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  • Eleven Years And Counting

    Yesterday marked eleven years I’ve been blogging here on I’m so stunned I’m not sure what to say about it. But, I thank you for reading, for commenting, for linking over the years. Here’s to many more years of this!

  • The End of Uncov

    A blog I have mentioned before that I enjoy is closing. I hate that. Uncov, the foulmouthed CS-heavy blog. is closing, as an afterthought, Ted writes: Oh, right. One more thing. This is the last Uncov. Ever. I have been getting tired of it, and this has been manifesting itself in my writing. After seeing…

  • stew sez 2.0

    wie geht’s y’all: stew sez, originally started back in 2003 for stew to vent some writing, has been given a facelift and new interface — it’s a blog. i’m proud to have been able to set this up for stew, and am looking forward to reading more and eventually seeing “passing strange” too. check it…

  • Macessibility

    Macessibility is Kynn’s new blog about Mac Accessibility.