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  • Audio Packrattitude

    As a teenager I taped lots of stuff off the radio and TV. Here are my latest encodes: Douglas Adams interviewed by Larry King, 1987 David Letterman interviewed by Howard Cosell

  • Lettermans Holding Records

    In February I posted about a tumblr called “David Letterman Holding Records.” I called it sublime. I still think it is. I even went so far as to post it to MetaFilter. Well, I got to thinking, there had to be old footage of Letterman, from the old days of the NBC show, of Letterman,…

  • David Letterman Holding Records

    David Letterman Holding Records is a tumblr (read: blog) about David Letterman holding recods. Sublime.

  • “This is free genius tv advice.”

    David Letterman comments on TV shenanigans:

  • “Them Bats is Smart, They Use Radar”

    So I bought a video encoder, pretty nice one, and this is my first capture. I need to tweak settings, and it would probably help if everything I wanted to capture was not 19 year old videotapes that have been stored in garages with poor climate control. Hah! Enjoy.

  • Larry “Bud” Melman IS Roy Orbison, 1987

    Along the same lines as Dave’s Alarmed Look, this is Calvert Deforest as Larry “Bud” Mellman (sic) as Roy Orbison. Larry “Bud” is great. This is another quickie. So silly. Absurdist is absolutely the right word for the show that was Late Night with David Letterman. Please remember that this blog is only an exhibition,…