Inspirational answer from Ralph Bakshi on surviving in the arts

Advice: Bakshi On Surviving Tough Times

This makes me absolutely love Ralph Bakshi as a person. I’ve never been crazy about Bakshi’s work, but I respect that he’s done interesting work, made interesting failures — Cool World and Lord of the Rings come to mind — and managed to survive. The work of his that I’ve enjoyed the most was his Mighty Mouse in the 1980s. I’ve not seen his early 1970s work, the more adult work. Perhaps it’s time to check them out.

This video is answering a question about surviving hard times, it was taken at Comic-Con this year. This kind of interview is exactly what I enjoy most about Comic-Con — creators speaking with candor and wit.

Artists, watch and be inspired. Yes, there’s salty language in it, but it also contains the truth of 4 decades of survival in the creative arts.

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