Delaying the democratic election to preserve the democratic process

Offered without comment: Wonkette: We Had to Burn the Democracy in Order to Save It:

Last week, Homeland Security honcho Tom Ridge warned that al Qaeda may be planning to a large-scale attack ‘in an effort to disrupt the democratic process.’ So of course what should we do if one happens in early November? Well, Ridge’s number two has an idea: Delay the elections! So best.

Because the terrorists hate our freedom, you know. And if we allow the democratic process to move forward, the terrorists will have won! It all makes so much sense, I think my head might explode!

Actually, we’re sort of starting to get it. Like, if al Qaeda bombed all the voting places, that would make it hard to hold an election. Or if they somehow purged a bunch of law-abiding citizens off the voter rolls for no reason. Or maybe if they rigged up a black box electronic voting system. Or threw the whole thing to the Supreme Court. Those things would be a problem, democracy-wise.

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