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  • Christmas Cheer.

    Sometimes I think I’ve made more cool stuff than I actually have. In particular I thought I made more headers that were Christmas themed. Turns out there’s only one. Still, there are a few cool Christmasy things in my archives: I’ve improved the display of search on my site, still not perfect, but improving. Christmas…

  • Quotes of the Day

    “Monsieur, azonnal kövessen engem bitte.” –Gaff “Lófaszt, nehogy már. Te vagy a Blade.” –Gaff “That gibberish he talked was city speak, gutter talk. A mishmash of Japanese, Spanish, German, what have you. I didn’t really need a translator, I knew the lingo, every good cop did. But I wasn’t going to make it easier for…

  • a new header

    I’m on a header jag. Photos galore result in headers galore.

  • Interview about Bradley Manning; New Header

    Pay attention to this: Interview of Alexa O’Brien @carwinb by @theharryshearer on Le Show is riveting on the Bradley Manning Trial. Listen @ — Joe Crawford (@artlung) May 6, 2013 Additionally, I made a new header. First header I’ve made since 2011.

  • New Header!

    The photo was taken with instagram by Brent Nelson at Art in the Streets a few weeks ago. The rest of the header is CSS. I also tweaked the code on the headers page to use delegate() properly.

  • Happy New Year

    Yes indeed!. Coming real soon now. Less than 7 hours.

  • A New Header

    There is a new header on the blog. I’m very proud of it. It contains aspects of the previous header, mentioned here. I’m holding a copy of William Gibson’s Pattern Recognition. That’s down in the Gaslamp at the trolley. I took some pictures of myself and then I got to play. It’s too late. I…

  • There Is A New Header

    It’s my reply to those on the west coast who complain about the California “lack of seasons” — bah — snow is highly overrated. See also my post on being waylaid by weather.

  • New Header

    It’s been a while since I did a new header. So here’s one now! –archived link. All headers here. The photograph was part of a larger AVENCOM shoot by Paul Bowers, excellent and wonderful San Diego photographer.

  • Related to Christmas Trees…

    Related to Christmas Trees, I’m retiring The Christmas Tree that was a header — and we now have a New Year’s Message. It is always enjoyable to exercise my lettering muscles. At one point I was quite passionate about lettering and typography. What was once a major is now a minor. Avid readers may remember…