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  • Goodbye, Flash

    I have a long history with Flash, so seeing my Mac pop this up about this shutdown hurts a little. Thank you for using Adobe Flash Player. Adobe’s support for Flash Player will end on December 31st, 2020. Please see the Adobe Flash EOL General Information Page for more details. If you do not need…

  • Adobe Creative Types: I am the Adventurer.

    Apparently. Do the quiz yourself: There’s no telling where the impassioned creative quest and endless curiosity of the ADVENTURER may lead. Fueled by high energy levels and boundless enthusiasm, you’re easily inspired—and more than willing to follow your fascinations wherever they take you. ADVENTURER types are passionate, expressive, multi-talented creative spirits with a natural…

  • The very talented Deb Shadovitz

    The very talented Deb Shadoviz wrote this book about Adobe GoLive called The GoLive 5 Bible, and she used a quote of mine in the chapter on CSS. So you should check it out next time you’re in the web design section of your local bookstore, or you can buy it from trusty old Amazon.