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  • Seeking “Paul Ronald Ryan” from Dodger Game, 1960s
    A colleague of mine here at work is in search of evidence of his biological father’s existence. Because he knows I’m a big internet data mining nerd he asked for my help, and in turn I ask you for help. Here’s the information he provided me: During a Dodger game during the 1965, 1966, or…

  • “Banana Hell”
    The completely appropriate title on this post from over in Vintage Ads is “Banana Hell.” Enjoy.
  • The Wire Ends
    The Wire ended. It was awesome. Some further reading: Heaven and Here: So Thiis Is How It Ends; The Wire: David Simon Q & A (long and really excellent); Undercover Black Man: The End of the Wire; and lastly Memo to Casting Agents: Please don’t waste actors from The Wire. As Daniels says: “To be…