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  • Standardized Testing for Web Geeks, Good News, Bad News

    So I just had an interview with a recruiter. It went well, very professional. I did take some standardized tests though. I did very well on two of them, one was on ColdFusion and one was on ColdFusion Scripting (yes, a subtle difference) and I got better than 85% on each (a B in my…

  • Referred to!

    SDACM is using part of my review of their meeting featuring the Rocks Toolkit from last month. Nice! Also, I’m going to their meeting on Thursday. Should be cool.

  • Hey Miva!

    Both email addresses for job applications with Miva (a local web technology company) bounce as unrecognized. That’s hr(at) and resumes(at) It’s a bummer that they bounce! I’ll try support and webmaster next. Sigh.

  • Evocative Phrase

    “Star Trek” fistfight music

  • JFEST II @ The Scottish Rite Center in Mission Valley

    (got this from Will himself) Announcing JFEST II @ The Scottish Rite Center in Mission Valley! This coming Saturday Jan. 18, 2003 – 5:30PM-2AM at The Scottish Rite Center This festival will range from Folk Music to Rock & Pop and includes many of San Diego’s favorite local artists & performers. Including: Jason & Jane…