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Latest Items That Made Me Laugh

Mack Reed penned The Fastest Spider in Los Angeles, which charmed me and made me laugh.

PCL Linkdump posted a link to a Simplicity Hammer Pants. Giggled at that one.

File under “funny ’cause it’s true” — Sassy‘s Tips for New Dads.

Also: Matthew Baldwin‘s Thought Crimes and Re: Cephalopod are both hilarious.

Neil Kramer really got me with his post The Orthodox Jewish Guy Outside the Supermarket.

Mrs. Heather Armstrong got me cracking up with a simple little post called Short Stack.

This mashup of Terminator 2, Christ, and Death from August 10th made me laugh out loud and grin at its execution and charm. It’s a comic. Sinfest.

This episode of Skadi made me laugh, but I think the thing that keeps me reading is the loose and particular style. Also a comic, this one from Dumm Comics.

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What else did he post in August 2008?

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