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  • Misc, Misc, everywhere… and not a drop to drink

    Blurbomat points to the review of MacOS 10.5, “Leopard” on Ars Technica. Anil Dash has no sense of humor about one icon. I wish Windows had included Mac networking by default years ago. Sadly, no. Maybe something based on: I upgraded this blog to WordPress 2.3.1. Bugfixes and an easy transition from 2.3. I’m so…

  • Macintosh: Like a Rock

    From Army’s Apple Shines in the Desert “it has remained trouble-free, stable and solid as a rock” It must be some kind of science fiction world come true that that Macs are now described as “like a rock.” They’ve always had a temperamental reputation. But they really do kick ass these days. Thanks unix!

  • Installled MacOS X on our iBook this weekend…

    I installed MacOS X on our iBook this weekend. Got apache and mysql installed and running. Much adventure as I explore the new operating system.