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  • Suggestions to News Sites For How To Use Blogs

    A wonderful, rambling series of suggestions for news organizations for how to use blogs to grab content from the public – moblogs, photoblogs, internal blogs, columnist blogs: Blogs have a place on news sites Back on July 4, I noted that the Union Tribune started blogging After they had a somewhat derisive take on blogs…

  • Life is Real

    So. Last year the sh*t hit the fan in my life. My wife left me and everything turned inside-out and backwards and it all hurt like hell. (Everything is healing nicely, thank you) So when all that happened last year, something interesting happened. I kept blogging. I said: I’m at a loss right now as…

  • Reciprocity

    The Web Design Meetup Links Page linked to ye olde, and hey, we linked to them too. Doncha love reciprocity?

  • Ocean Beach Gaming Place is some kind of O.B. network gaming establishment. Interesting.

  • Cool Laptop Tool

    My laptop is temporarily out of commission, but when it’s back in biz I think this tool: RAPS Advanced Protection System Wrap, looks quite useful. It’s like a strong ultra-laptop-diaper!

  • New Stew!

    For those who were wondering, the new Stew album, “Something Deeper Than These Changes” is slated to hit the shelves on September 23rd. I’m sure more details will be trickling in soon. via the negro problem mailing list. more info at

  • Weekend

    Weekend good. Time for work. …boy, that was brief

  • in google!

    Cool. A search for ronny vardy now includes a key result. Go Ronny!