243 is a wild issue I remember from my childhood c. 1977.
Saturday 04 Jul 2015
Ollie, recently. A very happy boy.
Sunday 05 Jul 2015
Jean, Jim, & Joe Crawford, late 1976. On the occasion of my Dad’s graduation from P.A. School at USC. They drove up from San Diego for that. Proud of their son!
Monday 06 Jul 2015
Today’s Hits on Slacker.
Maybe 2 days.
Tuesday 07 Jul 2015
One second later, she barked at me. #dogsofslacker
My Ultramen celebrate today’s birthday of Eiji Tsuburaya! Kudos to Google for honoring him!
Wednesday 08 Jul 2015
At Comic-Con. Please ignore the accidentally perfectly framed woman behind us. #sdcc
Hey Archer! I’m with Spider-Man!
With a giant LEGO Ninjago. (Hiya Zac!) #LEGOSDCC
This is a Christmas ornament. Although it probably would be better for Easter. #sdcc #startrek
LEGO booth is where it’s at. #LEGOSDCC
Thursday 09 Jul 2015
James Brown Non-Celebrity Hot Tubs. #SDCC can wait a bit.
This includes feeding birds
Commitment. #SDCC #cosplay #transformers
Previously unseen 1980s public access low-fi interview with Jack Kirby. Wow. Jack is SO inspiring and so wonderful. RIP. #SDCC
Jack Kirby original of work done for a 3-D comic. Fascinating. #SDCC
Bats & I are very serious. #SDCC
Perfect Daredevil cosplay #SDCC
Not bad for a Thursday. #SDCC
Friday 10 Jul 2015
Walter’s piece checked through security. They don’t do this at the bowling alley. #SDCC #MARKITZERODUDE #lebowski
Oh, I can GET you a toe. With nail polish. You don’t wanna know how. #SDCC #lebowski
Walter & a Terminator
Saturday 11 Jul 2015
I’m a legitimate businessman. And I my aim is to do good no matter the cost. #SDCC #daredevil #kingpin
Matt Murdock & Wilson Fisk #Daredevil #Kingpin #cosplay #SDCC
Earlier today: No more beautiful for a giant cosplay meetup. #SDCC
Masquerade overflow. If I could do this from home I might. But gosh the Foglios are fun. #SDCC
Sunday 12 Jul 2015
Kingpin calls it a day. #SDCC
I predict hat-wearing in the coming week. Tired but improving. Rebooting.
Final ride home on the Trolley, 2015. #SDCC
Monday 13 Jul 2015
Hat week begins! Waiting in the beanbag chair with Kurt.
Tuesday 14 Jul 2015
Hat week Day 2. Hup!
Temporary digs.
Wednesday 15 Jul 2015
“Proper Attire” lost.
Fashion Valley means it for next year, too.
Hat Week. Day 3. No, I will not free the dome. I’m patient AND stubborn.
Grr Argh finger puppets from Buffy screening are now hand puppets.
Thursday 16 Jul 2015
Hat Week: Day 4. Blue fire!
(Raising the) Kneeling Bus RAMP (Drawbridge).
Time to go to a Coinstar.
Me & @missewon at LeStat’s on Park. Drawring.
Night Shift on Friars
Friday 17 Jul 2015
Hat Week Concludes.
I just came to chill in the beanbag chair then I got sat upon. #dogsofslacker
Saturday 18 Jul 2015
Wouldn’t we all rather be indoors today?
Time to go see Ant-Man. The rain is a surprise.
Don’t get in an argument with anyone who buys popcorn kernels. In 34 pound increments.
Sunday 19 Jul 2015
Last night’s sundown. I love a 2-movie day.
Homage to the feet photos of my wife.
Monday 20 Jul 2015
Cube Cat inking wip on the bus. It’s Monday. Get in the game.
Tuesday 21 Jul 2015
Shaved head + 10 days.
The Stratocaster Squire II in the lobby. Nice place for lunch.
Wednesday 22 Jul 2015

Somebody’s bad day. (Fallen tree limb)
By Boudin Sf.
Thursday 23 Jul 2015
Stopping by Max’s desk to check on his regression tests means I get to talk Fripp & Eno, steam trains and photograph his Olomana model train. Work is good today.
Saturday 25 Jul 2015
Good Day. Hesperia.
Emilee lives is Southern Utah; is the cutest.
Sunday 26 Jul 2015
For who can make straight what He has bent.
Tuesday 28 Jul 2015
Appointments today in North County so taking Coaster. I love a train.
Del Mar is beautiful even through the screen.
Encinitas: several million points for style. #OurLadyOfGuadalupe
The Grateful Dead: Influences and Influencers
Shinehead me & the Kook. #CardiffKook
Wednesday 29 Jul 2015
Patagonia’s take on the Mick Fanning shark attack (pic from yesterday)
Railroad Crossing
Shelby, wagging; from earlier today. #dogsofslacker
Thursday 30 Jul 2015
Organic mint?
The Crockford Affirmation #javascript
Friday 31 Jul 2015
QOTD: “I guess a robot would have to be crazy to want to be a folk singer.”
Failures List.
Saturday 01 Aug 2015
Windows down, freeway driving, Go-Go’s on LOUD? Winner!
Sunday 02 Aug 2015
David of North Hollywood.
Monday 03 Aug 2015
Monday MirrorProject Homage
Tuesday 04 Aug 2015
New ride, new sticker. #slackerradio
Wednesday 05 Aug 2015
Moving out of the temporary digs today and into the repainted and recarpeted office.
Friday 07 Aug 2015
Moving and remodeling at work continues apace.
Overhead light at Cork & Craft
System.out.println(“Meow, World”);
Saturday 08 Aug 2015
In the Anza-Borrego, earlier.
Windmills in the Anza Borrego, a lovely afternoon with Leah
Sunday 09 Aug 2015
Gardening the pots above the 163 in Hillcrest
Hanging out with @missewon . “Make New Customers ~ Hold Old Ones” 1964.
Tuesday 11 Aug 2015
The Beatles DNA Station on Slacker Radio
Thursday 13 Aug 2015
The hair is returning at a pace less than hoped for, but steady.
Monday 17 Aug 2015
Italian Latency
Shelby, earlier. #dogsofslacker
Wednesday 19 Aug 2015
git it girl (at Salvation Army donation station)
Thursday 20 Aug 2015
I really like a hexagonal window.
Meetings at Slacker sometimes include dog hugs. #dogsofslacker
Friday 21 Aug 2015
New bot! Maria, or rather the “False Maria” from 1927’s classic silent film “Metropolis.” Liberties were taken with this rendering of her design.
Saturday 22 Aug 2015
Sunday 23 Aug 2015
I get pretty happy when computer systems render exotic character sets correctly. It is a Japanese car though.
Monday 24 Aug 2015
Autumn is in the house. That’s cool.
Wednesday 26 Aug 2015
Condo Fake Owl is very stern.
Maverick is SO HANDSOME & friendly. Belongs to Sharon. #dogsofslacker
New Bot Day! This is the Big-O mechs from the 1999 anime that is named for him. He’s lovely!
Friday 28 Aug 2015
Out of breath at the Cove.
Saturday 29 Aug 2015
pleased to meetcha
David and the plants.
Thursday 03 Sep 2015
Friday 04 Sep 2015
blues, clues
Saturday 05 Sep 2015
I have become the old guy who picks up trash at the beach.
Tuesday 08 Sep 2015
He winks! Rotary phone chest! Teddy bear decal! Phone handsets for arms! CUTEST NEW BOT EVER.
Thursday 10 Sep 2015
Big-O wins “largest forearms” contests all over.
Friday 11 Sep 2015
_This_ is the sky that’s lightly drizzling? Over Miramar? It’s strange,
Saturday 12 Sep 2015
My first red cell donation of B+. Bloodmobile at Balboa & Genessee today.
Wild Saturday nights are wild.
Sunday 13 Sep 2015
Slacker Radio (from last week)
Detour of the day.
Rebel Without A Pause
“No helicopter looking for a murder / (not) 2 in the morning, got the Fatburger”
Monday 14 Sep 2015
The Astro Boys at Meltdown yesterday were wonderful. What’s the collective noun for Mighty Atoms?
Tuesday 15 Sep 2015
renovations continue. i love this place.
One movie down, one to go tonight.
Wednesday 16 Sep 2015
Crimson Dynamo may have the advantage over the little red fellow.
Nosh w/ EW.
the skeptic, earlier.
Thursday 17 Sep 2015
This angel is wearing a Cat mask.
The Darling kids.
Peggy Carter has an iconic hat.
Who’s a pretty doggy?
Darkseid & Me (Kirby ❤️)
Suit coat from Better Call Saul has this odd pocket configuration. (From earlier at FIDM)
Friday 18 Sep 2015
I would totally watch this tv show. Networks listen up. #Baymax #GirlRobot
Saturday 19 Sep 2015
THE JUNCTION TO EVERYWHERE! — detail from page by Jack Kirby. From CSUN Thursday.
At the great new exhibition at the downtown library curated by Susan Myrland. It’s great. See it.
Wednesday 23 Sep 2015
awkward hair length
Beautiful invader
Thursday 24 Sep 2015
Hanging with @missewon (not pictured) at Sushi Deli 2 downtown.
Friday 25 Sep 2015
Here for Creative Mornings San Diego. Not sure what to expect.
Leah is happiest photographing.
Saturday 26 Sep 2015
Sunday 27 Sep 2015
Beets are beautiful.
Monday 28 Sep 2015
don’t lean in
Scan the world and make the world.
Early morning Rancho Bernardo last week.
Tuesday 29 Sep 2015
This Is My Jam: Classy and shut down.
Even Daggits dream of Earth. New robot Tuesday starring Muffit II.
Me, my sister & grandparents. At DISNEYLAND.
Wednesday 30 Sep 2015
2011: Amateur Flowsheet
Thursday 01 Oct 2015
OCTOBER. If I close my eyes I can remember my Mom eyebrow pencilling on that Van Dyke beard.
Saturday 03 Oct 2015
James Parr of Open Space Agency talking Ultrascope at #sdmakerfaire
I contributed some pushpins to this in progress portrait of Edward Snowden #sdmakerfaire
Selfie with Giant Robot because I’m me. #sdmakerfaire
Battle Boats and Captains battling at Maker Faire
I found @noordinarymoment at #sdmakerfaire helping in the booth– I mean Viking Tent associated with the pneumatic tentacle!
This #Sparki robot at #sdmakerfaire was the cutest off-the-shelf sensing programmable bot.
Sunday 04 Oct 2015
This fellow’s exoskeleton/suit yesterday at #sdmakerfaire was BEAUTIFUL. Gorilla glue in bulk + INCREDIBLE craftsmanship.
Trike Writer was here. #sdmakerfaire
Tiny kid just played two bars of theme from The Sting! Killer pipe organ powered by several Arduinos and Raspberry Pi. #sdmakerfaire
Accidentally inside art installation of hose at San Diego Art Institute
Monday 05 Oct 2015
My #Inktober Five. The discipline of drawing something, anything daily is nice.
Tuesday 06 Oct 2015
Halloweentime is fabric store season. #inktober
Wednesday 07 Oct 2015
camera shy Shelby (& Amy holding her)
Pumpkins are nice too. From earlier today.
Thursday 08 Oct 2015
This is a candle packaged like a pie, with a picture of a pie on the outside. Entenmann’s, food or candle not both.
Friday 09 Oct 2015
it is shaky on the bus
Saturday 10 Oct 2015
Inktober has been fun! Thinking of setting up drawing prompts for myself into the future.
San Diego Costume Guild Annual Sale (got Kingpin cuff links!) now breakfast with Leah.
Sunday 11 Oct 2015
Inktober Day 10. She’ll rip your lungs out, Jim. I’d like to meet her tailor.
Tuesday 13 Oct 2015
Wednesday 14 Oct 2015
Now playing in the #slackerradio offices: The Pixies.
Raggedy Cube Cat #inktober day 13
Thursday 15 Oct 2015
You are the first one here.
Inktober 15. I’m a filigree fan.
Friday 16 Oct 2015
Cute bots are cute. Who’s cutest?
Note the distinct lack of any specific magazine or the category “magazine” as a way I might find out about new #movies #bridgeofspies
Saturday 17 Oct 2015
Complete digital redraw of an old sketch. Today’s #inktober prompt is robot. So there may be more.
It’s @cocolamour at @drsketchysd ! She’s killing it! So fun. #pixiestixxburlesque
This is an extra #inktober 17. Robot Rooster! #ForBecky
Sunday 18 Oct 2015
Friend breakfast with @missewon
#inktober 18. The prompt was “fuzzy monster.” Thanks to Chuck Jones there’s one best choice.
I have no idea what’s on her feet tho. #inktober
Tuesday 20 Oct 2015
Cube Cat at the costume party. #inktober
#inktober prompt “pixie” which I’m interpreting as “caricature of Ginnifer Goodwin as a smiling Vulcan engineer with a pixie cut.”
Wednesday 21 Oct 2015
On the 3 Bus. She draws too.
Thursday 22 Oct 2015
My sister: “Actually, I might have been a skunk. I can’t remember!” I’m a Mad Doctor.
#inktober cube cat, “pop star.”
Friday 23 Oct 2015
McGovern Shriver ’72.
#inktober is experimentation.
Saturday 24 Oct 2015
Hanging with Kali & Zoey
Busy day late #Inktober Z.
Sunday 25 Oct 2015
I believe it’s going to be a lovely day of trains, friends, Godsons, drawing, visual futurism, Pasadena & Los Angeles.
@sw_inku comics on my train trip. trains are for reading!
Caution tape protects Junipero Serra, presumably from protests over Sainthood / Genocide notoriety.
None more chrome. 1957 Mercury Turnpike Cruiser. #carclassic15
2015 Blade / Divergent Motors. Beautiful car.
Q: How often do you get to selfie with a Keith Haring mural? #carclassic15 @artcenteredu
Zac in a plane! Very fancy plane.
Chris Zac Joe reflected in the side of an Airstream trailer. #carclassic15
#Inktober @ Philippe’s!
Wednesday 28 Oct 2015
Good morning. I’ve been sick and hate how weak my game is. I hate not being at 100% mana. All my campaigns have been ineffective. Gastroenteritis is no fun. But I’m at 65% or so now. I’m back in play!
Tuesday 03 Nov 2015
I like a red sweater that challenges compression algorithms and jpeg fidelity.
Pacific Standard Time means darkness on the way home.
Friday 06 Nov 2015
Of course Luchador movies are on the wall. Dinner w/@missewon
¡Lucha Libre! Y tacos.
Saturday 07 Nov 2015
Chill time.
Sunday 08 Nov 2015
Nightfall on Friars
Nota fan of this guy. But he did name his plane “Spirit of St. Louis” — where Leah’s returning from.
Saturday 14 Nov 2015
Must be L.A.
We are all Parisians.
Coming to getcha
Sunday 15 Nov 2015
Good view.
no one will ever replace you
listen up #corgi
Thursday 19 Nov 2015
Jojo in repose. #dogsofslacker
Saturday 21 Nov 2015
Here at The Merrow for Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School San Diego @drsketchysd !
20 min pose/Rogue Debonair. #drsketchysd
Art inside and art outside The Merrow today.
Monday 23 Nov 2015
Graphics on this table are the funnest.
Long time no selfie. Shoulda shaved this morning.
Wednesday 25 Nov 2015
A day where I can read a comic with Carrie Kelley Robin in it is a good day.
Thursday 26 Nov 2015
Miles and one of the 7 Thanksgiving dogs.
Friday 27 Nov 2015
Mutual admiration society.
He moves quick!
Tuesday 01 Dec 2015
Bus floor pattern strangely festive. Or maybe I am.
Wednesday 02 Dec 2015
Several years experience drawing holly.
Friday 04 Dec 2015
Wax & Shine Super Joe
Tuesday 08 Dec 2015
6 o’clock shadow.
Wednesday 09 Dec 2015
Currently enjoying 1984-era @91xsandiego I taped from the radio. Yes I made that label. #radio #91x
Friday 11 Dec 2015
Hearing Dustbowl Revival warming up at Music Box yesterday was awesome!
Sunday 13 Dec 2015
Me, 1979. La Salle-Green Hills, Metro Manila.
Phyllis & Jim. Hong Kong, 1979
My sister. November 1977.
Monday 14 Dec 2015
Quickie impatient Batman.
FUTURE HOME (Phil’s barbecue)
Patiently took a seat while owner in the grocery.
Tuesday 15 Dec 2015
Golf course morning frost.
good at praying
Saturday 19 Dec 2015
David, 2015.
Mr. Goodmood.
Sunday 20 Dec 2015
The kid in the fox slippers.
Shatzi, the dogsat puffball.
Monday 21 Dec 2015
These buttons fight fascists. Proud supporter of both these campaigns!
Eleven years married tonight.
Tuesday 22 Dec 2015
Christmas New Bot Tuesday! Everyone’s favorite transdimensional robot cat Doreamon!
Thursday 24 Dec 2015
Chilliest nephew.
Fletcher & Joe
Christmas Eve swings with Pop Pop
Mom’s enchilada recipe. Mom’s handwriting. Both perfect.
Archer helping with the cookies earlier
Friday 25 Dec 2015
66°F Christmas Morn‘ in Northern Virginia.
The Crawfords.
Auntie Sally & Me
Lego assembly with Daddy on Christmas morning. Deep concentration!
These Batmen kids’ slippers are plush.
Auntie Amber, Cousin Arlo & Fletcher
Hat Man
Breaking in the new recycled notebook from Steffani, Amber & Arlo with some Darth.
Saturday 26 Dec 2015
Miss J’s watchful eye over Fletcher
Mr. Foot
Sunday 27 Dec 2015
I challenge you to find a nerdier better espresso roast name. #CafeKreyol
Monday 28 Dec 2015
Post Christmas. Pre New Year.
Tuesday 29 Dec 2015
Baby duty while Archer levels up at swim class.
Lego Crying Kitty A.I. Hydra Dragster. I still got it. Archer’s not sure about the kitty eyes but I am.
Wednesday 30 Dec 2015
Fletcher! Let’s go to the DMV with Mama!
Bored in 10 minutes.
When it was 2015 / it was a very good year / #2015bestnines
Thursday 31 Dec 2015
Leah’s color zen.
Really not a vacation until I take a selfie with a robot. #bb-8