Archeology and Nostalgia

(This was written on my Virginia/Thanksgiving Vacation)

I’m still in Virginia and have utterly failed to maintain my correspondence properly whilst here. One of the things I’ve been up to is some archeology. I found some old photos, or rather my sister found some old photos. The photo at left is of me in my UVa Medical Center uniform. It must be from 1991 or 1992. I think I look so strange, hamming it up with my stethoscope and my Dad and his then top-of-the-line Mac IIci.

Last night I actually dreamt about some medical procedures I used to do as an RT (and may do again sometime soon) — specifically I remember doing an ABG (arterial blood gas). I don’t ascribe much meaning to dreams, but this was vivid. It was not so much like a dream as like a run-through of the entire procedure. I remember checking for collateral circulation with the Allen’s Test, instructed the patient, palpated for a good radial artery pulse, inserted the needle cautiously, saw the flash of blood, and allowed it to fill with 1cc of blood. Then I removed the needle, held pressure, and put it on ice for processing.

Again, doesn’t mean much, but I think Virginia makes me think of medicine.

I got a job offer too. My buddy Vinnie offered me a job in the company he works with as a Respiratory Therapist. Salary is not so hot, but there’s a healthy sign-on bonus. But I don’t see myself here in Virginia. As much as it would be wonderful to be nearer my parents and sister, I’m a City Mouse. More, my place is out west. I’m a California animal. It’s funny though, I always feel like an expatriate, almost anywhere I go. Another factor is my girlfriend, who I dote on verily. I am exercising caution of course, but she means a great deal to me.

My Mom has gone on a Goodwill binge and I had about 10 boxes of old stuff. Books, textbooks, magazines, toys, whatnot — old things. I’ve grabbed out old report cards and a hat and kerchief from my Cub Scout days. Plus a few other notions. I got rid of a pile of Amiga and TI-99/4a magazines which are of no value anymore. I also had a pile of old textbooks from high school and junior college. I kept some of my old term papers and class notes. Some journal things I will want to revisit someday. Mostly I’ve been a packrat and keep everything with me. This means that 99% of what I own is back home in San Diego.

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