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  • Leah Peterson’s Latest Work

    Oooh. Leah painted last week and came out with two really wonderful paintings — in a style that combines some of her “trees” work — which she used to sell as individual prints — and some of her abstract, large canvasses. On Saturday she was interviewed for a documentary and enjoyed herself quite a bit….

  • Al’s got photos!

    I like Al’s latest gallery: upwards

  • Comic Con Post on San Diego Blog Continues to Grow

    I keep updating this thread. So many tasty links! San Diego Blog — Con: More. More. More

  • Exposing oneself to others ideas

    One of the cool things about having family here last week and before was being exposed to their tastes and thoughts. My sister’s boyfriend D. has some really cool tastes. Here are some of them: James Kochalka’s American Elf is one. He has an interesting pitch for supporting his site: American Elf: the Sketchbook Diaries…