Standardized Testing for Web Geeks, Good News, Bad News

So I just had an interview with a recruiter. It went well, very professional.

I did take some standardized tests though. I did very well on two of them, one was on ColdFusion and one was on ColdFusion Scripting (yes, a subtle difference) and I got better than 85% on each (a B in my book). I’m rather happy with that result, as I’ve not written any ColdFusion professionally in half a year. The gig for which I am applying (well, two, possibly) are both jobs requiring ColdFusion, so that result is good.

And now, the bad news: I also took a SQL Server 2000 Developer test. This one, I stunk at. I got 16% correct on that one. It covered more ins and outs of SQL Server database creation. Triggers, stored procedures, integrity constraints, and the like. These are thing I have a vague awareness of, but have never touched myself.

The Lesson
To be a web developer, one needs only the most basic of knowledge of how a database works in the backend. Most of the production of database backed websites is simply SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE statements in SQL. More than that, at least for me, who has been been developing database-backed websites for several years now (see Resume), I have simply had no need to delve any deeper. It makes me want to know a bit more, though given my skills, I’m not sure how much more competent it will make me. But as always, I love learning new stuff.

I’m away from home, so this is being posted from the friendly neighborhood Kinko’s.

Oh, and in addition to the 16%, the recruiting firm didn’t validate parking. Feh. The upside is obvious though, I may be getting one or both of these ColdFusion gigs! Huzzah!

Next up tonight, Racquetball.


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