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  • 10 Year Anniversary of Philip Greenspun’s Dynamic Site

    At Philip Greenspun’s Weblog he notes the 10th anniversary of his personal site, which mutated into, and which caused him to learn a great deal about building web community with database-backed websites, and so in turn he wrote books and put up sites and inspired people like me. Kudos on that anniversary!

  • From The Dead Letter Department

    I’m getting rid of lots of paper. Where I can, I put the nuggets of wisdom online. These minimal notes are from the two-day seminar given by Philip Greenspun at Caltech several years ago. He used the WimpyPoint system to do the slides. Looks like his slideshow is protected, so I can’t provide the real…

  • Mini Brain Dump!

    Mini Brain Dump! wherein, I get rid of links which are crowding the sticky notes on my desktop A Few Links on Professionalism: Tom DeMarco: Professional Awareness in Software Engineering American Society of Safety Engineers: Scope of a Safety Professional Steve McConnell: Software Engineering Professionalism Website Philip Greenspun: Redefining Professionalism for Software Engineers A Few…

  • Any worthwhile thought I’ve had about web applications…

    Any worthwhile thought I’ve had about web applications came from exposure to Philip Greenspun. Read this, and then check out his new textbook in progress, and visit his home page.