Mini Brain Dump!

Mini Brain Dump! wherein, I get rid of links which are crowding the sticky notes on my desktop

A Few Links on Professionalism:
Tom DeMarco: Professional Awareness in Software Engineering
American Society of Safety Engineers: Scope of a Safety Professional
Steve McConnell: Software Engineering Professionalism Website
Philip Greenspun: Redefining Professionalism for Software Engineers

A Few Links on Micropayments:
Clay Shirky: The Case Against Micropayments
Jakob Nielsen: The Case for Micropayments
The w3c: Micropayments Overview
Scott McCloud: Coins of the Realm II
Jakob Nielsen v. Seth Godin in Business2.0: Micropayments Debate
The Industry Standard: Web Publishers Learn to Love Micropayments
The Industry Standard: Amazon’s ‘Honor System’ to Handle Micropayments for Other Sites
NYT: If You Like This Story, Click Here to Pay Me
Current King of Small Transactions: PayPal

A Few Krazy Kat Links:
Krazy Kat: The Coconino County Home Page
“Some Say it With A Brick”: George Herriman’s Krazy Kat
A Krazy Kat Strip Archive

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