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401 ArtLung posts from 2004

Saturday 03 Jan 2004
Hey San Diego!
Sunday 04 Jan 2004
Your Civic Duty
Monday 05 Jan 2004
More Civic Duty: Your Bank Account, Your Liberties
Sad to see it leave the San Diego landscape
I Am Seriously Thinking About This
Tuesday 06 Jan 2004
For a laugh:
I Love Audio
Race to the bottom
Arar: Traveled via USA, deported to Syria and Tortured
Cat, Warshed
Wednesday 07 Jan 2004
USA Today Likes Stew
I like the phrase…
Tree Salesman
Quote of the Day, and More Bruce Sterling
Most Succinct Post on the iPod Mini
I have 2 subscribers!
My Racquetball Grade
Word of the Day
Thursday 08 Jan 2004
Good Citizens!
Interesting Speech, About Global Warming And Aliens
Friday 09 Jan 2004
Movie: First Time Caller
Saturday 10 Jan 2004
My First Python Program
Lots of Individuated Blog Entries!
Quorn = SCOP
The Power Of Slideshows
Awesome Diversion!
Vossa: Rentable Space
Sunday 11 Jan 2004
Ocean Beach Woman Loses Skin, Lives
Changes for LeahPeah Blog
Monday 12 Jan 2004
Homeland Insecurity
GeoURL + RSS = LocalFeeds
Tuesday 13 Jan 2004
Wednesday 14 Jan 2004
Alma Mater, Nombre Cambió
Thursday 15 Jan 2004
Misc Bookmarks (Found Clearing Out Stuff At The Soon To Be Former Gig)
Search, Down
Security Thoughts; Schneier
Friday 16 Jan 2004
1am Quizlet
Catch Up (Link) Ball
Sunday 18 Jan 2004
Tuesday 20 Jan 2004
Things About Utah
There is no such thing…
Media Grok -> Media Unspun -> Blog?
Civics Department: One Party USA?
Moon Goal: Underachievement?
IDEO Method Cards ~= Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies
Web Programmers Guide To Comparative Language Functions
Wednesday 21 Jan 2004
Thursday 22 Jan 2004
College; Racquetball Grade
Friday 23 Jan 2004
Holding Pattern
Had my meeting with a counselor
In honor of the Death of Captain Kangaroo
UCLA Extension Transcript
Saturday 24 Jan 2004
Monday 26 Jan 2004
Resume, Resume
Pope, Breakdancers
I have one, so I’m up to date with 2 million US kids
I remember this videogame
Usenet Posts From Old Email Accounts
Search For Posts From My Old Co-Workers
Some great quotes
San Diego Blog!
Stupid RSS Tricks: PHP, Magpie, and RSS
Tuesday 27 Jan 2004
Alternating Color PHP Thinger
New Business Cards
Okay, Atom is ON
Duh, the URL for my Atom Feed…
Wednesday 28 Jan 2004
Shirky on online community and the gap between the enthusiasm and action
Here’s an outrage…
Silly Social Networks
Nifty UG
What Dori Said…
Thursday 29 Jan 2004
Like Starbucks?
John Perry Barlow on Dean
Microsoft advises against clicking in MSIE
Friday 30 Jan 2004
November Election
WE the people
Saturday 31 Jan 2004
Warnock’s Dilemma
Brother Bruce Speaks
Kids today! MikeRoweSoft and the G5 Hacker
Sunday 01 Feb 2004
Catholic stuff
Monday 02 Feb 2004
Most Recent San Diego Bloggers; SDB updates
Mathowie puts it all together…
Unfinished blog post… Since 1987
Stew Review in the New York Times
OPML File for San Diego Bloggers.com
joe crawford.com
Bernie Dodge, San Diego Blog Guy
Tuesday 03 Feb 2004
My Java Class
Languages Today
New Column from Leah
iTunes Bug Fix Addition
Wednesday 04 Feb 2004
Stew Review
New Lab Item: PHP/cookie Preferences for new windows
New Window Preference Setting
Thursday 05 Feb 2004
He Bangs!
Next Week: Web Design Meetup!
Friday 06 Feb 2004
Fun trailer
School Transport
San Diego, #2 Web Design Meetup City
Sunday 08 Feb 2004
Cool Stuff in my Hood
Media Interests are not interested in Dean
What I Learned About SQL on August 7, 2004
2 Weeks Ago @ Influx
George W. Bush, Plato & Aristotle
RSS Complexities
The title of this article is great
Monday 09 Feb 2004
Red Door Interactive Buys AVENCOM
New Badges
Tuesday 10 Feb 2004
Emerging Technology Conference in San Diego
The Dolphins Are Talking To Me
Bruce Sterling shift in tone…
Wednesday 11 Feb 2004
Cool Feature from the US Postal Service
San Diego Bloggers, Ads
How the Press Failed Us Before The Iraq Invasion and Occupation
Friday 13 Feb 2004
Lab Addition
Ashes to…
The San Diego Union Tribune has Moblogs
Sunday 15 Feb 2004
Ashes to Reefs
Don’t Snoop On Me
Open Source Activist Tools
Politics & Professional Judgement
Monday 16 Feb 2004
Ashes to…
Tuesday 17 Feb 2004
Dead Letter Office:
Kynn is teaching…
Wednesday 18 Feb 2004
Dean Blogs
Thursday 19 Feb 2004
Friday 20 Feb 2004
Blog? What’s it good for?
Monday 23 Feb 2004
Old Shoe
Wednesday 25 Feb 2004
Recent Mix CD Made
William Gibson Interview
GPG are Go!
Thursday 26 Feb 2004
Headers And Rain
Friday 27 Feb 2004
Web Comics
Time Capsule from 1968
Leah and I agree…
Monday 01 Mar 2004
San Diego Bloggers for February 2004
9 Days Away
What Level Unix Geek Are You?
You can watch Frontline..
Panther and wget
IBM launches ¡TradúceloAhora! Automatic Translation Project across the United States
Passion of the Christ Merchandising; Thoughts without yet having seen the film
More Atom
Tuesday 02 Mar 2004
I win
Does this sound like our President?
Wednesday 03 Mar 2004
Voting Machines Direct Experience
Blog -> Online Radio (x24 hours/day)
Fixed Bebe
Perils of Public Photos
Geo Data for San Diego Bloggers
Thursday 04 Mar 2004
Sassy Weighs In
Friday 05 Mar 2004
More San Diego Bloggers Stuff
Sunday 07 Mar 2004
Quote Half-Remembered
More on Appleseed
Codename: “risk”
Office Revamp
Monday 08 Mar 2004
Rini’s Back!
Spalding Gray, et cetera
Tuesday 09 Mar 2004
New Interesting San Diego Blogger Added
Spanish and Java
Tomorrow: March Mingle & LAMP Host
Friday 12 Mar 2004
Some Java Links for future reference
Sunday 14 Mar 2004
Are you a California College Student?
OS X Software I want to check out
Monday 15 Mar 2004
Web Hosting Resource; Redesign
Don’t Worry About The Government
San Diego Ryze?
WebSanDiego.org Site Changes; March Mingle Photos
The Few, The Proud, The Regional, The Geeky
Ryze San Diego
Wednesday 17 Mar 2004
Three PHP Blog Softwares
Friday 19 Mar 2004
Flickr Posting
Saturday 20 Mar 2004
Today is: National Corndog Day, also my Birthday
Monday 22 Mar 2004
Props-Thanks; A New Week Begins
Tuesday 23 Mar 2004
Ted Kennedy’s Office Loves Macintosh
Wednesday 24 Mar 2004
David Byrne Divorced, Focused More on Art Than People
Site Launch: FireMapper
Friday 26 Mar 2004
Amazing Van –Steve and Natty’s “THE HULK” For Sale
Saturday 27 Mar 2004
The Theme Today:Games
Monday 29 Mar 2004
Historical Spain/USA/Roosevelt/Franco/Bush Observations
Cox High Speed Internet: Out This Morning
Wednesday 31 Mar 2004
Greens for Kerry?
Leah and I
Thursday 01 Apr 2004
San Diego Bloggers Added in March, 2004
Saturday 03 Apr 2004
San Diego Blogger — Update!
Monday 05 Apr 2004
Attach yourself not to material things
Wednesday 07 Apr 2004
Launching Today
Monday 12 Apr 2004
Law & Order Blog
LAMP Host Provides Mirrors of Apache, MySQL, PHP, CPAN Libraries
Wednesday 14 Apr 2004
Sparky’s Hook
Snippets from the last two weeks
Monday 19 Apr 2004
Weekend Wrapup
Airport Adventures
Thursday 22 Apr 2004
MySQL Archaeology
Monday 26 Apr 2004
SQL Comment from rudy.ca
Tuesday 27 Apr 2004
Monday 10 May 2004
Hola Mundo: Posting By Email
Blogger says I’m an Aries
Tuesday 11 May 2004
Some OS X Paths to Tools (originally developed to help out my uncle)
Sassy Weighs In On My College Mishagosh
Wednesday 12 May 2004
San Diego Bloggers Added in April, 2004
Monday 17 May 2004
Apple ][ Emulator Thing
La Tarea de Español
Tuesday 18 May 2004
Quote of the Day
Thursday 27 May 2004
Finals This Week
Friday 28 May 2004
Finals Over
Monday 31 May 2004
Scenes from Memorial Day Weekend
Tuesday 01 Jun 2004
City College says…
Thursday 03 Jun 2004
San Diego Bloggers added May 2004
Friday 04 Jun 2004
Comics for Sale
Monday 07 Jun 2004
The grades are in
Line stuck in my head for the past week
And have I mentioned
Internet utility: Owner’s Manuals and FAQs
Tuesday 08 Jun 2004
San Diego Blogger Map
Wednesday 09 Jun 2004
Poster from a few weeks ago
Not like me
Thursday 10 Jun 2004
Locals Only
Friday 11 Jun 2004
Question of the Day
Word of the day: contrariwise
Quote of the Moment
Reagan / Television /
Saturday 12 Jun 2004
Sunday 13 Jun 2004
Joe crawford is…
New Header, Cowboy Joe
Monday 14 Jun 2004
Less Sick
Lab Upgrades
Tuesday 15 Jun 2004
My 10 Favorite Movies, circa 1997
Shake like a polaroid picture
Quaking in my boots
Wednesday 16 Jun 2004
Neat New Tool on Metafilter
Thursday 17 Jun 2004
Bear at Franklin Memorial!
Fahrenheit out of business
Sunday 20 Jun 2004
Happy Father’s Day
Monday 21 Jun 2004
Friday 25 Jun 2004
Another b2 to WordPress Migration
San Diego Blog
Sunday 27 Jun 2004
no punctuation update stream of consciousness
Monday 28 Jun 2004
‘The Name of This Band is Talking Heads’ will finally be released on CD
Tuesday 29 Jun 2004
word of the day
21 Rules of Thumb: How Microsoft develops its Software
Thursday 01 Jul 2004
I’ve been featured on 3-Blogs A Day
Friday 02 Jul 2004
And you think you have problems?
Quote of the Day
Sunday 04 Jul 2004
Quote of the Day
Monday 05 Jul 2004
Tony Pierce Inspires Me Sometimes
Today is a day for inspirational browsing
Writing will get you reported
Tuesday 06 Jul 2004
Little Updates
Retroactive classification!
Wednesday 07 Jul 2004
Tuesday 13 Jul 2004
San Diego Blog
Delaying the democratic election to preserve the democratic process
Spider Man 2 Was Good
Wednesday 14 Jul 2004
Quote of the Day: Abraham Lincoln
Wikipedia kicks Encarta’s Ass
Friday 16 Jul 2004
Where Song Title Includes Rock
Monday 19 Jul 2004
Post 1820
Tuesday 20 Jul 2004
Need a Freight Forwarder?
Wednesday 21 Jul 2004
What would happen if an actual Italian food expert went to Olive Garden?
An Apple iTunes Smart List
Thursday 22 Jul 2004
New Header, New Album: Cajon Speedway
Friday 23 Jul 2004
A Curious Character
Browser Wars, Part Infinity
Con again today!
Saturday 24 Jul 2004
Comic Con Photos
Monday 26 Jul 2004
Ted Turner on Media Consolidation, Government, The Law, Small Business
Tuesday 27 Jul 2004
Joe as Star Wars Toy
Titan Magazines
Stray URLs from Comic Con Schwag
Wednesday 28 Jul 2004
Exposing oneself to others ideas
Comic Con Post on San Diego Blog Continues to Grow
Al’s got photos!
Leah Peterson’s Latest Work
Thursday 29 Jul 2004
Oh Snap! Cory Doctorow went OFF on Gizmodo!
iTunes Smart Playlist: “where song title contains “dead”
Let’s look at some headers!
Monday 02 Aug 2004
Shocker Toys Responds to ArtLung Dismissal
Tuesday 03 Aug 2004
WordPress. Blog Volume 2.
Wednesday 04 Aug 2004
Hell freezes over.
Thursday 05 Aug 2004
Paparrazi! – new OS X Web Screenshot tool
Monday 09 Aug 2004
Here goes WordPress
Blogging Volume 2 Really Begins Now
Tuesday 10 Aug 2004
Linked to.
Wednesday 11 Aug 2004
Our Vapid President
Great old pix of Bruce Sterling and William Gibson
Thursday 12 Aug 2004
Precipitation in D.C.
Tuesday 17 Aug 2004
Make Me An Offer
Tuesday 24 Aug 2004
Thursday 26 Aug 2004
Strange Days
Friday 27 Aug 2004
Today’s Itinerary
Saturday 28 Aug 2004
stew plays, joe mulls
Tuesday 31 Aug 2004
Back To School Sale
Friday 03 Sep 2004
La Escuela
Saturday 18 Sep 2004
Tuesday 21 Sep 2004
Photo of the Day: Zac and Me
Colors of the iTunes Rainbow
Wednesday 22 Sep 2004
Stew Sunday
Thursday 23 Sep 2004
Friday 24 Sep 2004
C++ Tutorial
Saturday 25 Sep 2004
Panorama City Is The Place To Be And I Say That Unironically
Monday 27 Sep 2004
“God vs. Bush?”
Stew song on Everwood tonight!
Joel on Software: the book! the interview! the dessert topping!
Latest Stew Photos
Tuesday 28 Sep 2004
Thursday 30 Sep 2004
Semantic Web
Friday 01 Oct 2004
What about Poland?
Thursday 07 Oct 2004
Lyrics of the Week
Saturday 16 Oct 2004
Octubre Surprise
Monday 18 Oct 2004
Bruce Sterling to teach design at Art Center Pasadena
My Favorite Kind Of Feedback
No, Donny, these men are nihilists. There’s nothing to be afraid of.
Wednesday 20 Oct 2004
Thursday 21 Oct 2004
Born Under Punches
Friday 22 Oct 2004
Joe’s natural enemy: Broken $30 DVD Player
Monday 01 Nov 2004
Pivot Point
Tuesday 02 Nov 2004
Voting in a few minutes; Technorati
Wednesday 03 Nov 2004
dis aliter visum
Friday 05 Nov 2004
Timbits = Doughnut Hole
Tuesday 16 Nov 2004
What happened to WebSanDiego?
Quote of the Day
Wednesday 17 Nov 2004
Report on Diebold Voting Machines
Thursday 18 Nov 2004
Arlington Hill
Quote of the Day
Friday 19 Nov 2004
Paintings, Get Yer Paintings!
Reality Show
Sunday 21 Nov 2004
Wednesday 01 Dec 2004
Homeward Bound.
Thursday 02 Dec 2004
Sidebar Links, Goodbye!
Friday 03 Dec 2004
Late Night
Good grief!
Tuesday 07 Dec 2004
Books for Web Folk (1999)
Leah and Sky in 2002 x 2
Wednesday 08 Dec 2004
Site changing
Where I was baptized a Catholic
What She Said
Suggest a Site to San Diego Blog
Thursday 09 Dec 2004
Things I have Not Blogged About Before
The Big Ol’ Grin
Friday 10 Dec 2004
Archive.org Audio and Instant Music
Google Suggest ASCII
Saturday 11 Dec 2004
Conceptual Art At EduPoint, 2000
The Worst Candy I Ever Ate In My Life
Sunday 12 Dec 2004
How To Say “ArtLung” Phonetically
My Name Records
Sunday Night Random
Monday 13 Dec 2004
Why a website?
Tuesday 14 Dec 2004
Sixty Years!
Wednesday 15 Dec 2004
Nintin corrects me, charmingly!
Thursday 16 Dec 2004
Too Much Of a Good Thing? BZZZZZT!
Friday 17 Dec 2004
Profuse Party Apologies & Retroactive Invitations
Sunday 19 Dec 2004
Party: A Success
Tuesday 21 Dec 2004
Today: The Day
Monday 27 Dec 2004
Kanab City Library
Thursday 30 Dec 2004
San Diego Bloggers, Fixed
Let’s Look Back At The Audio Posts For the Last Week and a Half
Friday 31 Dec 2004
The Tsunami