Why I Like Mozilla Today

So I’m doing some development – in ASP (but that doesn’t matter, could be anything). Things I love about Mozilla today for web development (using 1.21 on Windows 2000 Server):

  • the installer lets me only put in a browser if I want (since it’s for testing, who needs a mail client?)
  • the JavaScript debugger is a godsend for checking my JavaScript for validity. Yesterday I mis-typed the enctype for uploads and a warning about that was in there. Nice! (Tools > Web Development > JavaScript Console)
  • The cookies manager is GREAT for doing anything where the look of the page is permissions based. One can easily delete a cookie, and set the browser to warn you of all new cookies, so you can really keep track of what’s happening in your app.
    (Edit > Preferences > Privacy & Security > Cookies > Manage Stored Cookies)
  • I can set it to stop popunders so I can research with no worries of untoward stuff showing up.
  • I can always see the error messages of sites – (as opposed to Windows MSIE, where it conveniently “hides” error messages from me.

If you’ve not taken Mozilla for a spin, you’re missing out.

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