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  • Adam Bosworth’s Talk at 2005 MySQL Users Conference

    In 2007 I wrote on this here blog: I found his talk at the 2005 MySQL Users Conference inspirational. It’s one of a few talks I return to every so often because it’s so packed full of ideas. I have done some transcription on this file. It might be useful to you. First, here’s the…

  • “Fun” with Gallery 1.5.3, 1.5.10, 2, 3RC1; Leahpeah photos

    I mentioned moving Leah over to WordPress a few days ago, and that went well. I’ve been migrating over her prior content and deleting unused content a bit since then. In rooting through the site, I came across this: … which we put in place when there were folks deeplinking some larger images on her…

  • WordPress 2.1 Ate My Blog

    I can see the posts in the database, but something went wonky on the upgrade and everything before the upgrade is invisible. Woe is me till I find the time to fix it. Please stand by. I’m asking about it on the wp support forum. Update: And we’re back. The way I fixed it: running…

  • MySQL Archaeology

    When I was first playing with databases I was putting lots of stray stuff into mine. It was pretty fun, actually. mysql> select want_id, artist, title from music_wanted; +———+———————–+——————————–+ | want_id | artist | title | +———+———————–+——————————–+ | 0001 | Anderson, Laurie | Mr. Heartbreak | | 0002 | Cocker, Joe | Greatest Hits |…

  • geek out!

    this code is equivalent between postgresql and mysql: mysql: create table crawford_addresses ( id int(10) auto_increment primary key, … ); postgresql: create table “crawford_addresses” ( id serial , primary key (“id”), … );

  • MySQL-front

    MySQL-Front is a really nifty freeware MySQL SQL Server Enterprise Manager for MySQL. MySQL is getting more appealing as a database platform every day. It’s not a true RDBMS, but still massively useful. Thanks, Sassy