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  • “Sorry, reblog is not an acceptable word.”
    Yes, I tumblr individually and as a collective.
  • Mother Mary Comforts Me
    So here’s a photo from the room I’m staying in at Grandma’s house: And here’s a photo, maybe a year or so old, of my Grandmother: On Friday I opened an account for her on Facebook. She used to be an avid emailer. In fact, her email addresses was one of the first I used,…
  • Mom playing Words With Friends on her iPod Touch on the front porch
    My Mom played this game with my Sister on a little iPod touch here at the house. When Leah and I arrived here in November of 2009 we introduced more and more technology. Leah taught her to use her cellphone to send text messages. It was a blast to get messages from my Mom with…