this is the website of joe crawford. code. occasional comics. toy robots. san diego.
  • People Can Learn To Cold Read = Psychics Are Not Real
    I am a skeptic, ever after. And this article My Psychic Adventure by Kari Coleman details how one skeptical, non-psychic “fakes” it by simply paying attention to people – by paying attention to the facts that people reveal in any interaction. It’s remarkable, and I think would be food for thought for any of your…
  • SIGGRAPH 2003 – here in San Diego
    I had no idea. SIGGRAPH 2003 / SAN DIEGO. I went in 1986 in Los Angeles and got very fired up about the internet and computer graphics. It was a force motivating me to get into the web. I’m excited that it’s coming here to San Diego!
  • From My Mom…
    Hi Joe, Hope you had a great trip to Utah. Just for your info the birth of Jesus is in the Gospel of Matthew and Luke. Ussally at Christmas they read from the Gospel of Luke Chapter 2 because it gives the full account of the good news. He appeared to the shepherds first. In…
  • attacks Microsoft on the word “Windows”
    Those cats over at are relentless. David and Goliath, I tell ya. To whit: Glass Panes and Software: Windows Name Is Challenged
  • Back From Utah
    Pile of email. Lots to do. New Year’s Day Approaches.