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  • William Gibson, Blogging!

    William Gibson now has a blog. This makes me remarkably happy. And he’s already talking about Pattern Recognition. And Bruce Sterling has been blogging for a while. If Neal Stephenson started blogging all three of my favorite writers (all three cyberpunks) would have blogs. Maybe it is the future.

  • Penn, Airport Patriot Followup:

    Working Class Hero Penn (which I blogged about the other day)

  • Year in Review

    This GBN Global Perspectives by Gwynne Dyer is really worth a read. It’s from our neighbors to the north, Canada. Very thorough and rather evenhanded.

  • 5 Tips for Independent Contractors

    I like that cat Bill Rini. I really like his 5 Tips For Independent Contractors. The Cliff’s Notes version below (click “more…” below to read all the gory details). Never take on a client who has fired more than one previous contractor to do the same job. more… Never agree to do any work that…

  • The Cover Problem

    The Cover Problem is really The Negro Problem doing covers. This article in the LA Times talks about them covering Saturday Night Fever — the whole album — live. I’d have loved to have seen it. I think Stew and those kids have a lot of fun.

  • Weekend Over

    So this weekend was nice. I lost three straight games at racquetball Saturday morning. But I played gosh darnit. Yay me! More changes in the apartment over the weekend. Erin and I have made a lot of changes to the layout, kitchen, living room. more things to go to goodwill, and AmVets is coming tomorrow….