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  • Thanks

    Over a year ago I was coaxed into drawing again after a very very long time of not drawing or hardly drawing at all. It’s been silkscreened on a shirt now. The audience is small, but that doesn’t matter as much as the fact that my work has made some people happy, and that’s rad….


    To those of you who dropped me notes about my horse metaphor, thank you. You’re very kind, and you have articulate and moving thoughts. They certainly put my thoughts to shame. You know who you are. Today was a good day. I’ll now get a little sappy and wish everyone out there a lovely weekend….

  • Thanks For The Plugs!

    From camworld and clint l ( and meryl and of course the lemur.

  • Yo! about this …

    Yo! about this … check it! Dori Smith has my back! Check out dis and dat to see how when it’s right, she breaks with the artlung shout outs! (No, I don’t know why this post sounds like I’m a rapper. It is Friday though). Werd. Thanks Dori!