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  • User Interface Misunderstanding in Battle

    From WP: But the senior defense official explained yesterday that the Air Force combat controller was using a Precision Lightweight GPS Receiver, known to soldiers as a “plugger,” to calculate the Taliban’s coordinates for a B-52 attack. The controller did not realize that after he changed the device’s battery, the machine was programmed to automatically…

  • This made me laugh, despite my better judgement:

    This made me laugh, despite my better judgement: Telemarketers vs. the Taliban @ ifilm

  • US Leaflets need better design via rini…

    US Leaflets need better design via – I think Rini’s right, there’s bound to be a contract gig there. How can the Taliban and the Afghani people take us seriously when we evidence piss-poor graphic design? Graphic design is communication, and we need to improve ours.

  • Brit-Day:

    Brit-Day: Tony Blair on the Taliban: There is no sport allowed, or television or photography. No art or culture is permitted. All other faiths, all other interpretations of Islam are ruthlessly suppressed. Those who practice their faith are imprisoned. Women are treated in a way almost too revolting to be credible. First driven out of…