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  • Related to Christmas Trees…
    Related to Christmas Trees, I’m retiring The Christmas Tree that was a header — and we now have a New Year’s Message. It is always enjoyable to exercise my lettering muscles. At one point I was quite passionate about lettering and typography. What was once a major is now a minor. Avid readers may remember…
  • Hey San Diegans!
    Hey San Diegans! Recycle your Christmas Tree!
  • The SDBA…
    The SDBA, the San Diego Booksellers Association, has a website and guide to bookshops here in San Diego. Cool.
  • How not to fight noxious memes:
    Police in Pusan and the city’s education office asked elementary schools there to stop students singing the song and educate them as to why the terrorist must not be admired. from The Straits Times out of Singapore.
  • I don’t like Year-In-Review
    I don’t like Year-In-Review / Top 10 of 2001 / A Look Back at 2001 pieces in any media. Why aren’t there pieces on “the last 7 years in music” or “15 years in journalism.” Longer time spans would help us learn more about larger trends. We might even gain a better sense of time….