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Hi Joe, Hope you had a great trip to Utah. Just for your info the birth of Jesus is in the Gospel of Matthew and Luke. Ussally at Christmas they read from the Gospel of Luke Chapter 2 because it gives the full account of the good news. He appeared to the shepherds first. In those times shepherds were considered unclean and untrustworthy. Shepherds may have been chosen because they represented all who needed cleansing. Jesus was a king for all those humble enough to see their need for a Savior. Jesus had a supernatural beginning which is a sign of his divinity. He was human and divine. Just thought you would like to know the truth. Love you son, Mom 🙂

Thanks so much for the clarification Mom! More on the trip to Utah soon…

posted this 21 years ago.

(Monday December 30th 2002 at 12:46pm)

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