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  • “Thanks Clairemont Coffee Bean & Tea… for the wireless”

    That was 7 years ago. That Coffee Bean & Tea is now closed. I drew that with Brushes on an iPod Touch. I see now that Brushes has since become free software. That’s pretty cool, I think. You can program on the thing yourself–just download the source from Github and go.

  • Coffee Bean!

    The Coffee Bean & Tea has been good to me in the past two weeks. Here’s a coffee bean of thanks, courtesy, AGAIN,

  • Ray at Night and Other Delights

    On Saturday night Leah, Alexandra, Tamara Leeper and I went out to Ray at Night, an art walk on Ray Street here in San Diego. I mentioned attending Ray at Night in 2003, but I’m not totally sure what year I first went. They’ve been putting it on for almost 10 years. Before we went…

  • I only made this because Claire de Lune is a COFFEEHOUSE with no WiFi.

    (And I am not sure whether that is good or bad) (Good coffee though) (Thanks for reading)

  • Mother Mary Comforts Me

    So here’s a photo from the room I’m staying in at Grandma’s house: And here’s a photo, maybe a year or so old, of my Grandmother: On Friday I opened an account for her on Facebook. She used to be an avid emailer. In fact, her email addresses was one of the first I used,…