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  • Another Lovely Weekend

    I went to two parties this weekend. One a barbecue with some old friends (and some new) and then a work party with Miss Leah. At the BBQ I got to see Steve and Natty, who are back from their USA travels and they look terrific! At the Christmas (Holiday?) Party for Leah’s work I…

  • Something I Saw on a Marquee in Roanoke; Go Watch …Say Anything

    I saw a note for a band with the name Lloyd Dobler Effect – a very cool name. Lloyd Dobler is the name of the John Cusack character in …say anything. If you have not seen that movie, you should. Read the quotes, particularly this one: The world is full of guys. Be a man….

  • The Uncanny Valley

    The Uncanny Valley is an intiguing essay/project exploring why certain things that are very human-like are so creepy, but things that are somewhat less human-like are not.