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  • Latest Items That Made Me Laugh
    Mack Reed penned The Fastest Spider in Los Angeles, which charmed me and made me laugh. PCL Linkdump posted a link to a Simplicity Hammer Pants. Giggled at that one. File under “funny ’cause it’s true” — Sassy‘s Tips for New Dads. Also: Matthew Baldwin‘s Thought Crimes and Re: Cephalopod are both hilarious. Neil Kramer…
  • Inspirational answer from Ralph Bakshi on surviving in the arts
    Advice: Bakshi On Surviving Tough Times This makes me absolutely love Ralph Bakshi as a person. I’ve never been crazy about Bakshi’s work, but I respect that he’s done interesting work, made interesting failures — Cool World and Lord of the Rings come to mind — and managed to survive. The work of his that…
  • Two Zappa-related Entertainments Coming to Los Angeles
    The first: Joe’s Garage, Based on Zappa Album, to Make World Premiere in September: The Open Fist Theatre Company in California will present the world premiere of Joe’s Garage, a new stage production based on the Frank Zappa album of the same name. Directed by Pat Towne, the production will begin previews at the Open…
  • Latest Thomas Barnett Lecture
    Always enjoyable, and wonderful to see and hear how the brief has evolved. via his excellent blog, and the post The Latest and Greatest Brief
  • No On Proposition 8
    Fellow Californians, I believe this to be a sensible vote — please vote NO on Proposition 8. Thanks! And yes, as a matter of fact, I do have friends whose marriages would be affected by this. You can read more of the history in the wikipedia article same-sex marriage in California.