Another Lovely Weekend

I went to two parties this weekend. One a barbecue with some old friends (and some new) and then a work party with Miss Leah. At the BBQ I got to see Steve and Natty, who are back from their USA travels and they look terrific!

At the Christmas (Holiday?) Party for Leah’s work I had a lovely time. She works with nice people I think, and the lunch (up in Temecula) was tasty as well. After that we hung out at her place, did some laundry, and came back home after a nice weekend.

Today I’m taking my Grandma to see the Doctor – a followup from earlier issues. I also think I have a job interview. I’ll know more about that later.

Money is tight, which is embarassing but predictable, given my idiocy in handling money — but unemployment came through now that work at the old gig is definitely not in the cards. My parents have helped so much in that arena — I am so lucky. I think about the stresses I could be having, that others I know are struggling with — illness, death, chronic pain — and I feel lucky.

This was the worst year of my life. But I feel lucky. I’ve gotten a reprieve, and a second chance. It’s so off that the worst year could in some ways turn out to be the thing that turned my whole life around.


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