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  • JavaScript Cheat Sheets

    Visibone has new cards featuring JavaScript. That is rad. Visibone makes wonderful stuff for web developers.

  • Salt Lake City Olympics Website Accessibility: Oops.

    B+R points out that the Salt Lake City olympics website is not accessible. Deja vu all over again. Why do so few web developers take the time to understand accessibility? For a high profile, general interest, information-rich site like one for the Olympics, you’d think someone would be paying attention. Why must this be an…

  • Rudy Limeback, a fellow I think very highly of

    Rudy Limeback, a fellow I think very highly of, asked me to post this to my site somewhere. It was prompted by a simple question posted by the head lemur on the webdesign-L list, a mailing list for web developers. And so, here it is.