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  • Pittsburgh Adventures (written in the Pittsburgh AirPort, from December 5th)

    So as I write this, the flight crew for my flight back to San Diego is circling the Pittsburgh Airport. So we’re delayed as my ready-to-go plane awaits a pilot. Yesterday was harrowing. The snow came down in buckets starting at about 12 noon Eastern time in Roanoke. My flight out was scheduled for 6:30pm….

  • Fun Fact About Mac OS X

    I’m no sure, but I think that the below indicates that if you hit the precise turning of the hour and you have the time in your shell config, you get to see “DING!” on the command line. [4:58pm][artlung@The-iBook:~]: [DING!][artlung@The-iBook:~]: I wonder if this is common to all unices? And I wonder if my interpretation…

  • PHP Triad

    PHP Triad is interesting. It combines the “AMP” parts of “LAMP” into one easy installer for Windows. Idiot-proofing open source is a laudable goal. As installers get better, more people will use these tools in more ways. That has to be good.

  • Joe & stethoscope 1991-2
    Archeology and Nostalgia

    (This was written on my Virginia/Thanksgiving Vacation) I’m still in Virginia and have utterly failed to maintain my correspondence properly whilst here. One of the things I’ve been up to is some archeology. I found some old photos, or rather my sister found some old photos. The photo at left is of me in my…

  • Synopsis Collected From Some Mailing List

    Basic business is material, process, product, and sales.