Weekend Over

So this weekend was nice. I lost three straight games at racquetball Saturday morning. But I played gosh darnit. Yay me!

More changes in the apartment over the weekend. Erin and I have made a lot of changes to the layout, kitchen, living room. more things to go to goodwill, and AmVets is coming tomorrow. It’s really cool. Last week I took her to Ikea, and she got some really cool stuff. I’m really liking this roommate thing. Erin’s a great friend. Even though maybe I got this cold from her. Tee hee.

Yesterday Leah and I were hanging out. On a strange impulse I told her to hop on my back — your standard piggy-back ride. But you see, Leah and I are sort of large people at the moment. “Works in progress” I like to say, since we’ve both lost weight in these past few months. Anyway, It was kinda cool. As it turns out, I’m rather strong, and maybe off my rocker, and I spun around a few times, making her very nervous and half laughing/half pleading for me to stop. I felt 13 years old and it was great. Kids, don’t try this at home.

Yesterday I spent several hours trying to get Leah’s Gateway computer back working. The OS restoration was going good, then it was hosed. Maybe I’ll just put Linux on the damn thing. It doesn’t seem to want to take Windows onto it, despite my roughhousing it. That’s a project for next weekend though.

I learned yesterday that sometimes when you’re talking about one thing, you’re really talking about another. You think you’re discussing the weather, then an anger or a negative feeling comes out in a strange way. You may not even be conscious of it. Luckily, if the person you’re talking to is smart, and inquisitive, and you are the same, you can examine what the conversation was really about.

Saturday night L. made tater tots for us while we watched a movie. That was really cool for some reason.

Okay, a few more links, and I have workish stuff to do.


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