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  • Spider Man 2 Was Good

    Curious about some of the characters in the movie and how they appear in the comics? Marvel Directory has more: # # # # # # # # # Two weeks ago Leah and I saw Spider Man 2. It was good.

  • Delaying the democratic election to preserve the democratic process

    Offered without comment: Wonkette: We Had to Burn the Democracy in Order to Save It: Last week, Homeland Security honcho Tom Ridge warned that al Qaeda may be planning to a large-scale attack ‘in an effort to disrupt the democratic process.’ So of course what should we do if one happens in early November? Well,…

  • San Diego Blog

    Repurposing a message I sent to the “staff” of San Diego Blog. Hi-De-Ho Neighbors. You’re getting this because you’re registered on For the past month, I’ve made it a goal to have *at least* one post a day on San Diego Blog. Something interesting, something cool, a photo — SOMETHING. I’d really love it…