Happy Holidays from ArtLung[Christmas Tree, 2001]
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Related to Christmas Trees…

Related to Christmas Trees, I’m retiring The Christmas Tree that was a header — and we now have a New Year’s Message. It is always enjoyable to exercise my lettering muscles. At one point I was quite passionate about lettering and typography. What was once a major is now a minor.

Avid readers may remember my happiness at upgrading painter. This new New Year’s Header was made with that and my hand. I also did some futzing with drawing as well. Didn’t save anything though. Maybe next header I’ll do even more with the brush. I enjoy making these ornamental graphics. They’re useless but fun.

Coincidentally, today I got a hit on artlung.com from an altavista search for “be a cartoonist” (in quotes). Apparently I’m the hit for that search. This goes to show how out of touch altavista is, I think. I have no particular advice for would-be cartoonists. Better to ask Mark Martin or even Scott Adams. I think that the search hit is a result of the exact phrase “be a cartoonist” in a blog entry from August. At the time, the blog lived on the home page, and that’s what altavista indexed.

New Year's 2002

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What else did he post in December 2001?

(Sunday December 30th 2001 at 11:27pm)

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