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  • My Racquetball Grade

    Remind me to check my grade at Student Web Services Online. What’s up with the system not being online in the middle of the night?

  • Aches And A Lame Whine

    New blister on 4th toe or right foot. Still undefeated in my racquetball class. Tired but feeling good. I have procured the signature to add the class. This time not in pencil, so when I take it to the Dean’s office they won’t look at me like an idiot when I look offended when they…

  • For Today

    San Diego Web Design Meetup today! My folks got in safe last night, yay! I got rid of many boxes last night — gave them to a friend and his wife who are moving! So fun! Tuesday night, Racquetball class was good. It put me low – I was achey and creaky and fell directly…

  • Dial-up in the morning

    On Friday, my parents came into town. I’ve been terrifically busy since then. Yesterday we did family racquetball, and then down to Pacific Beach, and then to a Baseball game of my 10 year old cousin Michael. After that we went to Mexican food at Marieta’s in Santee. A very busy day, and I got…

  • It just don’t get any better than this

    Great joy can be simple. A satisfying game of intense cutthroat racquetball. Cheap taquitos, beans and rice.