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  • Fellow Terrorist/Blogger/Webbie

    I got a nice note from Kitty of BitchBlog – seems I’m not the only web designer/respiratory therapist/blogger out there! Though I believe Dori Smith made this connection years ago in the vfth discussion boards. Hi Kitty!

  • Irresistably Charming Photograph

    I find this photo utterly charming Update: Ava asked me if this photo was related to me somehow. No, it’s not. That photo is of Dori Smith of backupbrain and her son Sean.

  • Yo! about this …

    Yo! about this … check it! Dori Smith has my back! Check out dis and dat to see how when it’s right, she breaks with the artlung shout outs! (No, I don’t know why this post sounds like I’m a rapper. It is Friday though). Werd. Thanks Dori!

  • Folks of the moment:

    Folks of the moment: misunderstood genius Kynn Bartlett, voice of a blog generation Matt Haughey (who also has a weak stomach), recalcitrant debater Todd Brizendine, cranky pundits Dori Smith + Tom Negrino, and Doc “always with something interesting to say” Searls.