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Nintin corrects me, charmingly!

I get the neatest email. Here’s one about Christmas around the world:

May God bless you keeping an interesting page of Merry Christmas in all languages on your website. This efforts praise worthy and I appreciate it.

Please permit me to suggest one very small improvement on
your page:

It says in Hindi, Christmas Greetings would be: “Bada Din Mubarak Ho”. It should be corrected to “Shubh Bada Din”.

It says in Urdu, Christmas Greetings would be: “Naya Saal Mubarak Ho”. It should be corrected to “Bada Din Mubarak Ho”

Diwali is like Christmas for Hindu’s. We say “Shubh Diwali” or other greetings are “Shubh Labh”. Hindu’s being Shubh should always comes first and then comes the rest. Shubh means benefit and betterment of everyone used for in a very auscipicous and religious way. It is important for Hindus and in a Hindu way of life is to always put “Shubh” as word and in thoughts before everything else.

Nothing bad, just that to Hindu/Hindi speaking, it would look like a Superman, you know like a man wearing underwear
over his pant! 🙂

Mubarak is a word for noble blessings more associated with Eid, which is like a Christmas for them. They say “Eid Mubarak”.

Thank you, kindly.

Thank you, Nitin. You are a fascinating character and I have made the changes you suggested!



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Nitin is like a son to me….. and is very helpful to me in many ways. I was so proud of him and the way he wrote to you. Good for you Nitin and good for you also Joe for posting it!


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