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  • Shut out of AIGA (aka) Not determined enough to fight with parking downtown
    I tried to go the presentation “Designing in the Age of Experience” at The AIGA Center For Design downtown tonight. Unfortunately, Super Bowl madness has set in and there was no parking to be had within about a 10 block radius. I was simply too tired to fight with the massive amount of traffic in…
  • Wonderful, Scatalogical, Vulgar, Funny, Diary of a Music Business Mixer
    Go read Mixerman’s anonymous diary. It’s a wonderful use of the web. I’ve read the first 8 weeks worth and laughed out loud several times. Amazing, appalling, and entertaining stuff. But a warning: there’s plenty of salty language. But it reads like truth. Check it: Mixerman’s Diary Week 1 Mixerman’s Diary Week 2 Mixerman’s Diary…
  • Why I Like Mozilla Today
    So I’m doing some development – in ASP (but that doesn’t matter, could be anything). Things I love about Mozilla today for web development (using 1.21 on Windows 2000 Server): the installer lets me only put in a browser if I want (since it’s for testing, who needs a mail client?) the JavaScript debugger is…
  • A Busy Boy
    I’ve been busy lately. My last two posts have been about dead cartoonists. That’s a bit depressing. Suffice to say I’ve been busy. In the meantime, go read Defective Yeti. That guy’s funny. More this weekend. I promise!